Joel Eldamos

Joel Eldamos


Joel D. Amos has been writing for various mediums for over two decades. His work has appeared in newspapers, magazines and now thousands of articles online. His expertise lies in the world of entertainment, particularly film and television, but his portfolio is vast with a myriad of subject matters.


B.A. George Washington University

Work History

Senior Editor, Managing Editor, Senior Entertainment Editor, Staff Writer, The North County Times
Best Movie Podcasts
Seeking a different flavor to your film fanatic experience? Look no further than these podcasts that focus on specific genres within the world of cinema. From horror to science fiction to documentaries, Vurbl has you covered with insightful broadcasts that bring history into the equation—all while entertaining as well as enlightening. These 9 film genre...
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Back when X-Files was dominating the television airwaves, a group of guys that periodically appeared on the show, The Lone Gunmen, was a fan favorite. The trio of uber-intelligent guys never met a conspiracy theory that they didn’t embrace. Those fellows would adore the proliferation of not only conspiracies themselves but the podcast medium that...
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Black Live Matter
Black Lives Matter has been a regularly featured movement in the national discussion since its founding in the haunting aftermath of the July 13, 2013 acquittal of George Zimmerman in the murder of Trayvon Martin. It’s once again been on the front pages of the nation’s newspapers and at the forefront of our collective mental...
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A woman listens to a music podcast on her designer headphones.
Music is a medium that brings the world together like no other. It’s a language than can traverse verbal barriers and unite us as a planet. The sonic succulence of the musical milieu is a glorious gift. Therefore, it is hardly a surprise that in the podcast arena, there is a bevy of music news...
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I voted sticker
Mere months remain before the country heads to the polls, or mails in ballots, to casts votes for President of the United States. As such, there are what seems like thousands of podcasts whose sole mission is to chronicle the 2020 presidential race. The media loves a so-called horserace in politics. Thankfully for audiophiles across...
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The logo for the pop culture icon, Marvel.
Vurbl has launched! Check out our playlist of the 10 best Marvel podcasts! Since 2009, Marvel Studios has done something extraordinary, and as such, the best Marvel podcasts have become an integral part of the famed comic book house’s cinematic rise to the upper echelons. But their rise to supremacy can actually be traced back...
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Movie Review Podcasts
There is a legion of aural insight out there that explores the landscape of film. With the proliferation of podcasts, any single soul with a microphone and a ticket to the movies could join the avalanche of movie review podcasts! There are a gamut of folks whose podcasts critique everything from that week’s new entries...
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