Almost at the Top: Listen to 10 Presidential Concession Speeches

Vurbl has launched! Check out our playlist of the most memorable concession speeches!

Listen to audio of these notable concession speeches from the most controversial elections in United States history.

From Nixon to Hillary, we’ve had a long cast of recurring characters in the hit American Drama series: The Presidential Election. Here, you’ll find interesting interpretations of the traditional concession speech, making the act of losing more of an art than just simply custom. In the contexts of almost all of these speeches, volatile and polarized social and political climates result in elections full of mischief and inconsistency, the discontents of which must be addressed while simultaneously conveying a formal concession to Democracy’s decision. How the candidates articulate their words on the victor, and how they stand behind him with dignity, is a truer test of their fitness for the presidency than any debate.

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