Dhipa Stoltenberg

Dhipa Stoltenberg


I'm a writer, journalist and editor. I love podcasts and movies especially on Health and Wellness topics.


Universität Salzburg Universiti Malaysia Sarawak

Work History

Bloomberg TV Malaysia, The New Straits Times, Amilin TV, LOOP.
teens on curb with phones
One might struggle to find relatable topics to bridge the cross-generational gap between different age groups. If you are looking to improve communication with a younger or an older friend or family member, look no further! The Still Buffering podcast is a content guide on pop culture over the generations while revisiting the good old-times...
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black man reading red book
The Reading Glasses podcast is an absolute must-listen-to broadcast for book lovers! Bookworms and podcast lovers will find the podcast a good source on topics such as how to read better, how to get out of a reading slump, and the best reading environment – as well hearing recommendations on the best books. Whether you...
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Music to calm my dog
Just like humans, dogs have fears in social situations and can need professional help to venture outside their comfort zones and to try new things. Whether your dog is beginning obedience training, going to doggie daycare, or being introduced to the dog park, music therapy can help your dog to step outside its comfort zone...
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Mental issues and podcast host Jay Shifman is staring down while adjusting his jacket
Mental health can be easily overlooked especially at a time where a quick-paced modern lifestyle takes precedence over one’s peace of mind. Most people are left confused over what led to their sudden onset of fatigue, headaches, and other depression-related symptoms. To cope or to find relief, some people will also develop an addiction to...
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The Stress Less shows featuring Carlee Myers on handling stress
If you need help in curbing emotional eating, or you are feeling overworked or having problems managing your thoughts, this is the podcast for you! The Stress Less Show is the answer to “How Do I Handle Stress?” Common discussion themes found in this podcast are intuition, stress management and self-criticizing.  The Host: Carlee Myers...
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Stacy Zant hosts Radiant Pearl Living on living life radiantly
Challenging times call believers to deeper faith and trust in the Lord especially during a pandemic. A podcast dedicated to inspiring multigenerational stories, Radiant Pearl Living compels listeners to look inward in the search in creating your best life. The host uses biblical quotes and the teachings of Jesus Christ to guide listeners in living...
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3 women do a trio yoga pose in the forest
An engaging podcast is a great learning base for new yogis to receive guidance on how to better perform various poses. This list is highly recommended for both yogis with deep experience in their practice and beginner-level yoga practitioners, also known as beginner yogis. Whether you’re just beginning your practice or a highly spiritual yogi,...
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Popular coronavirus facts
Coronavirus: Fact vs Fiction American celebrity doctor and Chief CNN medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta takes on a timely theme for his new podcast channel to disseminate valuable information on the virus which has been affecting the global population in the past months in Coronavirus: Fact vs Fiction. Whether or not the widespread fear is...
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