April 15, 2020

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As you may have realized, the term “talk therapy” is a casual way to say “psychotherapy.” The beauty of talk therapy is that you can often get as much from listening as from speaking, which is where these podcasts can help.  They are essentially self-help podcasts because you are helping yourself just by listening to...
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The Stress Less shows featuring Carlee Myers on handling stress
If you need help in curbing emotional eating, or you are feeling overworked or having problems managing your thoughts, this is the podcast for you! The Stress Less Show is the answer to “How Do I Handle Stress?” Common discussion themes found in this podcast are intuition, stress management and self-criticizing.  The Host: Carlee Myers...
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Stacy Zant hosts Radiant Pearl Living on living life radiantly
Challenging times call believers to deeper faith and trust in the Lord especially during a pandemic. A podcast dedicated to inspiring multigenerational stories, Radiant Pearl Living compels listeners to look inward in the search in creating your best life. The host uses biblical quotes and the teachings of Jesus Christ to guide listeners in living...
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