9 UFO & Aliens Podcasts That Will Abduct Your Mind

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Read deep reviews and listen to our playlist of best UFO podcasts out there. I mean we’ve all seen something moving in the night sky that we just knew wasn’t an airplane or a shooting star. Right? Or maybe you have been abducted by aliens and now track all things paranormal ever since. So discover and listen to the top podcasts about UFO’s in our known universe. The hand-selected podcasts feature professional and amateur investigators of this field of paranormal study. This subgenre of paranormal study is like a cross between unsolved mysteries, astronomy, and science fiction. If you enjoy any of those, you should check out our list of alien and UFO podcasts.

#1: Our Strange Skies: Podcast Review

Our Strange Skies

Started at the beginning of 2017, this biweekly UFO podcast already has a backlog of 70+ episodes for listeners to peruse. Our Strange Skies is an excellent alien and UFO podcast to start with for those new to this genre due to the seriousness with which its founder and host takes the material.

The Hosts: Rob Kristofferson has been a paranormal enthusiast and investigator for decades. After his very own close encounter in 2015, he dedicated himself to researching and uncovering truths related primarily to UFOs and aliens.

The Guests: While many episodes rely on Kristofferson’s enthusiastic dedication and encyclopedic UFO and alien knowledge as he recounts various cases and phenomena, he often invites guests to join the fun. These have included a number of fellow paranormal podcasters such as Brian Hastie as well as writers such as Rich Hatem of The Mothman Prophecies.

Why You Should Listen: Kristofferson is a curious combination: a two-sided coin of believer and skeptic. He knows there is something out there, from the vast void beyond Earth, and that it’s already been here, but he truly needs the proof. After a few episodes, you may feel the same!

Listen to  Our Strange Skies

Must-Listen Episodes:

15 - The Aveley Road Abduction

08 - Brazil’s Roswell

Rating: 18+

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#2: UFO Bros: Podcast Review

UFO Bros

UFO Bros: Probecast is one of the few UFO podcasts that will not give you more laughs than it will moments of feeling truly creeped out. Though the podcast has been around since 2017, it has a small backlog of ten episodes that makes it easy to catch up on.

The Hosts: Emmett and Joe Hayes are real brothers who have chosen to make their lives’ work all about teaming up to find real aliens. They also appear at most UFO events, and most recently attended the “storming Area 51” gathering.

The Guests: The Hayes brothers are all over the place in UFO Bros. They travel around the United States and interview fellow UFOlogists and other experts like Tom Delong and Brad Abrahams. 

Why You Should Listen: The theories that appear in UFO Bros. are generally the main ones that most alien and UFO believers know about: governments have evidence and technology of alien existence but have hidden it from the public, alien experimentation or alien/human hybrids may explain special powers like ESP, etc. The Hayes brothers’ irreverent humor adds a level of entertainment not found in most other alien and UFO podcasts.

Listen to UFO Bros: Probecast

Must-Listen Episodes:

Love and Saucers: Man loses virginity to Alien Woman!!!!

Pentagon’s Secret UFO Program Revealed for the first time in HISTORY!

Rating: 18+

#3: Unknown: A UFO Podcast: Podcast Review


Coming up on 5 years and 85 episodes as part of the Rogue Planet network, Unknown: A UFO Podcast is a balanced mix of edutainment and serious alien and UFO investigation. The varied personalities of the show’s co-hosts also serve to keep listeners tuned in.

The Hosts: Ryan Sprague, Maureen Ellsberry, Shane Hurd, and Jason McClellan started hosting Unknown together, and all have continued to appear regularly. McClellan is the one host that shows up nearly every episode, and his jovial, earnest attitude helps propel the episodes along nicely.

The Guests: Scientist Ben Mcgee, space historian Amy Shira Teitel, and journalist Mike Damante (author of Punk Rock and UFOs: True Believers) are just a few of the guests that have joined in on the fun among the regular crew of co-hosts.

Why You Should Listen: The team behind Unknown are fully invested in their mission to spread awareness of the UFO phenomena and subculture and approach the subject with equal parts enthusiasm and skepticism. Listeners will find much to enjoy spread throughout the show’s respectable backlog.

Listen to Unknown

Must-Listen Episodes:

Storm Area 51: A Candid Conversation

UFOs Over Washington, DC

Rating: 18+


#4: Blurry Photos: Podcast Review

Blurry Photos

Over eight years old and running strong, Blurry Photos is undeniably one of the best UFO podcasts out there, even though the subject of aliens and UFOs only make up a small proportion of its huge (230+ episode) backlog.

The Hosts: David Flora is the sole host of this top alien and UFO podcast currently. However, Dave Stecco served as co-host for the first 6 years of Blurry Photos. Those years were marked by a more humorous approach to the genre, including skits. After Stecco’s departure, Flora opted to go with a more serious journalistic approach. In a way, it’s like getting two podcasts in one. Listeners continue to enjoy both older and new episodes.

The Guests: In episodes pertaining to UFOs and aliens, Flora and Stecco have been joined by the likes of Chase Kloetske of MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) and fellow UFO podcaster Ryan Sprague (Unknown; Somewhere in the Skies).

Why You Should Listen: If aliens and UFOs aren’t your only cup of tea when it comes to the paranormal, Blurry Photos has you covered with hundreds of other episodes about cryptids, strange unsolved mysteries, and more.

Listen to Blurry Photos

Must-Listen Episodes:

Ep 239: The Falcon Lake Incident

Ep 188: The Bizarre Death of Zigmund Adamski

Rating: All Ages

#5: Hidden Truth: Podcast Review

Hidden Truth

Hidden Truth with Jim Breslo is a deadly serious investigative podcast that delves into a wide variety of subjects. Each season of the podcast has its own subtitle and focus. Breslo has taken on the scandals of Michael Jackson, the will-it-or-won’t-it ever happen question of the California high-speed railway, the Las Vegas shooter, and much more. However, it is season 5 that interests us. Titled “Space Race”, these 17 fifty to eighty-minute episodes cover a big swathe of alien and UFO territory.

The Hosts: Jim Breslo probably qualifies by most standards as a “Renaissance man” in the podcast arena. Starting out as a civil rights attorney, he transitioned into business (lottery gaming), and then into journalism and shortly after into podcasting about subjects that he feels need a spotlight.

The Guests: While Breslo begins with a few episodes that look at the current state of the international space race, he quickly gets into the main thrust of the season. This is the “Tic Tac UFO incident”, a recorded sighting of an extremely fast-moving UFO by fighter pilots of the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier. Breslo speaks with physicists, radar technicians, documentarians, and Air Force intelligence specialists in his bid for the truth.

Why You Should Listen: Though the overall quantity of UFO podcast episodes is relatively small, the fact that Breslo expends s much effort and resources into getting as close to a final answer as possible is impressive and will satisfy many UFO enthusiasts and general listeners with the thorough approach.

Listen to Hidden Truth

Must-Listen Episodes:

Naval Aviator Who First Broke Tic Tac UFO Story Shares Details from Classified Report

Dr. Jack Sarfatti: I Know How Tic Tacs Work, the US Does Not

Rating: All Ages

#6:The Cryptonaut Podcast: Podcast Review

The Cryptonaut Podcast

The Cryptonaut Podcast started publishing weekly in early 2018 and now has over 130 episodes in its backlog for listeners to enjoy. As with our previous entry, the focus is on the paranormal in general, but there are more than a dozen alien and UFO-centered episodes.

The Hosts: Rob Morphy, Chris Carnicelli, and Marc Storrs make up the podcasting crew behind this top UFO and paranormal podcast. Listeners enjoy the energy and unadulterated joy this trio brings to bear on the stories they present. 

Format: The hosts of The Cryptonaut Podcast are the real draw to this show. Though guests are rarely featured, this podcast is really just a way for our three “cryptonauts” to share creepy unexplained stories, scientific (and not so scientific theories, and their own opinions-sometimes humorous-on strange sightings and events.

Why You Should Listen: Listeners who enjoy a wide variety of paranormal material, as well as very buddy-banter powered shows, will enjoy The Cryptonaut Podcast. In addition, a large proportion of the tales that Morphy, Storrs, and Carnicelli feature are not mentioned extremely often, so you may find a lot of new paranormal and UFO stories you’ve never heard before.

Listen to The Cryptonaut Podcast

Must-Listen Episodes:

#135: Alien Octopoids

#122: The Pascagoula Abductors

#102: The Dubno Abductors - Part 1

Rating: 18+

#7: Podcast UFO: Podcast Review

Podcast UFO

Since 2011, Podcast UFO has delivered over 400 weekly episodes to its listeners. The podcast is also available as a webcast as well and gets thousands of views for every new episode. This top alien and UFO podcast consistently receives high marks from fans for its serious take on this paranormal phenomenon.

The Hosts: Martin Willis experienced a personal UFO sighting in 2006, which sparked his crusade for the truth. He believes unidentifiable flying objects exist and that they may indeed be aliens from outer space, but is still skeptical enough to realize we don’t know nearly enough. Willis is sometimes joined by Alejandro Rojas and Michael Lauck.

The Guests: Podcast UFO is all about guests! Its 400+ episodes boast nearly the same number of guests and have involved filmmaker Randall Nickerson (Ariel Phenomenon), writer Sarah Scoles (They Are Already Here), Air Force vet Raymond Szymanski (Fifty Shades of Greys), and physicists like Kenvin Knuth, Ph.D., who discusses his scientific paper on flight characteristics of UFOs.

Why You Should Listen: If you are relatively new to the UFO and alien believer community, nothing will make you truly appreciate the size and scope of it all quite like the huge number of people featured in Podcast UFO. Willis’ guests represent just about every kind of person you can meet and exemplify the broad appeal of this mysterious subject matter.

Listen to Podcast UFO

Must-Listen Episodes:

381. Chris Lambright

361. Ben Hansen & Walter Bosley

Rating: All Ages

#8: Radio Misterioso: Podcast Review

Much like our previous entry, Radio Misterioso has roots that go back decades. While this top UFO and alien podcast is also guest-centric, the discussions are a little less “classic interview” in style and tone and more conversational and informal.

The Hosts: Greg Bishop began his trek into UFO territory nearly 30 years ago writing magazine articles and books on paranormal and UFO phenomena. In 1998, he made his foray into audio as host of a pirate radio show, and this eventually became what is now Radio Misterioso.

The Guests: Bishop is joined by many top-tier personalities in the UFO and alien landscape. Authors MJ Banias and Susan Demeter-St. Clair (UFOs-Reframing the Debate), paranormal researchers Lon Strickler and Stanton T. Friedman, and MUFON luminaries James and Joanne Clarkson are but a few of the guests who feature in Radio Misterioso.

Why You Should Listen: The term “Fortean” describes someone who studies the paranormal and is derived from the name of Charles Hoy Fort, the founding father of paranormal writing and research who passed away in 1932. Bishop and most of his fellow guests consider themselves part of this tradition. It is easy to see how this community has grown so strong in the century since Fort’s demise due to the camaraderie inherent in Radio Misterioso’s episodes.

Listen to Radio Misterioso

Must-Listen Episodes:

Michael Masters – Neoteny and Time Travel and UFOs

Whitley Strieber – A New World

Rating: 18+

#9: Hysteria 51: Podcast Review

Hysteria 51

Phrenology, Mongolian death worms, and spontaneous human combustion are a few ideas that Hysteria 51 tackle, but one of the favorite returning topics of this top paranormal podcast is that of aliens and UFOs. After 4 years and nearly 200 episodes, with over 30 shows dedicated to UFO and alien sightings, there is a lot to discover in Hysteria 51.

The Hosts: John Goforth and Brent Hand started Hysteria 51 in 2016. Both longtime podcasting and media pros, Hysteria 51 is one of their dream projects. They bring a necessary dash of humor to the proceedings as they relay tales of spine-tingling events that set the show apart from many others of its ilk.

Format: Most of Hysteria 51 centers around Hand and Goforth as they prove their excellent research and writing skills in sharing the stories of strange phenomena. While guests are not a major feature of the show, they are welcomed in a few episodes, including the nearly legendary (in conspiracy circles) Bob Lazar, Area 51 whistleblower. 

Why You Should Listen: As with other podcasts on this list, Hysteria 51 covers a lot of paranormal subgenres. However, the quality and quantity of alien and UFO episodes are sure to satisfy fans of interstellar visitors, and the jocular co-hosts keep the material moving along at a good pace.

Listen to Hysteria 51

Must-Listen Episodes:

The Gulf Breeze Incident(s) – Florida Man Goes UFO Huntin’ | 188

JAL Flight 1628: UFOs Bigger Than A Walmart | 185

Cheryl Costa: UFO Researcher, Author, and Journalist | 180

Rating: 18+


The realm of UFO and alien podcasts is quite large, with many shows to choose from, both active and retired. Most creators approach this genre with a great deal of seriousness, mirroring the feelings of many UFO-believers in the community. However, there are some choices with a more lighthearted angle, as we have found with this list. Enjoy…And remember, “The truth is out there”!


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