12 Soothing Podcasts that Will Lull You to Sleep

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By: Allie Lebos

Sleep is a much needed time in which we rest and recharge our battery. Unfortunately, for many people falling asleep is a frustrating challenge. Whether it be due to stress, insomnia, or restlessness, a lack of sleep can impact our daily lives and make it difficult to function at our best. Thankfully, we put together a list of the 12 most soothing podcasts to help lull you to sleep. From classic bedtime stories to mindful mediations, Vurbl has your desires for a deep slumber covered.

Sleep with Me

#1 – Sleep With Me: The Podcast That Puts You To Sleep

The Host: After suffering from insomnia for years, Drew Ackerman decided to create Sleep With Me in 2013. Since its creation and subsequent success, Ackerman’s podcast has been featured in The New York Times, The New Yorker, Buzzfeed, Mental Floss, and Dr. Oz. According to his bio, Ackerman has, “dedicated himself to help those who feel alone in the deep dark night and just need someone to tell them a bedtime story.”

The Guests: For the majority of episodes, listeners can expect to hear Ackerman share unique and adult-oriented bedtime stories. However, every once in awhile the quirky host brings on a random guest such as his neighbor, Ray. 

Why You Have to Listen: Being that many of loved bedtime stories as a child, Sleep With Me allows for adults to indulge in that same luxury…with a mature twist. Listeners of the podcast attribute its success to Ackerman’s peaceful and quiet tone. His voice mixed with his creative take on storytelling sends listeners away on a cloud of unconsciousness. 

Listen To: Sleep With Me

Must Listen Episodes:

Frog Pad Polish with Bernie

Becoming a Working Artist

Knott’s Berry Farm with Ray

Rating: Not Rated


#2 – ASMR HQ

The Host: Two women named Wanda and Paula serve as the voices behind ASMR HQ. This tingle-inducing podcast covers all things ASMR as Paula and Wanda discuss everything from triggers to travel. 

The Guests: There are typically no guests featured on ASMR HQ.

Why You Have to Listen: If you are an ASMR fanatic, then this podcast will give you all of the sensations you crave before getting a good night’s rest. For those who are more unfamiliar with the art of ASMR, the ladies at ASMR HQ describe the phenomenon as, “a feeling that is experienced as a response to certain visual or auditory triggers. It is most often felt as a tingling sensation in the back of the head and is very soothing and relaxing.”

Listen To: ASMR HQ

Must Listen Episodes:

Let’s Talk About the Weather

Sounds Only

Our Trip to Melbourne 

Rating: Not Rated

#3 – Get Sleepy

The Host: Get Sleepy does not have a set host for its twice-weekly episodes. Instead, each episode is narrated by a new host. Both male and female voices are featured as they utilize ASMR soundscapes and peaceful tunes to ease you into a restful slumber. 

The Guests: There are no guests featured on Get Sleepy. 

Why You Have to Listen: Get Sleepy is a twice-weekly podcast that focuses on putting you to the soundest of sleeps. The team at Get Sleepy includes a variety of writers, voice-over artists, and sound designers, meaning that each episode is carefully curated to help listeners get their best sleep. The often innocent and simple stories told to ensure that listeners will have dreams filled with fantasy and bliss.

Listen To: Get Sleepy

Must Listen Episodes:

Ariel and the Ocean

The Horse & The Olive

The Night Garden 

Rating: All Ages

The New Yorker Fiction

#4 – The New Yorker: Fiction

The Host: Deborah Treisman is the host of The New Yorker: Fiction podcast and has served as the fiction editor for The New Yorker since 2003. With a soft voice and a sharp mind, Treisman combines the worlds of relaxation and stimulation to induce a mindful slumber.

The Guests: Treisman often invites fellow authors and writers to partake in reading pieces of literature from all time periods. 

Why You Have to Listen: With more than 120 episodes available for listening, The New Yorker: Fiction podcast is a work masterpiece that allows listeners to learn more about the literature that we love, as well as the authors that wrote it. Listeners often describe the series as inspiring, insightful and informative. 

Listen To: The New Yorker: Fiction

Must Listen Episodes:

Edgar Keret Reads Janet Frame 

Margaret Atwood Reads Alice Munro 

Ann Beattie Reads Mavis Gallant

Rating: Not Rated

Miette's Bedtime Story

#5 – Miette’s Bedtime Story Podcast

The Host: Miette Cast acts as the host and storyteller on Miette’s Bedtime Story Podcast. Miette is a self-proclaimed book fanatic who hates mail. Her English accent and general wit contribute to her storytelling skills, which are already out of this world. 

The Guests: Miette’s Bedtime Story Podcast does not feature any guests.

Why You Have to Listen: Literature lovers from all over the world find solace and peace in Miette’s Bedtime Story Podcast. Being able to hear some of the most legendary stories being told in the quaint and charming voice of the Miette cast puts listeners in a sort of fairytale as they drift away and out of awareness. Listeners can expect to hear the work of authors such as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Virginia Woolf, Edith Wharton, and many more. 

Listen To: Miette’s Bedtime Story Podcast

Must Listen Episodes:

A Little Cloud by James Joyce 

Strawberries by Robert J. Lennon

Clay by James Joyce

Rating: Not Rated

Sherlock Holmes ASMR

#6 – The Sherlock ASMR Podcast

The Host: Ironically, the host of The Sherlock ASMR Podcast goes by the name of Sherlock ASMR. While the identity of the mysteriously soothing podcast’s host is not disclosed, listeners will immediately fall in love with his methodical voice and charming accent. 

The Guests: The Sherlock ASMR Podcast does not feature any guests.

Why You Have to Listen: For those that enjoy a bit of a thrill before bedtime, The Sherlock ASMR Podcast is one of the most invigorating ways to get out those final jitters. While your mind becomes stimulated and intrigued by the stories of iconic fictional detective Sherlock Holmes, the host’s whispered storytelling will lull you toward your dreams. 

Must Listen Episodes: The Sherlock ASMR Podcast

Episode 51

Episode 63

Episode 64

Listen To: The Sherlock ASMR Podcast 

Rating: Not Rated

The Daily Meditation Podcast

#7 – Daily Meditation Podcast

The Host: Mary Meckley is a certified mediation coach who emphasizes the importance of mindfulness in her Daily Meditation Podcast. Meckley strives to spread the impact that meditation can have on our mental health as well as our ability to receive a sufficient amount of sleep. 

The Guests: Occasionally, Meckley has invited fellow meditation practitioners and guests to join her on the Daily Meditation Podcast. She recently also sat down for an interview with a human rights lawyer. 

Why You Have to Listen: 

In addition to the benefits of meditation being endless, there truly is no better way to ensure that sleep will be utterly restful and sound. The podcast also serves as a learning experience, with several listeners reporting learning a new meditation technique every single day. 

Listen To: Daily Meditation Podcast

Must Listen Episodes:


Trust Yourself 

Calming Breath 

Rating: All Ages

Sleep Whispers

#8 – Sleep Whispers

The Host: The host of Sleep Whispers ironically goes by the name of Whispering Harris. Harris is undoubtedly one of the most famous ASMR whisperers in the podcast community, and listeners swear by his soothing and tingle-triggering tone. 

The Guests: Sleep Whisperers has not had any featured guests. 

Why You Have to Listen: The entire podcast brands itself on the fact that each episode is recorded in whispers, providing an extra layer of sleepiness for readers. Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, several listeners have been using Harris and Sleep Whispers to cure their anxiety and send them into a slumber. A typical episode on the podcast can include anything such as soothing meditations, interesting stories, tranquil poems, and Wikipedia articles.

Listen To: Sleep Whispers 

Must Listen Episodes:

204 Whisperpedia: Jackie Robinson – Triumph of a baseball legend

201 Story Time: “Hill of the Elves” by Hans Christian Andersen

202 Trivia Time: 30 new curious facts

Rating: Not Rated

Tracks to Relax

#9 – Tracks to Relax

The Host: Tracks to Relax is a podcast hosted by a married couple who go by the names of Alan and Nikki. The couple takes turns hosting each episode, providing a bit of diversity in sound and structure. Though both have soft and angelic voices, Alan’s deeper voice provides a sultry and mysterious element while Nikki’s is more soothing and lighthearted. 

The Guests: There are no guests featured on Tracks to Relax

Why You Have to Listen: Out of all of the relaxing and meditation-based podcasts out there, Tracks to Relax provides the most extensive array of options when it comes to recordings. Though they release an average of two episodes per month, they offer an endless amount of categories and sounds to choose from when attempting to fall asleep. 

Listen To: Tracks to Relax

Must Listen Episodes:

Serene Escape Sleep Meditation 

I Am Deserving Sleep Meditation 

Beachside Sleep Meditation 

Rating: All Ages

Nothing Much Happens

#10 – Nothing Much Happens

The Host: Kathryn Nicolai is the host of Nothing Much Happens as well as the author of the hit book based on her popular podcast. In her bio, Nicolai explains that ever since she was a child she would make up stories in order to help herself fall asleep. Through the creation of Nothing much Happens, Nicolai has now extended her craft so that listeners may reap the benefits of her storytelling as well. Nicolai is also a certified yoga and meditation teacher. 

The Guests: Nothing Much Happens typically does not feature guests. 

Why You Have to Listen: Providing bedtime stories for grownups, Nothing Much Happens is the perfect recipe for adults who are looking to bring some innocent simplicity into their lives just before falling asleep. Nicolai’s wise and encouraging voice makes the listener feel safe and at ease as they drift into a snooze. 

Listen To: Nothing Much Happens 

Must Listen Episodes:

The Cabin in the Woods

The Tea Shop

All Day, At Home

Rating: Not Rated

Boring Books for Bedtime

#11 – Boring Books for Bedtime

The Host: Before becoming the host of Boring Books for Bedtime, Sharon Handy was a museum exhibit designer for more than 25 years. Her passion for history and information shines through her podcast readings as her voice numbs the mindless and annoying mental chatter that many of us face when trying to fall asleep. 

The Guests: Boring Books for Bedtime does not feature guests. 

Why You Have to Listen: As Handy spends about an hour rambling about topics that many deem “boring”, listeners who struggle with sleep issues such as insomnia or restless leg syndrome will doze off before they even realize what is happening, and they might even learn something or two in the process. Fans of the podcast swear by Handy’s tactics and dry yet soothing sense of storytelling. 

Listen To: Boring Books for Bedtime

Must Listen Episodes:

Bad Drains and How to Test Them

The Ethics of Aristotle

A Study of Shakespeare

Rating: Not Rated

Meditation Minis

#12 – Meditation Minis

The Host: Chel Hamilton is a Hypnotherapist who started the Meditation Minis podcast out of her desire to help people move beyond the blockages that keep them from getting the sleep and peace that they deserve. In addition to her podcast, Hamilton has also created albums to assist her listeners in their journey toward the best sleep of their lives. 

The Guests: Majority of the episodes on Mediation Minis do not feature guests. However, Hamilton does occasionally invite fellow meditators and zen-lovers alike to join her in relaxation as she leads listeners. 

Why You Have to Listen: Meditation Minis is an award-winning guided meditation podcast geared toward those who suffer from anxiety or the inability to sleep. Listeners swear by the fact that the podcast has not only changed their sleeping habits, but their lives as well. In addition to being quite powerful, most of Hamilton’s meditations are 10 minutes or less, making an episode perfect for right before bedtime. While some meditations serve to energize or invigorate, many put the listener in a deep hypnotic state just before losing blissful consciousness. 

Listen To: Meditation Minis

Must Listen Episodes:

Rainy Day Depression Support 

Relaxing Bubbles of Calm

Soothe Away Your Anxiety and Fear

Rating: Not Rated

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