Alba Salix, Royal Physician: Podcast Review

Alba Salix
Alba Salix, Royal Physician

One of the most unique comedy fiction podcasts we’ve heard at Vurbl, Alba Salix, Royal Physician is a treat for the funny bone and the brain. This podcast chronicles the adventures of the title character Alba Salix and her sidekicks as they do their best to cure various patients in the fantastical land of Farloria. Launched back in late 2014, there are only 12 half-hour episodes to this serial tale. With a third season soon to come, though, there will be many more belly-laughs on the way, so now is a great time to binge and catch up.

Cast & Crew: Eli McIlveen created the show, and is still the writer and co-director for its episodes. His sense of humor is the real driving force behind Alba Salix and gives the voice cast a lot to work with when it comes to richly-drawn characters and hilarious situations. The inimitable Barbara Clifford plays Alba and is joined by Julian Sark as her apprentice Magnus, and Olivia John as an impish fairy named Holly. This core group keeps this comedy fiction podcast rocketing along.

Format: Alba Salix, Royal Physician is a serial podcast, so each episode should be listened to in the order it was released. Listeners are treated to tightly-scripted and extremely well-produced half-hour chapters, complete with music and highly expressive dialogue. The show harkens back to the real power of old radio dramas, but with a modern tone and comedic charm.

Why You Should Listen: Listeners (longtime fans and newbies) love this podcast. The show is regularly praised for its writing and lighthearted tone, the latter of which is very welcome in these troubling times. The good word has led to a spinoff podcast called The Axe and Crown, another comedy fiction podcast. This show follows the exploits of the local tavernkeeper, a troll named Gubbin. Once you complete the last available episode of Alba Salix, you have a dozen more episodes to binge that take place in the same world.

Listen to Alba Salix, Royal Physician

Must-Listen Episodes:

As a serial, you should really start with Episode 1: Well Met. We’re pretty sure you will want to keep going.

Rating: All Ages

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