June 4, 2020

Adam Ruins Everything image
In a world as politically and socially divided as ours, it is important to understand all sides of an argument before settling on a firm opinion. Being that discerning fact versus fiction and manipulation can be difficult in the current climate, having resources that assist in debunking false or distorted information couldn’t be more needed....
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Riotrs smashing story windows
What’s going on with current protests? What role does Antifa have in it all? Are Antifa and any outside agitators making it all worse? Who is in the right? How does this affect the residents of the country? Is it connected with Black Lives Matter? There are many questions and finding the answers can be...
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Black Live Matter
Black Lives Matter has been a regularly featured movement in the national discussion since its founding in the haunting aftermath of the July 13, 2013 acquittal of George Zimmerman in the murder of Trayvon Martin. It’s once again been on the front pages of the nation’s newspapers and at the forefront of our collective mental...
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