Beef & Dairy Network Podcast Review: It’s What’s For Dinner!

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Beef & Dairy Network Podcast

The Beef & Dairy Network Podcast from the Maximum Fun network is a comedy show featuring goofy British humor. If you like dry, witty, absurdity set amid a fictional farming industry, this show’s for you. While the show’s description leads people to believe it’s about beef and dairy farming, it’s actually a satirical, tongue-in-cheek comedy show. Listeners will hear a fake interview with a family that is chosen to survive the end of the world by receiving a weekly ration of beef, arguments about cult dances like the “beef hop,” and extreme concerns about our deviant youth’s problem with indulging in lamb. 

The show’s sponsor, Mitchell’s, which manufactures grass replacement pellets and nutritional sand for cows… doesn’t exist. The advertising spoofs are as funny as the rest of the show. The podcast claims it’s a supplement to the Beef & Dairy Network website and printed magazine, but don’t waste your time trying to find it. It’s also completely fictional! 

The Host: Benjamin Partridge is a Welsh comedian, writer, and performer. He has worked on multiple BBC Radio comedy shows over the years, and won Guardian’s Top 50 podcasts of 2016 and Best Comedy at the 2017 British Podcast Awards for producing and hosting the Beef & Dairy Network Podcast. Listeners love Partridge’s dry humor and totally off-the-wall storylines. Strange and bizarre hardly seem fitting words to describe some of the farce interviews you’ll hear! 

The Guests: The format of the show features Partridge interviewing various people from the beef and dairy industry. These people are his friends, fellow comedians and writers, playing a role, reading a script, and somehow managing not to spew tea from their nose in the process. Guests include Heather Anne Campbell, Nick Wiger, Sarah Campbell, Moujan Zolfaghari, Jordan Morris, Tom Neenan, and Tom Crowley. 

Why You Have To Listen: You won’t want to miss the interview with a (fictitious) scientist from the European Space Agency in the flagship episode, which goes on for far too long as the caller (host, Benjamin Partridge) argues that the agency isn’t doing enough to look for evidence of “hoofed animals” on Mars. He also speculates whether zero gravity might produce fizzy milk from cows in space, while introducing the government coverup conspiracy theory that a “5th meat” may exist within the universe. 

Listen to Beef & Dairy Network Podcast

Must-Listen Episodes:

Episode 1: Dr David Pin

Episode 49: The Beef Hop

Episode 56: The End Of The World

Rating: 18+ (Explicit)

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