9 Funniest Comedy Podcasts Killing it in 2020

The funniest comedy podcasts you can find always seem to be a mix of both well-known comedy performers and celebrities (like Conan) and amateur podcasters. Their personalities just led them to the humor-filled underbelly of the podcasting world. Here you will find examples of both. Despite the differences, all of them are side-splitting comedy podcasts through-and-through. They’re well worth the price of admission-which, yes, is usually free.

#1: Your Mom’s House with Tom Segura and Christina P.

Your Mom's House logo

In the mood for some insight into the real life of a married comedian couple? Your Mom’s House will give you a taste of the hilarious back-and-forth that goes on between Christina and husband Tom.

The Hosts: Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura have been married since 2008 and have a couple children together. They know a little something about domestic life! But they’re also working comedians with Netflix specials and even a television sitcom deal.

The Guests: While our hosts’ life together figures into the regular conversation and hijinks on each episode, the heart of each episode tends to be the all-star guest list. Segura and Pazsitzky have welcomed Nikki Glaser, Judd Apatow, Jo Koy, and even Yakov Smirnoff to Your Mom’s House, and no topic is left untouched.

Why You Have to Listen: This is a top comedy podcast with millions of listeners and a backlog of over 500 long, 2-3 hour episodes. If you enjoy loose-form comedy, with a lot of banter and insights into the personal relationships of comedians, and easygoing interviews with well-known comics, Your Mom’s House is the place for you.

Listen to Your Mom’s House with Tom Segura and Christina P.

Must-Listen Episodes:

#454 w/ Moshe Kasher & Natasha Leggero

#450 w/ Dr. Drew Pinsky

#521 w/ Jessica Kirson

Rating: 18+

#2: Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank: Podcast Review

Skeptic Tank logo

Since 2011, comedian Ari Shaffir has been producing the Skeptic Tank podcast with the goal to, in his words, “to help better understand humanity and also to make fart jokes”. After listening to many episodes, there is no doubt in our mind that he has succeeded with flying colors.

The Host: Ari Shaffir’s brand of acerbic wit combined with an unfailing willingness to go as blue with his comedy as just about any comedian working today has served him well in creating what is truly one of the funniest comedy podcasts available.

The Guests: Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank takes a deep dive into unknown and often dirty waters each episode. Shaffir picks a fairly random subject and brings in a guest who is sometimes expert, and more often just tangentially involved, with that subject to discuss it. This is far more fun than it sounds because most guests are other comedians, including Mike Cannon and Jimmy Dore.

Why You Have yo Listen: Skeptic Tank is all over the map when it comes to the subject matter Shaffir chooses to explore, but in this case, that’s a good thing. In episode #375: Kid with a Cow Heart, Shaffir talks with comedienne Jessica Kirson about the ordeals of her young daughter’s heart surgeries. As much as any episode, this one exposes Shaffir’s attempt at educating his listeners on serious matters while using humor to dull some sharp edges.

Listen to Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank

Must-Listen Episodes:

#350: Shooter (Dan Soder, Michelle Wolf, Dave Attell, Jeff Danis, Ryan Oneill Yannis Pappas, Tim Dillon, Stavros Halkias)

#363: On A Steel Horse I Ride (Xavier Himma)

#377: Dog Day Afternoon (@Iapalucci)

Rating: 18+

#3: Sawbones: Podcast Review

Sawbones logo

Seven years and well over 300 episodes into its run, Sawbones is one of the most consistently entertaining programs on our list of funniest comedy podcasts. This top comedy podcast hits on two fronts: Listeners are treated to some truly freaky (yet educational) medical knowledge while enjoying some classic banter between a husband and wife team that adds tons of extra color to the show.

The Hosts: Dr. Sydnee McElroy and her husband Justin McElroy very much embody the “straight man” and “wise guy” trope when it comes to the duo’s presence. In Sawbones, Sydnee is the more serious of the two, delivering the medical knowledge and historical context and footnotes. Justin riffs on all the absurdities of biology and his own ignorance of Sydnee’s medical expertise. Turns out, it’s a recipe for hilarity-because it’s so easy for most of us to relate to Justin’s POV!

Format: Sawbones’ weekly 40-50 minute episodes start with Sydnee introducing one of an endless array of medical concepts, techniques, or strange factoids from the history of medical and biological science. She peels back the layers of whatever story she’s chosen. Justin is fearless in reacting honestly to the oftentimes gross and gory, as well as speaking his mind when confronted with unsavory subject matter.

Why You Have to Listen: Since the COVID-19 / coronavirus lockdowns began in March 2020, Sawbones has been diving into the science and history behind pandemics. This is one of those rare sidesplitting comedy podcasts that you leave without feeling a shred of guilt about having listened to because you learned more than you expected to.

Listen to Sawbones

Must-Listen Episodes:

Why Doctors Don’t Fix Teeth


The Man Behind the Knick

Rating: All Ages

#4: Hello From the Magic Tavern: Podcast Review

Hello From the Magic Tavern logo

Just past its five-year anniversary, Hello From the Magic Tavern is one of those podcasts that is hard to forget once you listen to an episode. This top comedy podcast mixes edgy humor, pop culture, D&D style roleplay, and improv into a heady cocktail that will give you laughter-induced cramps.

The Cast: Arnie Niekamp performs as “Arnie Niekamp”, a modern-day man who fell into an interdimensional portal in Chicago and became trapped in the fantastical land of Foon. He is joined by Adal Rifai who plays a shapeshifter named “Chunt” with a love for badgers, and Matt Young as Usidore the wizard. The three comedians bring some fun and memorable quirks to these regular characters.

Format: Each weekly 45-60 minute episode is a continuing chapter in a serialized tale. This is improv on a rad scale. Arnie and crew are building an insanely funny world right in front of our eyes-or, more precisely, ears-and we get to discover some things about their inventions at the same time they do. Guest stars sometimes pop in to play a part, including wonderful performers like Felicia Day, Jess Mckenna, Matt Gourley, and many more.

Why Have to Listen: The improv style of this podcast is what really sets it apart from so many other shows. Niekamp and crew have a ton of fun getting their characters into hilarious situations and constantly work at one-upping each other by inventing ever more preposterous scenarios.

Listen to Hello From the Magic Tavern

Must-Listen Episodes:

Season 3, Ep 31 - Thieves (w/ Superego’s Matt Gourley, Mark McConville and Paul F Tompkins)

Season 3, Ep 11 - Wizard with a Crossbow (w/ Felicia Day and Colton Dunn)

Season 2, Ep 71 - Castle Nowhere

Rating: 18+

#5: Adulting: Podcast Review

Adulting logo

One of the newest podcasts on our list, Adulting is a real gem, easily one of the best comedy podcasts of 2020. Recorded with live audiences, there is an energy and a pace to it that isn’t often found in podcasts. 

The Hosts: Michelle Buteau and Jordan Carlos are both strong comedians with TV experience and memorable personalities. Their chemistry is real in Adulting, and they play off of one another easily. Their work together in this leads to some gut-busting punchlines and is a masterclass in how to co-host live shows.

The Guests: Our two powerhouse hosts and the podcast network they’re a part of (WNYC Studios) have some great connections, and they put them to good use in getting a lot of excellent guests. Aparna Nancherla, Jim Gaffigan, and Samantha Bee are just a few of the guests who join the fun in this first season.

Why You Should Listen: Adulting moves quickly between Buteau and Carlos’ banter and the guest interviews, and especially with fairly short 30-40 minute runtimes this show breezes by. We found ourselves listening to several episodes before we could move on from one of the absolute funniest comedy podcasts.

Listen to Adulting

Must-Listen Episodes:

Is Tired the New Normal? feat. Jaboukie Young-White and Samantha Bee

When Does a Venmo Request Become Petty? feat. Gina Yashere and Liza Treyger

What Should I Name the Baby? feat. Chris Distefano and Jim Gaffigan

Rating: 18+

#6: The Dollop: Podcast Review

The Dollop podcast logo

For nearly 5 years, The Dollop has been delighting its listeners with a unique comedic take on stories in American history that just never seem to get enough airtime. What makes The Dollop one of the best comedy podcasts in our opinion is how the hosts tackle the subject matter: Dave tells a little-heard tale from American history that Gareth knows nothing about going into the episode, and the duo proceeds to “MST3K” their way through it.

The Hosts: Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds are the Batman and Robin-or perhaps Robin and Batman-of the historical comedy podcast subgenre. Both gentlemen have deep comedy roots, starting in standup, and between them have written for such hilarious shows as Maron, Arrested Development, Flaked, and You’re the Worst.

The Guests: While the real star of the show is the comedy baby produced by Dave and Gareth in each episode, The Dollop does sometimes welcome guests that bring their own special zing. Patton Oswalt has appeared multiple times, and you will also find the likes of Bert Kreischer, Akaash Singh, Bill Corbett, Rob Delaney, and many others.

Why You Should Listen: Each weekly episode of The Dollop is a substantial 70-90 minutes on average, and will have you laughing (or at least smiling) through most of its runtime, making this one of the funniest comedy podcasts. It is also a near-guarantee that even the most fervent student of history will come away having learned some bit of trivia that can be used to amaze or annoy an acquaintance at a later date.

Listen to The Dollop

Must-Listen Episodes:

418 - Doug Evans and Juicero

400 - Ronald Reagan w/ guest Patton Oswalt (Part 1)

382 - Colonel Harland Sanders

Rating: 18+

#7: Anna Faris is Unqualified: Podcast Review

Unqualified logo

Over 240 hour-long episodes, Anna Faris is Unqualified has published the equivalent of an encyclopedia’s worth of real-life advice about relationships, Hollywood life of the famous and not-so-famous, and how to cope with the everyday stresses that affect us all.

The Host: Anna Faris first caught our attention in Scary Movie back in 2000, but has since gone on to become a bonafide movie and TV star, bestselling author, and podcaster. With her genuine interest in her guests and the subjects they address and her natural wit, Faris makes an excellent host for this humorous interview podcast.

The Guests: With her feet planted squarely in the big-and-little screens of the entertainment world and in the realm of comedy, Faris draws on all her resources to bring together a broad swathe of guests, from movie and TV stars, well-known comedians, and even big-time YouTubers Elizabeth Banks, Jason Biggs, Pamela Adlon, Josh Gad, and many others have graced her microphones.

Why You Have to Listen: Faris is unafraid to broach just about any topic imaginable with her guests, which makes for unexpected tangents and occasionally leads to some actual emotional moments. Aside from being one of the funniest comedy podcasts, we also consider Unqualified to be a top interview format podcast.

Listen to Anna Faris is Unqualified

Must-Listen Episodes:

Tig Notaro

Bad Boyfriend Behavior

Whitney Cummings

Rating: 18+

#8: Why Won’t You Date Me?: Podcast Review

Why Won't You Date Me? logo

Over 130 weekly episodes in and Why Won’t You Date Me? Shows no sign of slowing down. This is a sex and relationships podcast like none other, driven by the effervescent personality of its host and creator Nicole Byer and her hilarious interviews with her many guests.

The Host: Nicole Byer is one of the biggest stars of the Headgum Podcasting Network, and has been one of their most popular shows for a couple of years. In a review on iTunes, fan Bethie401 calls Nicole “funny yet sincere, desperate yet vulnerable” and we couldn’t agree more. Byer has a serious joie de vive and it fits well with the dynamic subject matter.

The Guests: One of the funniest comedy podcasts, Why Won’t You Date Me? might be anchored by Nicole Byer’s presence, but it wouldn’t be complete without her huge guest list. Fellow comedians and performers show up often, of course-like Paul Rust, Janelle James, and Michaela Watkins-but Byer also includes her own exes as well as friends, who are able to offer comebacks and in-jokes to the mix.

Why You Have to Listen: Byer recently published a bonus episode called The Struggles of Your Twenties, featuring guest comedian Rae Sanni. This show exemplifies the one-two punch of adult humor and unrelenting honesty that is a trademark of the series.

Listen to Why Won’t You Date Me?

Must-Listen Episodes:

Drugs & Dogs (w/ Eric Edelstein)

Vehicular Assault (w/ Akilah Hughes)

Why Everybody Needs Therapy (w/ Therapist Jon Kim)

Rating: 18+

#9: The Mortified Podcast: Podcast Review

Mortified logo

Mortified is something of a phenomenon. Across stages, TV, film, books, radio, and podcasts, Mortified gives everyone (from regular everyday folks to famous folks) the chance to expose who they were as a much younger person. This leads to some shared embarrassment, lots of laughs, and a kind of catharsis for both presenters and the listeners.

Format: Dave Nadelberg started the Mortified mission nearly 20 years ago, inviting friends to share personal diaries, letters, stories, and poetry created when they were kids and teenagers in front of live audiences. This evolved into a full-on multichannel brand and is now appreciated by millions of listeners every month. Episodes begin with a brief intro by founder Nadelberg and then proceed right to the featured presenter as they read words they wrote or tell “mortifying” tales during a time when they had no clue as to how the real world actually worked. Episodes are usually in the thirty-minute range, meaning you can binge a few pretty easily.

Why You Should Listen: Easily one of the most memorable best comedy podcasts of all time from our perspective, Mortified is so popular because we can all relate to the misconceptions, wild hopes and dreams, and abject misery that is youth. We feel better when we know that everyone else felt just as invincible as we did and ended up falling flat on their face. The combo of surprise and familiarity makes this one of the funniest comedy podcasts on Earth.

Listen to The Mortified Podcast

Must-Listen Episodes:

27: I Was a Teenage Prison Wife

173: I Still Have an Imaginary Friend

183: Teen Angst in a Trailer Park

Rating: 18+

If laughing is what gets you through life, listening to any of these podcasts will do the job.

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