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Ask the Podcast Coach

Now here is a gem not to miss: Ask the Podcast Coach! This podcast is like a Q&A revolving around podcasting and the many tricks a podcaster needs to know to do well in this kind of medium. Every Saturday at 10:30 AM EST you’ll get some coaching – done via podcast, as it should be given what topic this is about!

The Hosts: This podcast didn’t get this name just for memorability reasons. Dave Jackson has fifteen years of experience helping people launch podcasts, making him especially competent when it’s about giving others advice on how to get off the ground.

You’ll also listen to Jim Collison, recruiter of database administrators and software developers. His professional work is all about technology; he hosts the weekly Home Gadget Geek Podcast. His synergy with Mr. Jackson is excellent – as a co-host, Mr. Collison adds quite a lot to the show!

The Guests: A few episodes have guests – experienced podcasters who wish to impart some knowledge too – but the main draw of the podcast is that the audience can take an active part by being guests in some ways. Thanks to the possibility of sending your questions on the air, it’s like you’re right there getting the answers you seek.

Have questions? During the episode, they’ll mention the URL which in turn will take you to a broadcast studio on StreamYard. You also can send your questions via email or by calling the number 888-563-3228 during the broadcast. Don’t be shy; send your questions, and get the answers you want!

Why You Have to Listen: Many podcasts are all about advising other current podcasters. In this particular case, Ask a Podcast Coach is for podcasters who are just starting their work or those who plan to in the future. Having advice from people who are far more experienced is always a good idea. 

Many episodes that reference current events or platforms that were popular at the time the episode was recorded. For example, the recent news about Joe Rogan receiving an exclusive contract with Spotify is used to segue into a discussion about RSS feeds and how they can be of help in your podcast. These topics, when they’re used, don’t feel forced or strange, the script flows naturally and without needless deviations.

Currently, there are 279 episodes. Each one has from fifty minutes to one hour of content – hour you’ll find is full of useful information, stories, and charming deviations from the topic. This podcast takes itself seriously but isn’t afraid of adding some levity into the mix.

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Rating: Not Rated

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