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Adam Ruins Everything

In a world as politically and socially divided as ours, it is important to understand all sides of an argument before settling on a firm opinion. Being that discerning fact versus fiction and manipulation can be difficult in the current climate, having resources that assist in debunking false or distorted information couldn’t be more needed. Thankfully, the hit podcast Adam Ruins Everything is here to help. With the laugh-triggering yet informative mission of Adam Conover, listeners can expect to have even their most solid of stances challenged.

The Host: Adam Conover is a self-proclaimed investigative comedian who has a passion for sniffing out the truth. He first rose to fame with his popular television series Adam Ruins Everything, which was then turned into the podcast. Conover also serves as the host of the television show The Crystal Maze on Nickelodeon. His humor and knack for a witty response are both enticing and entertaining, as he seems to curate a bond with his listeners without much effort.

The Guests: Many of the guests featured on the Adam Ruins Everything podcast are the same guests who appeared on the television version of the series. During the podcast, listeners get the opportunity to dive deeper and receive more detailed information from the experts that assist Conover in debunking myths and fiction. In addition to having several different doctors featured on the show, Adam Ruins Everything has also welcomed the likes of Rachel Bloom, Ed Ayers, and Kevin Hall.

Why You Have to Listen: If you’re a sucker for having the right answer to most questions and knowing a lot about everything, then Adam Ruins Everything is the podcast for you. From political manipulation to outlandish conspiracy theories, Conover and his guests take the listener step by step in clearing up any and all misinformation. Fans of the podcast say that Conover is the perfect amount of “inquisitive” and that many are surprised to find that their mind is changed upon listening to the conversations that take place on the show.

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Must Listen Episodes:

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Dr. Daniel Jolley on Why Conspiracy Theories Are Harmful

Heather Jarvis on the Unsustainability of Student Loans

Rating: Not Rated

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