It’s Not Just What’s Hot – 10 Podcasts to Follow About Fashion & Culture

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While looking and feeling great is a huge part of fashion, this $2 trillion industry is far more complex than most consumers realize in terms of business and art. With an abundance of potential career paths such as designers, models, and manufacturers, understanding the ins and outs of the fashion industry requires knowledge and personal experience that not everyone is lucky enough to acquire. However, thanks to the ever-growing world of podcasts, listeners can get closer than ever to the brilliant minds behind the culture and creativity of fashion. From the Creative Director of Gucci to an activist driven by sustainable fashion choices, Vurbl has put together a list of the top 10 podcasts on culture and fashion. Check it out below!

#1 – Dior Talks

With the class and elegance of the true Dior fashion, Dior Talks takes listeners through the history of fashion.

Dior Talks

The Host: The Dior Talks podcast features a rotating lineup of various hosts that play an important and exciting role in the field of fashion. Each series in the podcast is hosted by a different industry professional, as each series focuses on a specific theme. The podcast’s first series was hosted by historian and curator, Katy Hessel, while the second series is currently being hosted by the editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar UK, Justine Picardie.

The Guests: From renowned curators, such as Oriole Cullen, to Creative Directors like Maria Grazia Chiuri, the guests on Dior Talks all provide listeners with a true taste of what it means to live and breathe art.

Why You Have to Listen: Dior Talks gives listeners the unique opportunity to hear from some of the most well-versed professionals in the world of fashion and creative expression. While it is incredibly informative, the podcast also highlights the empowering aspects of fashion, specifically for women.

Listen to Dior Talks

Must-Listen Episodes:

Discover the Women Who Shaped the History of Dior

Sense and Sensation: The Story of Three Distinctive Dior Women

Paulo Ugolini on the Increasing Visibility of Feminist Art

Rating: Not Rated

#2 – Gucci Podcast

Over the years, Gucci has become one of the most popular brands in pop culture. The Gucci Podcast does a thrilling job at explaining why.

Gucci Podcast

The Host: The Gucci Podcast allows several creative voices from the Gucci empire to take part in hosting the series. In addition to having their own impressive resumes, most of the hosts are also chosen based on the fact that they are in collaboration with Gucci’s Creative Director, Alessandro Michele.

The Guests: In addition to having several hosts with expertise taking over the podcast regularly, this fashion-forward series also invites an eclectic array of artistic visionaries to take part in the conversation. While several fellow members of the fashion community, such as model Georgia Graham, the series also fellow creatives such as top chefs like Massimo Bottura, in an attempt to mesh and connect all different facets of art and expression.

Why You Have to Listen: Being that Gucci is one of the most popular names in pop culture, who better to learn from than the minds behind this wildly successful and iconic brand?

Listen to Gucci Podcast

Must-Listen Episodes:

Gucci x Fast Company Series: Generation AI

Gucci x Fast Company Series: Can Machines Save Our Planet?

Soul singer Curtis Harding talks music, lyrics and #GucciGig

Rating: Not Rated

#3 – The Business of Fashion

Think fashion is all fun and games? Well, think again. The Business of Fashion Podcast shows just how serious fashion can be.

The Business of Fashion

The Host: The Business of Fashion Podcast is hosted by the company’s editor-in-chief Imran Amed, as well as BOF’s editor-at-large Tim Blanks. Both men bring an abundance of expertise to the table as they discuss the often-overlooked side of the fashion industry.

The Guests: With several guests showing up on the show to discuss the hands-on experience of being involved in the behind-the-scenes world of fashion, The Business of Fashion podcast also includes the likes of journalists and media founders in order to give a different voice and perspective on the trends that drive the fashion industry and its income.

Why You Have to Listen: While anyone could benefit from this in-depth and relevant fashion podcast, it is especially useful for listeners who are looking to become involved in the fashion industry, specifically on the business side.

Listen to The Business of Fashion

Must-Listen Episodes:

Imran Amed on Finding Opportunity in a Crisis

Vogue Italia Editor-in-Chief on Lessons Learned in Isolation

Clothes Have No Gender

Rating: Not Rated

#4 – Successful Fashion Designer

Want to be a Successful Fashion Designer? This podcast is sure to help you do the trick.

successful fashion designer

The Host: Sew Heidi is a successful fashion designer (pun intended) and brander who has made it her mission to empower aspiring designers and industry professionals. While hosting the Successful Fashion Designer podcast, Heidi provides clear cut organization for her tips and tricks to help listeners break into the often difficult and daunting fashion industry.

The Guests: Recruiters, designers, and trend forecasters such as Wendy Bendoni and Barbara Houghton have made appearances on the fun and lively podcast.

Why You Have to Listen: Due to Heidi’s relatable and honest nature, listeners will find Successful Fashion Designer easy to follow and less intimidating than some of the other podcasts that are run by top-notch CEOs and designers. The podcast also makes an effort to be as user-friendly as possible, organizing each episode into very specific categories that help listeners avoid wasting time while searching for a topic.

Listen to Successful Fashion Designer Podcast

Must Listen Episodes:

How to Get a Better Job in Fashion

When Your Parents Don’t Support Your Fashion Design Dream

How to Become a Fashion Freelancer (And Work Remote)

Rating: Not Rated


With a passion for fashion and sustainability, WARDROBE CRISIS is one of the most relevant and important fashion podcasts on the air.

wardrobe crisis

The Host: Clare Press is an author and activist turned WARDROBE CRISIS podcast host. In 2018, she became Vogue Magazine’s first-ever Sustainability Editor. She is also a Global Ambassador for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Make Fashion Circular initiative, as well as being part of the Fashion Roundtable team in the UK.

The Guests: In order to discuss the fashion industry in its fullest, WARDROBE CRISIS often invites various members of the community to explain the impact of the fashion industry, as well as what they think can be done to improve it. Along with designers and business professionals, the show has also hosted an array of models, such as Amber Valletta.

Why You Have to Listen: With an increase in the need for sustainable choices in the fashion industry, WARDROBE CRISIS acts as an informing and inspiring guide to making eco-friendly purchases while still maintaining personal style and expression.


Must-Listen Episodes:

How COVID-19 is Impacting Garment Workers

Saving the Reef – Science Meets Activism

The Eco-Awesomeness that is Allbirds

Rating: Not Rated

#6 – Unravel: A Fashion Podcast

Unravel: A Fashion Podcast shows that mixing activism and fashion is a powerful and awakening force.


The Host: Founders Jasmine Helm and Dana Goodin are the co-hosts for Unravel: A Fashion Podcast. They are aided by writer and producer Joy Davis. whose writing primarily focuses on the contributions of artists of color to fashion, history, art, media, and performance.

The GuestsUnravel: A Fashion Podcast tends to feature guests who have dipped their toes both in the art side of fashion, as well as the activism. Social event coordinator Kerry Bannigan has guest-starred to discuss both fashion and COVID-19.

Why You Have to Listen: One thing that sets Unravel: A Fashion Podcast apart from others is the fact that it focuses on the deeper rooted issues found in the culture and history of fashion, rather than simply just covering the business side of the industry.

Listen to Unravel: A Fashion Podcast

Must-Listen Episodes:

Fashion in Focus: Lace Cap

This is an Episode About FIT

Deborah Willis: The Closet as Archive

Rating: Not Rated

#7 – Blamo!

Blamo! proves that utilizing fashion for expression is just as important for men as it is for women.


The Host: Jeremy Kirkland is the host and founder of Blamo! With a witty personality and a knack for banter, Kirkland brings the podcast to life as he discusses the ever-changing dynamics of fashion and menswear.

The Guests: Though Kirkland does have several women as guests, Blamo! focuses more on the male perspective of the fashion industry. The popular podcast has featured both male designers and businessmen like Oliver Spencer and Will Welch, as well as actors such as Jake Lacy to provide their perspective.

Why You Have to Listen: For the most part, fashion tends to be geared more toward women rather than men, making Blamo! unique and fitting for all types of fashion lovers.

Listen to Blamo!

Must Listen Episodes:

Dan Snyder

Jake Lacy

Oliver Spencer

Rating: Not Rated

#8 – American Fashion Podcast

With a standard format and an informed group of hosts, the American Fashion Podcast just might be your new favorite type of schooling.


The Host: The American Fashion Podcast is hosted by Charles Beckwith and Cathy Schepis. Both hosts have a strong level of professional expertise in various areas of the fashion industry, with Beckwith having a focus on media technology and Schepis being a veteran fashion executive.

The Guests: The American Fashion Podcast prides itself on moving forward with efforts toward highlighting the importance of sustainable fashion and trends in the industry. That being said, the series attempts to invite guests who will assist in reiterating that ideology. The show has featured Natalie Chanin, Dierdre Quinn, and Simone Aptekman. The podcast has also welcomed some bigger names in fashion such as Donna Karan, Naeem Khan, Ralph Rucci, Norma Kamali, Jeff Staple, and Rebecca Minkoff.

Why You Have to Listen: Since some interview-based podcasts can be a bit daunting or overly-informative, many fans of the American Fashion Podcast give splendid reviews over the liveliness and excitement that exudes from this show in particular.

Listen to American Fashion Podcast

Must-Listen Episodes:

The Women Who Run Badgley Mischka

Color as Narrative

The Models’ Bill of Rights

Rating: Not Rated

#9 – The Fashion Hags

Looking for a diverse and different type of fashion podcast? The Fashion Hags has it all.

fashion hags

The Host: The voices behind The Fashion Hags bring a touch of sarcasm and a whole lot of laughs to their thoughtful and intelligent conversations. The podcast is hosted by Evan Ducharme, Katie Garnham, and Abby Shumka, three friends who developed a bond over their love for art and fashion after meeting at fashion design school in Canada.

The Guests: Being that The Fashion Hags are plenty of fun on their own, the group does not invite guests onto every single episode of the podcast. However, when they do, they tend to invite guests who have an impactful message to share with listeners. For example, they have featured Jess Montgomery and Kat Sark in past episodes.

Why You Have to Listen: This dynamic group of unique voices is one of, if not the most, entertaining yet educational podcasts in terms of fashion and culture. This opinionated crew will leave you with a quenched thirst for knowledge as well as a good belly laugh.

Listen to The Fashion Hags

Must-Listen Episodes:

Episode 84: Experiential Stores

Episode 81: Fashion School Reflections

Episode 78: Fashion As Rebellion

Rating: Not Rated

#10 – The Fashion Consumer

While the focus of fashion podcasts tends to be on the designers and manufacturers, The Fashion Consumer takes a deeper look at the other side of the spectrum.

the fashion consumer

The Host: The Fashion Consumer’s Brandon Roe is an expert in the realm of fashion consumer insights and trends. Over the course of his career, Roe has been able to share his knowledge of the fashion industry, specifically in regards to the consumer side, with more than seven million listeners. Roe is also a successful author who wrote Why Fashion Brands Die and How to Save Them, alongside research pioneer Dr. Michael Solomon.

The GuestsThe Fashion Consumer regularly invites the likes of fashion industry professionals such as the founder of Outland Denim, James Bartle, to provide insight into the trends that drive consumerism. The podcast has also welcomed various representatives from fashion institutes and innovative brands, as well as several members from the trade press.

Why You Have to Listen: This beyond informative podcast acts not only as a guide for retailers and creators who are looking for the latest and greatest information on consumer trends, but it also provides insight and clarity for consumers themselves. Roe and his guests allow lovers of fashion to make more informed decisions when they purchase, as well as giving them a better understanding of what drives the fashion industry as a whole.

Listen to The Fashion Consumer

Must-Listen Episodes:

The Arrival of Digital Fashion

Beauty in the Age of “Perfect” AI Models

Sustainability Trends in the Fashion Industry

Rating: Not Rated

While it easy to be blinded by the glitz and glam of fashion, the culture and history of the fashion industry is not for the faint of heart. The intense work and creativity that goes into this unique art form is both fascinating and telling, making it the perfect educational topic for your next podcast obsession!

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