10 Best Podcasts For Valentine’s Day Romance

Best Valentine's Day Podcasts

There are many places to find love and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner it might be time to find some of your own. So sit back and listen to stories and advice from those who have found it, those who have lost it, and those who are still looking in this list of the best Valentine’s Day podcasts.

Modern Love

1. Modern Love

If you are looking for inspiration this might be the Valentine’s Day podcast for you. Modern Love is the podcast version of the popular New York Times column read by special guests.

The Host: Meghna Chakrabarti is an award winning reporter and the co-host and editor of NPR and WBUR’s On Point. Listening to her host Modern Love, Chakrabarti almost sounds as if she is filled with joy to bring you each story and it makes you excited to hear what comes next. 

The Guests: Each week someone you may recognize from film, TV, or music reads an essay that was published in the Modern Love column of the New York Times. After the column is read, Chakrabarti does a mini-interview with the author and it can be quite insightful.

Must Listen Episodes:
Words With (I Wish We Were More Than) Friends | With Ben Platt
We’ll Meet Again In Five Years | With Regina King
Need To Find Me? Ask My Ham Man. | With Jenny Slate

Love Letters

2. Love Letters

This podcast might be the one to help you start over on Valentine’s Day. Each season of Love Letters tries to answer some of love’s most profound questions through stories, interviews, and the host’s own admissions. The first season asked “Is a breakup the end of something, or only the beginning?”, season two asked “How do you meet someone?”, and season three asks “How do you know?”.

The Host: Meredith Goldstein is the advice columnist for The Boston Globe and the author of three books including “Can’t Help Myself: Lessons and Confessions from a Modern Advice Columnist” which is based on her column. She is insightful and makes each story or interview smooth and makes you want to binge an entire season.

The Guests: Each episode can vary, but you will hear stories from Meredith’s friends, get advice from experts, and meet the people who write into the column. Meredith and her guests guests get very honest and will have you happily crying at their stories of heartbreak, triumph, and just plain confusion of what love is.

Must Listen Episodes:
S2E1: ‘He Doesn’t Look Odious’
S3E5: Leave the Light On
S1E1: Getting Under to Get Over

The Moment

3. The Moment

Do ever you wonder if there is something special between you and your Valentine’s Day date? The Moment is the podcast about meeting someone and the bumpy road to falling in love.

The Host: Ingrid Haas is an actor and writer from Canada and if you are ever in Los Angeles you can catch her performing improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. Her comedic background allows her to keep each story feeling light even when things get heavy.

The Guests: Each episode follows a new couple as they tell their story from the moment they met to where they are today. Ingrid takes the couple through their journey and even though we know each episode will end in a happy ending, the journey through family dramas, commitment issues, and cultural differences will keep you coming back for each and every episode.

Must Listen Episodes:
He Got Game
A Simple Twist of Fate
The Taylor Swift of it All

This Is Love

4. This Is Love

On Valentine’s Day love can sometimes be unconventional. This Is Love is the podcast that explores love in all the ways humans can express it.

The Host: Pheobe Judge was a reporter in the gulf coast of Mississippi and has won multiple Edward R. Murrow and Associated Press awards. Her style has sense of thoughtfulness behind it and makes you adore each and every story.

The Guests: Each episode features a new person’s story and dives into what makes them vulnerable and how they are able to get past whatever is holding them back. Their stories, through Phoebe’s guidance, will give you hope and make you feel connected to your fellow man.

Must Listen Episodes:
The Run
Ugly Club
A Private Life


5. Committed

Sometimes Valentine’s Day can test the best of us. Committed follows couples through their lowest days and how and why they have stayed together.

The Host: Jo Piazza has authored seven critically acclaimed books and has reported for The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and Slate. She always feels compassionate about each story and her curiosity pushes you through some of the most heartbreaking moments in a couple’s life.

The Guests: Each week you will listen to a couple’s story of how they were able to push through pain, overcome adversity, or fight back against a debilitating illness and come together stronger. Jo leads couples through some truly amazing lows only to help you find the joy in what they were able to find in the end.

Must Listen Episodes:
We’ll Figure It Out
Tell Me Everything
Forget It

Read Me Romance

6. Read Me Romance

Maybe you’re the type of person who would rather just read about romance on Valentine’s Day. Read Me Romance features original romantic audiobook novellas by some of the genre’s best authors.

The Hosts: Alexa Riley is a best selling author who also happens to be two moms. That’s right, Alexa Riley is two people named Lea and Mel. Tessa Bailey trekked across the US from California to New York to work in journalism, but found romance instead and has written over thirty books. They love romance and you can hear it in every episode, they make you feel like you and them are a group of friends talking about your favorite books.

The Guests: They are the novellas. Brand new novellas are read almost every episode, some last multiple episodes, and if you are in need of a Romance fix, but haven’t had time to read, these are perfect for on the go. 

Must Listen Episodes: 
Closer by Alexa Riley
The Neighbor by Brighton Walsh
Renaissance Man by Tessa Bailey

Relationship Alive!

7. Relationship Alive!

Relationships can be hard, but with some advice you might be able to make this Valentine’s Day easy. Relationship Alive! dives deep and comes up with advice on what it takes to make a loving and lasting life together with that special someone. 

The Host: Neil Sattin is someone who loves exploring his feelings and those of others. While other relationship podcasts’ advice might seem cliche, Neil is able to come at it from a whole new perspective.

The Guests: Each episode features an interview with a different renowned relationship expert. He keeps each interview very focused and helps them unpack useful information you can use to build on in your own life. 

Must Listen Episodes:
01: John Gottman – How to Be a Master of Relationship
100: Attraction – How to Sustain It and How to Revive It – with John Gottman and Sue Johnson
209: How to Communicate about Your Emotions – with Neil Sattin

DTR - The Official Tinder Podcast

8. DTR – The Official Tinder Podcast

Have you tried an app to find a date for Valentine’s Day? DTR is about upping your game on Tinder. The first season focused on how to make your profile be the best it could be, but the second season is about celebrities taking over users’ profiles and sending them on dates. 

The Host: Jane Marie is a journalist who has won both a Peabody and Emmy and produced This American Life for a decade. She pulls you in with humor, but quickly can put you at ease as she goes over some of the most embarrassing things that can happen to you online.

The Guests: Real people with real Tinder profiles come on the show looking for advice, to tell a story, or just find a date. Jane Marie connects with them and, sometimes with the help of celebrities, helps them and us match to someone on Tinder.

Must Listen Episodes: 
Right Swipes, Big City (Part 1)
Mixed Signals

Marriage and Martinis

9. Marriage and Martinis

Marriage doesn’t mean Valentine’s Day is just a box of chocolates and an early night in. Marriage and Martinis is a podcast that explores all the ups and downs of a real marriage. 

The Hosts: Danielle and Adam Silverstein have been married for over twenty years and have three kids and they came up for the idea of the podcast as an extension of Danielle’s blog Where the Eff Is My Handbook? They are always flirty and can be more than direct with each other sometimes asking questions that you might find other married couples afraid to ask.

The Guests: Each week they are joined by an expert to help them learn to compromise, open up about their sex lives, or just find a better them. Danielle and Adam lay to bare all their most intimate moments with these professionals and sometimes it feels like if they aren’t turning red from embarrassment, you might be.

Must Listen Episodes:
11. The Fighting Episode
92. Isn’t It All Supposed To Be More Beautiful Than This?
4. TMI: How Much Is Too Much?

Why Won't You Date Me?

10. Why Won’t You Date Me?

Like being alone on Valentine’s Day? Why Won’t You Date Me? follows Nicole Byer as she tries to figure out her dating life by talking with others about theirs.

The Host: Nicole Byer is a comedian and the host of the Netflix baking show Nailed It! Her overabundance of energy makes her a pure joy and one of the funnest hosts you’ll ever hear.

The Guests: Comedians, old roommates, and drag queens are just some of the guests to sit down and talk about their relationships on this weekly show. Nicole and her guests are surprisingly honest about their relationships and that makes it all the more hilarious and relatable to our own lives.

Must Listen Episodes: 
Tinder Troubles (w/ Will Hines)
Prison Dating (w/ Ann Pyne)
Bad Hookups (w/ Dan Lippert)

I hope these podcasts get you through this Valentine’s Day. If you are looking for more podcasts check out our 7 Podcast Review Sites You’ll Want To Read Before You Listen.

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