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Eric Turner


Eric Turner is a writer and digital marketer with a lot of ideas and no clue. Eric is obsessed with storytelling in any and all of it's forms, from high literature to abstract art to pro wrestling. Eric has been featured in The Guardian and enjoys working with people from all around the globe.


Eric studied Business Administration at the SUNY University at Albany, with intentions to enter law school. When it became apparent that law school wasn't for him, Eric had to scramble and ended up here. Eric has yet to graduate after taking some time off but intends to return to SUNY Albany to finish his degree in 2020 (or maybe 2021, all things considered.)

Work History

Eric began his career in 2016 writing narrative non-fiction for Popularium, and grew from there into writing content for businesses. He's written for many companies on many subjects, and took those skills to a career in digital marketing. Eric was the community manager of (now Lustre.AI) and marketing lead for app Mixtape. Eric continues to write, most relevantly about podcasts and other enticing audio for Vurbl.
marsfall podcast review
Listen to all Marsfall episodes on their Vurbl station page. Marsfall is an audio drama podcast set in 2047. The story of a colonial artificial intelligence unit heading towards Mars, the story focuses on many classic sci-fi themes. Exploring life on other planets, isolation in space, the potential for malfunctions. There’s a lot to unpack...
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writing team in writers room
Ever wondered what it was like in the writer’s room of your favorite TV show? Story Break lets you be that fly on that particular wall. It’s a simple concept that makes for brilliant content, creating one of the most entertaining podcasts on the internet. This is a perfect listen for chilling at home. The...
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Space junk
Vurbl has launched! Check out the We Fix Space Junk episodes on their Vurbl Station page. We Fix Space Junk is a dark sci-fi comedy radio story, and it’s absolutely brilliant. Following the story of a pair of repair women in space, they do what it sounds like – they fix space junk. The show...
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Psychedelic radio frequency
Vurbl has launched! Check out all the What’s the Frequency episodes on their Vurbl Station page. What’s The Frequency is a psychedelic noir audio drama podcast. Is that enticing? It should be. This podcast harkens back to the radio dramas of the mid-1900s, even setting itself around that time. Its great production and fascinating writing...
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Suitors of The Bachelor
Are you on a Bachelor or Bachelorette binge? So are Griffin and Rachel McElroy, your new favorite Rose Buddies. The two pair up for an in-depth discussion of Bachelor and Bachelorette episodes, often to an impressive degree. This podcast is a series of 2 hour-long discussions of a much shorter show. The Hosts: Griffin and...
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Funny popculture podcasts
Pop Rocket looks at pop culture through a different lens. That lens is more academic and journalistic than any other podcast that you’ll listen to. Hosted by a comedian, other regular panelists come from all over the entertainment sphere. Conversations range from music to movies, and they’re all well informed. The Hosts: The main host...
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Cop Watching Arrest
With the George Floyd protests now spanning the entire United States, and even beyond, a disturbing pattern of police violence has been on display for all to see. Protests to call attention to an unjust killing and a pattern of racism have led to widespread chaos, with protestors often giving way to looters later in...
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Filming a show podcast
Listen to all Inside Pop episodes on their Vurbl station page. Inside Pop is one of the most fascinating entertainment industry podcasts on the internet. This podcast pushes through the curtain of pop culture to discover what’s inside your favorite TV show or movie. Championing diversity in the entertainment industry and the industry people who...
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D&D game with dragon
The Adventure Zone is a long-running comedy and adventure actual play podcast spanning D&D and other games. One of the best Dungeons & Dragons podcasts out there, there are plenty of reasons to love this podcast. It’s homey feel and great production make it easy to get into. The Hosts: Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy...
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two girls murdered
Vurbl has launched. Check out all of our True Crime Audio! With so many true crime podcasts out there, it can be difficult to find the podcast you want. Especially if you’re the most interested in cases with no solution. Unsolved murder podcasts aren’t the most popular because they don’t tell the neatest story. However,...
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George Floyd mural
Nine minutes does not seem like a lot of time, but for George Floyd, a Black man from Minneapolis, it was the difference between life and death, For Minnesota and many other cities around the U.S., the death of Mr. Floyd on May 25, 2020, marked the difference between peace and protest. Beginning in Minnesota...
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Baby Geniuses Podcast Review
“Baby Geniuses is a show for people who know stuff and people who don’t know stuff.” Unsurprisingly, two comedy writers can write a better description of their own podcast than anyone else. The only way to describe this podcast is that: two very funny people who both know stuff and don’t know stuff share knowledge....
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man & woman looking at snow on tv
Many TV shows that would be great never make it to air. Dead Pilot’s Society is an ode to those shows, taking their unproduced scripts and letting them see the light of day. With access to many of the best-unproduced scripts in the TV world, Dead Pilot’s Society produces a table reading for each of...
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Woman with meat cleaver
When sifting through tabletop RPG podcasts, you’ll find the same issue as in many tabletop RPG pursuits: they all tend to focus on D&D. Dungeons & Dragons has maintained its place atop the throne since the beginning of the hobby, and disputedly deserves it. But even if you love chocolate ice cream, you want something...
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Best GAme Design Podcasts
Whether you’re an aspiring game designer or game developer or just a fan of games, game design is an interesting topic. The best game design podcasts pull back the curtain on the thinking behind some of the most popular, most playable games of all time. Learning from the professionals what makes game ticks can be...
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Best Podcasts for Working Out
If you’re finding it difficult to stay motivated in your exercise routine, podcasts might be the cure for you. The best podcast for working out will draw you into what you’re doing, and keep your brain engaged while you go. Motivational podcasts for the gym can be a great way to draw you into your...
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Best Wrestling Podcasts
The world of wrestling is bright and vibrant… sometimes. And sometimes it’s dark and dingy. Most of the time it’s both. And the best wrestling podcasts bring that to light. Every day, a couple hours of audio are uploaded online that show wrestling from a perspective very few people have ever gotten to see it...
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Vurbl has launched! Check out our playlist of the most gripping sports crime podcasts! True crime podcasts are always great because there’s just something so fascinating about the circumstances surrounding law-breaking. When you can find a true-crime podcast that piques some of your other interests, too, that’s even better. That’s why, for many people, sports...
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NFL Draft Podcasts
The NFL Draft is fast approaching, and it’s a welcome sight with sports on hold at the moment. While the NFL trudges forward with their plans, they’ve left fans at home to bring this classic broadcast to them. If you’re starved for sports, you need to tune in. But if you haven’t been following the...
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What Happened When Podcast Review
  Vurbl has launched! Check out all the What Happened When episodes on their Vurbl Station page. Tony Schiavone was the voice of the Turner Network’s WCW from its boom to its bust. What Happened When is a collection of stories from that time, and an expert view on wrestling from the early 80s to...
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