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Athletico Mince: Podcast Review

Athletico Mince is a comedy podcast, an absurdist journey through the delightful minds of comedian Bob Mortimer and writer Andrew Dawson. Created for the purpose of discussing football, a premise left behind midway through the opening episode, the podcast is an endlessly entertaining stream of banter, bickering, and borderline nonsense. The duo amass running gags like a haphazard snowball, growing and growing, then exploding into a spectacle of bizarre comic invention that is unlike any other podcast available.

The Hosts: Mortimer and Dawson argue like an old couple and bounce off one-another like old friends. A shared appreciation of the absurd and of understated, deadpan wit allows vibrant comedic premises to flourish unfettered. Mortimer has decades of comedic experience, and Dawson is more than game, jabs and jokes flitting easily between them.

Among the few remnants of the show’s inception as a football podcast, and a definite highlight, is the frequent revisiting of football manager Steve McClaren. For no discernible reason, Mortimer and Dawson frequently return to the former player, speculating as to the latest developments in an imagined life. The evocative images intertwine the absurd and the mundane, the duo’s bizarre yet vivid portrait of McClaren never failing to captivate and amuse.

Must Listen Episodes:

Ep.12 – Bob’s Crime Club

Ep.15 – My Jambon Hell

Ep. 32 – The Alderman and the Apricot

Rating: 18+

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