Malayna Dawn

Malayna Dawn


Malayna likes ideas and sharing them, with the hope of inspiring positive action. She is passionate about nature and creativity and holds special places in her heart for Joseph Campbell and historical fiction.


Her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies with an emphasis on Radio, TV and Film from Cal State Northridge included an extended internship at the World Famous KROQ working with the morning show, and another in music publishing for TV and Film.

Work History

An L.A. native, she started working in the entertainment industry as a kid, as part of a singing group that did radio, TV and movies. She grew up to work in print media, television marketing and then TV production before focusing on writing. These days she’s a freelance digital media consultant (which means she mostly connects online in whatever ways she can!).
podcasting in real life
Podcasting in Real Life is a podcast series created by Buzzsprout, the podcast hosting service. It’s a great way of cross-promoting podcasts and encouraging beginning podcasters. It’s also a great platform to teach podcasters who are already up-and-running how to improve their production and reach through shared stories of the journey. Each episode is like...
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podcastification podcast review
Listen to Podcastification and you will learn how to podcastify your podcast! In other words, you may have an idea for a show, or already be in production with episodes to show for it, but Podcastification will help you learn how to podcast at an even higher level. Listening to the advice you get on...
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two women podcasting
If you are eager to begin podcasting but feel overwhelmed, or even a little afraid to do it wrong, this is the right podcast for you to listen to.  Podcasting Step by Step takes you gently through the process of how to build your podcast brand. It is like someone kind and gentle is holding...
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two lbgtq women kissing
Rather than creating a list of the most popular handful of podcasts, these are the best LGBTQ podcasts to represent the diversity of expression across cultures, countries, and even history.    On days when we feel the world isn’t changing, that eyes aren’t opening to ways to include all expressions of humanity, we can look at...
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mixrophone with colorful soundwaves depicted behind - by Tumisu from Pixabay
Ever wonder how to start a super great and popular podcast? Well, a big podcast doesn’t just happen, because we release our brilliant ideas to the wild. As with any success story, no matter the industry, it’s really a process of preparation and planning, trial and error, and then learning and improving as you go....
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a woman at a typewriter with sheer curtains drawn
Women’s fiction writers are, of course, female authors who share stories from a woman’s perspective. The category of women’s fiction from those who write their artistic works may feature female protagonists and focuses on relationships and an unfolding experiential journey. This broad generalization encompasses all genres of fiction, so here in this list you will...
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Hustlenomics logo
Listen to all Hustelnomics episodes on her Vurbl station page. Hustlenomics with Katie B is a podcast created to share inspiration and ideas among female entrepreneurs building their own brands and businesses. What is “Hustlenomics”? Implied in the word is the combination of the “hustle” required to create maintain economic stability. Hustling means being on...
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Women Your Mother Warned You About
Vurbl has launched! Check out all the Women Your Mother Warned You About episodes on their Vurbl Station page. For real-life business advice, Women Your Mother Warned You About – The podcast that makes business sexy again comes from two smart, sassy, bold, confident women in business who know that they are pushing against old-fashioned...
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The Powerful Ladies Podcast Logo
The Powerful Ladies Podcast is a collection of interviews with empowering women doing wonderful things. They are sought out for being both awesome and “up-to-something” which includes filmmakers and authors, personal trainers and entrepreneurs in textiles and event management, doctors and lawyers, and activists and wellness coaches, among others. Each one has a story that...
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silhouette of person surrounded by a glow in the darkening landscape
As you may have realized, the term “talk therapy” is a casual way to say “psychotherapy.” The beauty of talk therapy is that you can often get as much from listening as from speaking, which is where these podcasts can help.  They are essentially self-help podcasts because you are helping yourself just by listening to...
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Podcasts moms will love
Suggesting podcasts your mom might like are a great way to show your mother that you’re mature enough to see her as a whole person, with ambitions that go beyond taking care of others. If you’re old enough to be recommending podcasts to your own mother, it is likely that she isn’t busy with babies...
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Pub Theology Live podcast image of a radio microphone on a glass of ale in a bar
The idea behind Pub Theology Live is that people don’t think anything of ordering the drink of their choice when they get together at a pub, so why can’t they do the same with their idea of God, and still enjoy getting together and talking about it?  “Different brews, different views” is the tagline that...
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For Crying Out Loud podcast hosts Lynette Carolla and Stefanie Wilder-Taylor hugging
Listen to all of For Crying Out Loud episodes on their Vurbl station page. Imagine sitting down with your best girlfriends and dishing about life unapologetically. From topics like husbands and kids to hormones to comedically bemoaning those daily life challenges that make us all a little crazy–things that might make you say, “For Crying...
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