8 Unsolved Murder Podcasts to Keep You Wondering

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With so many true crime podcasts out there, it can be difficult to find the podcast you want. Especially if you’re the most interested in cases with no solution. Unsolved murder podcasts aren’t the most popular because they don’t tell the neatest story.

However, for many people they’re the most fascinating.

Whether you want to put your detective cap on or simply learn more about how this kind of crime pans out, finding a good unsolved murder podcast is an enticing experience. These are 8 podcasts that cover stories with no clear solution and no known villain. These are the unsolved murder podcasts that are going to occupy your thoughts. If you still want more great listening check our top unsolved mystery podcast reviews.

#1 Accused

Oxford, Ohio is about 45 minutes north of Cincinnati, whose Cincinnati Enquirer published this podcast. Similar to the Aaron Hernandez podcast we discussed in our list of sports crime podcasts, this locally hosted podcast covers a lot of ground. Accused covers the murder of Elizabeth Andes - a 23-year-old girl.

The Hosts: Accused is hosted by Amber Hunt, a reporter for the Cincinnati Enquirer and true crime author. She’s written nine books on true crime stories, covering everything from cults to the Kennedy family. Amber is known for her extensive research, which is helped by a partner. Local to the issue, you can hear the importance of Elizabeth Andes to Amber.

The Guests: This podcast, being locally produced, has no issue bringing on anyone who might be relevant. In the first episode, for example, Amber goes so far as to interview students at Elizabeth’s alma mater. Regular voices are people who were involved in her life, and in her case, nearly every player is available.

Why You Have to Listen: Amber Hunt is so deeply connected with this story, it’s hard not to follow suit. The story has become well documented by this podcast, with too many questions still to ask. With the original trial concluding in controversy, there’s a lot of intrigue in Accused.

Listen to Accused

Must-Listen Episodes:

Chapter 1: The Crime

Chapter 2: The Couple

Chapter 3: The Investigation

Rating: Teen+

#2 Unfound

Beyond murder, Unfound focuses on unsolved murders where the body was never discovered. The podcast takes a deep look into cases that have gone cold, unearthing everything that they can. The podcast looks at the situation surrounding, remaining factual, and supporting the podcasts beyond that.

The Hosts: The host of Unfound is Ed Dantzler, a lover of true crime. Ed brings a composed and journalistic approach to the podcast, sticking to the story at every turn. Beyond Unfound, Ed is a lover of disc golf. He boasts as his second-most deep interest, of course behind true crime.

The Guests: Ed often brings guests on to the show, usually people close to the victims of his case. Because the show focuses on boosting the signal for these murders, those close to the situation are often happy to come on. Ed interviews them about what happened, and the person behind the victimhood. Guests can be descendants, people involved in the case, and so on.

Why You Have to Listen: Keeping to the human side of true crime isn’t easy, but it’s a task that Ed navigates expertly. This is not a podcast that stays on the intrigue of the case, but on the intrigue of the people behind them. This podcast looks for solutions, not just to tell stories. If you want to help people, then you should tune in.

Listen to Unfound

Must-Listen Episodes:

Shelva Rafte: No Good Together

Dennis “Jay” Lushbough Jr.: At Last Sight

Mary Jane Vangilder: Life During Wartime

Rating: Teen+

#3 Gone Cold

Texas is an awfully large state so it should be no surprise that Texas has seen its share of crime before. Gone Cold focuses on the state and its long history of unsolved murders. Cold cases from all over the Lone Star State are unearthed by residents and discussed in full. With so much material, there’s a lot to listen to.

The Hosts: The host of gone cold. is a man obviously from Texas, with a heavy drawl in his hush tone. He reads through stories deeply, with an eye for detail. The local nature of the podcast - despite spanning a wide area - allows for a bit of extra care to be injected in the podcast.

The Format: The format is simple, and one shared by many true crime podcasts. The show begins with a description of the victim, the setting, the backdrop for what’s about to happen. Then, a short break usually covering the admin of the show. Finally, the story is told from the immediate scenes to all of the gritty details.

Why You Have to Listen: Even if you aren’t from Texas, you can imagine the stories that Texas has to tell. With such a storied history and wide ground, Texas has intrigue in itself. Add in the many stories this podcast can pull up, and you’re sure to fall in love with Gone Cold. The investigative nature of the storytelling adds an even more nuanced element.

Listen to Gone Cold.

Must-Listen Episodes:

The Murder of Cheryl Ann Callaway at the Forum 303 Mall

All-American Girl: The Abduction of Suzanne Rene Richerson

Officer Down: The Ambush Killing of Lowell C. Tribble

Rating: 18+

#4 Unsolved Murders

We could have started with Unsolved Murders, but it would have been a little too obvious to do so. It should be no surprise that Unsolved Murders covers unsolved murders, and it covers them well. When you name a podcast something so boldly plain, you have to live up to it with exceptional content. And exceptional content is provided.

The Hosts: The hosts of the podcast are Carter Roy and Wenddy Mackenzie. Carter is a writer, producer, director, and many other kinds of creative. Wenddy is a voice teacher behind many modern artists and broadcasters.

The Guests: Unsolved Murders brings stories to life with voice actors playing the stories out. Wenddy and Carter narrate as many voices step in. The podcast tries not to dramatize over too much while keeping the stories interesting. The show is cast like a cable TV show, with the stories told in depth.

Why You Have to Listen: Unsolved Murders is the ultimate podcast about its namesake. Telling these stories with both respect and flair, you can become truly immersed in true crime stories. There are many to tell, and this podcast shies away from none. Recently, they covered the Edgar Allen Poe story that birthed true crime.

Listen to Unsolved Murders

Must-Listen Episodes:

E200: The Atlanta Ripper Pt. 1

Edgar Allan Poe: The Mystery of Marie Roget Pt. 1

E180: May Fosburgh

Rating: Teen+

#5 The Vanished

The Vanished, similar to Unfound, covers missing persons and presumed murder cases that have gone cold. The show is baked in a legal understanding, showing the case the way it would be presented in a courtroom. The Vanished tells the story of these cases holistically.

The Hosts: The lawyerly development of stories on The Vanished is a result of the person behind it. Marissa Jones is a paralegal and mother, with a clear interest in these cases. Marissa brings an earnest desire to solve cases to the table as she brings them to light. She’s a strong voice and is a great interviewer.

The Guests: Interviewees on the show are related to the case, or related to the solution of the case at hand. Marissa brings them on the show with the understanding that they will explain and expand the case. Often, she will work to bring the cases to people who might be able to solve them as the show provides resources for this.

Why You Have to Listen: Again, this show sometimes veers away from being just a true crime show, and becomes more of a movement. These cases are not typical material for the genre. Instead, they are cases that haven’t received enough publicity before. The show looks at these cases as a question to be answered, not just a story.

Listen to The Vanished

Must-Listen Episodes:

EPISODE 225: Alicia Navarro

EPISODE 222: Marshal Iwaasa

EPISODE 218: Veronica Blumhorst

Rating: Teen+

#6 The Fall Line

The Fall Line is a true-crime podcast that digs deep into cold cases that have received little — if any — public attention.” There’s little better way to put it. The Fall Line is a podcast that examines cold cases and pulls them out of the file. The show supports work in criminal justice.

The Hosts: There are more than a few people behind the show, but two main names to know start with Laurah Norton, who hosts the show. The second is Brook Hargrove, who performs the interview. The two co-created the show and continue to run it. They bring decades of experience to the table.

The Guests: Fall Line is happy to bring almost any guest to the table. Recently, they’ve interviewed workers from the FBI. Why? To get to the bottom of an old case? No. They do it to show viewers how they can take an interest in unsolved murders and use it for good.

Why You Have to Listen: That sort of energy bleeds through the entire show. The creators, again, aren’t just looking to bring these cases to light. They’re looking to bring them to a conclusion, on behalf of the families and loved ones involved. The podcast is simply an avenue to do that.

Listen to The Fall Line

Must-Listen Episodes:

Interview: Retired FBI Agent Jerri Williams

Season 8, Episode 1: The Richland County Jane Doe, Part One

Season 7, Episode 1: Carolina Girls, Part One

Rating: Teen+

#7 Serial

A murder not just unsolved, but solved wrongly. A story told week to week. A story told by one woman, and a community she was never part of. Serial is a masterclass of true crime; one of the best podcasts that exists and will ever exist. This show is a commitment, but one that’s certainly worth taking.

The Hosts: Sarah Koenig was a reporter for The Baltimore Sun, at least in the late 80s. She has since gone on to produce a TV show, This American Life, and spent some time reporting in Russia. Sarah is so decorated and her work on this podcast so good, she was named one of TIME’s 500 most influential people in 2015.

The Guests: Behind Sarah are a full community, a close-knit Muslim community of Baltimore’s west side. One of their community members was murdered. Another, they believe, was wrongly convicted. Members from all over the community come out to tell their account of what happened.

Why You Have to Listen: Describing Serial and why you have to listen to it is difficult. Without Serial, the true-crime podcasts of today might not be so popular. If you haven’t listened before, you should now if only because it will be history soon. Serial is currently available on Amazon.

Listen to Serial

Must-Listen Episodes:

The Alibi

The Breakup

Leakin Park

Rating: 18+

#8 Missing & Murdered

CBC’s foray into true crime, Missing & Murdered is upsetting and fascinating. A train wreck with a soft piano in the background. Focusing on unsolved murders and missing persons cases in Canada’s indigenous peoples, there is a lot to digest when listening to this podcast.

The Hosts: Connie Walker is a journalist for the CBC who had a strong desire to tell these stories. Herself Cree, Connie is the perfect person to tell theme. She is well known for her investigative journalism, a skill set that applies perfectly here.

The Guests: Connie has access to many of the communities that are being brought up here, and they’re often happy to let her in. Guests are often close to the story and also looking for a solution. Connie is an expert with her guests, careful and pressing in whatever amount she needs to be.

Why You Have to Listen: This podcast is the most real, gripping unsolved murder podcast there is. The show is rife with care from a community that is often uncared for. Brilliantly produced and told succinctly, these stories are impossible to turn away from.

Listen to Missing & Murdered

Must-Listen Episodes:

S2 Episode 5: Afraid of the dark

S2 Episode 1: Stolen. Murdered. Missing

S1 Episode 1: The Tip

Rating: (Not Rated, Kids, All Ages, Teen+, 18+)


The best unsolved murder podcasts look to solve cases that have gone long cold. They grab you, they grip you, they make you care. They make you want a solution. Each of these podcasts should offer you that experience.

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