Sam Gohra

Sam Gohra


Sam loves to read, watch and listen to entertainment of all kinds, delve into related news and content, and share it.


Sam has completed a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Creative Writing, at the University of Adelaide, and is in the final few years of a Bachelor of Laws.

Work History

Sam has worked as a freelance writer for a range of websites, covering the real estate, video game, film and podcast industries.
crowd protesting social issues
Vurbl has launched. Check out our full audio Society & Culture audio! Modern life is both beset by social issues and bustling with technological and societal change. Keeping track of recent developments and an outlook for the future can be a considerable challenge. On the other hand, it can also be extremely rewarding to find...
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Science fiction is uniquely suited to the podcast medium, evocative sounds and words creating fantastical worlds in the listener’s mind. The genre allows for the exploration of entire universes, the only limit is the imagination of the writer. Whether it is the far reaches of space, an unnatural development on this very planet, or something...
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washing hands
The global pandemic of coronavirus, or COVID-19, has spread far across the globe and affected many aspects of life. As the number at risk steadily increases, so does the mass of pressing questions. Who is most at risk? What measures can be taken to avoid infection? How will schools and workplaces be affected? Luckily, in...
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Athletico Mince is a comedy podcast, an absurdist journey through the delightful minds of comedian Bob Mortimer and writer Andrew Dawson. Created for the purpose of discussing football, a premise left behind midway through the opening episode, the podcast is an endlessly entertaining stream of banter, bickering, and borderline nonsense. The duo amass running gags...
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For Scores logo
Disney Music Group’s For Scores podcast provides the inside word on the music of today’s most popular films. Jon Burlingame interviews legendary composers, exploring their work on Disney films, film-scoring in general, and their stories of breaking into the industry. The well-produced podcast intersperses the composers’ words with the music they are discussing, providing an...
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Listen to all Kermode on Film episodes on his Vurbl station page. Long-term movie critic Mark Kermode offers his thoughts on a range of movie topics in Kermode on Film. The podcast sometimes consists of interviews with film professionals, other times a friendly debate with fellow critic Jack Howard, and is occasionally a solo discussion....
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Talk-show host Conan O’Brien lets loose in a free-wheeling hour of absurdity in Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend. Under the premise of vetting a wide range of guests for possible friends, O’Brien reminisces, improvises and delves deep with his guests. He is joined by assistant Sona Movsesian and producer Matt Gourley, his years of rapport...
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Two Australian mates, James Clement and Nick Mason, break down the latest news in the entertainment industry. With the easy banter of old friends, the pair provide hot takes, predictions, and reviews. The Weekly Planet podcast is generally centered upon movies, TV, comics, and video games. The Hosts: Irreverence, silliness, and a tendency for tangents...
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