“Because Together – We’re The Majority!” Minority Korner: Podcast Review

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Minority Korner Podcast

The Minority Korner podcast from the Maximum Fun network is a talk show that discusses the world from the perspective of minorities. The show talks about news, media, pop culture, politics, history, and more, while defining and clarifying terms in minority cultures. It invites listeners of all walks of life to “Learn, Laugh, and Play!” while the hosts and guests tackle tough topics in a straightforward, but light, humorous and clarifying way. 

Each episode covers a huge range of topics. Most recently, the hosts dive into racism, the shade being thrown among female celebrities, and the black and LGBTQ community’s response to presidential candidate Joe Biden’s latest gaffe. Other episodes take a deeper, introspective look at the mental, spiritual, and financial impact of the current COVID-19 pandemic and how to find happiness and become motivated to come out a better person. 

The Hosts: Co-host James Arthur is a queer, political, actor, activist, comedian, Cancerian, self-proclaimed sexy blerd (black nerd). He’s well-informed, and being a fabulous minority himself, also well-qualified to speak on the issues that impact the minority communities. Nnekay FitzClarke is the co-founder and co-host of Minority Korner. She is a librarian, journalist, comedy writer, and fabulous black woman. The duo has an amazing chemistry and energy, they keep it real, and they deliver their messages in a fun, relatable way. 

The Guests: Each week, a fellow fabulous minority to guest-host the show. Ben Randle, theater director and political guru gives his take on the upcoming election, and James Nowlin the award-winning author of The Purposeful Millionaire: 52 Rules for Creating a Life of Wealth and Happiness Now, speaks on the pandemic and quarantine, and how to come out happier. 

Why You Have To Listen: Minority Korner is for everyone. Yes, it’s a safe community for minorities, but it’s also for listeners from the heterosexual white community who want to learn about and understand the world from the perspective of minorities. The hosts are welcoming and open. They’re smart, respectful, insightful, and funny, and they make it easy to listen to and learn about important issues. The topics are varied; they talk about the hard stuff affecting the minority community, and they talk about happiness and self-care. It’s a refreshing and insightful view of the issues that should matter to everyone, and the hosts provide actionable ways to get involved and support the minority community. 

While the show contains language that technically rates it as explicit, it can be a great show for teens to gain different perspectives on current events. The hosts do a fantastic job of sharing information to help celebrate and normalize diversity and promote inclusivity of minorities. 

Listen to Minority Korner

Must-Listen Episodes:

MK232: Realize I Create Happiness (James R. Nowlin, Motivation, Healing, Crisis & Trauma, Gratitude, Releasing Perfection, Resetting Dreams, Financial Goals)

MK224: We Got Cabin Fevah! (Madame CJ Walker Quizlet, COVID19 Check-In, Tips For Surviving Quarantine, Digital Divide, Stimulus Package, Gen Z, Mandalorian 2)

Disney: Casually Racist (Charmed, Dia De Los Muertos, Halloween, Marry Poppins, Disney’s Racist Rides)

Rating: Teen+ (Some explicit language)

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