Best Face Forward – 10 Podcasts About the Importance of a Skincare Routine

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Whether you’re looking for skincare for 20s, 30s, 40s, or beyond, one thing is certain: the importance of a skincare routine is key to healthy aging and a glowing complexion. But information is abundant and with so many skincare products on the market, it can feel overwhelming for someone looking for steps in a skincare routine. 

Fortunately, there are many professionals in the industry using podcasts as a platform to demystify beauty and skincare and to educate people about routines, products, professional services, and much more. If you’re ready to put your best face forward, here are 10 podcasts about the importance of a skincare routine, reviewed by Vurbl. 

#1 – Skincare Talk Radio

Skincare Talk Radio Podcast

Skincare Talk Radio is a podcast that educates listeners about the importance of a holistic skincare routine. The host, Cieloscent Rosary believes that healthy aging requires a multifaceted approach, from the pillow a person sleeps on and the friends they keep to the actual products applied to the skin and the foods that nourish the body from the inside out. Listeners can expect to learn about everything from facial oils and the science behind soap, to boosting collagen and growing sumptuous lashes, naturally. 

The Host: Cieloscent is a holistic skincare educator, esthetician, writer, and content creator. She believes that skincare goes beyond the surface of the skin, and that an overall healthy lifestyle, mindset, and skincare routine all contribute to healthy aging. Her podcast is completely ad- and interruption-free, as she believes the show is truly a “labor of love” that she hopes will provide education and value to the beauty and wellness community. 

The Guests: Cieloscent regularly invites guests to share their skincare expertise and professional tips. Guests include fellow estheticians, salon and spa owners, makers of homemade skincare products, dermatologists, authors, and entrepreneurs. 

Why You Have To Listen: Listeners love Cieloscent’s soothing voice and her passion for educating, empowering, and connecting the beauty community through wellness. While many listeners are normal people wanting to improve their skincare routine, a large fan base comes from the professional world: estheticians, formulators, and other beauty providers all appreciate the “fountain of knowledge” that Cieloscent freely shares.  

Listen Here: Skincare Talk Radio

Must Listen Episodes:

A Brand New Skincare Study Series with Cieloscent-Facial Oils Workshop 1

Estheticians Talk Shop & Self-Care during COVID-19

Beauty Sleep-Healthy Aging

Rating: 18+

#2 – Beauty Brains

The Beauty Brains Podcast

The Beauty Brains podcast is a fascinating resource for anyone who wants to know more about the ingredients and chemicals in skincare products and the science behind how they work. The show is hosted by a group of cosmetic scientists dedicated to helping consumers by answering their questions on the show in a factual, scientific, unbiased manner so that they can make smart purchasing decisions. 

The Hosts: Perry Romanowski and Valerie George co-host the show. Romanowski’s background is in cosmetic science. He is a thought leader in the industry and well-respected by fellow cosmetic chemists for his expertise and forward-thinking methodology. George is also a cosmetic chemist and has made her mark as an advocate for transparency in the beauty industry, and as an educator and communicator.

The Guests: The podcast does not feature guests.  

Why You Have To Listen: The beauty of Beauty Brains is that real cosmetic chemists provide real answers to real questions from real people. Nearly every obscure beauty question indexed in Google is covered on the podcast. Ever wanted to know if Coca-Cola can give you a better suntan? There’s an episode for that. Wondering if more expensive shampoos work better? (A LOT of people wonder about this!) You can hear the answer in episode 99. Because the hosts are professional cosmetic scientists and former formulators at some of the biggest brands in the beauty industry, they have the inside scoop on these, and hundreds of other questions. 

Listen Here: Beauty Brains

Must Listen Episodes:

The clever lies that cosmetic companies tell 

Is Preparation H good for puffy eyes? 

Are beauty products from Amazon the real thing?

Rating: 18+

#3 – Fat Mascara

Fat Mascara Podcast

The award-winning Fat Mascara podcast brings obsessive fashionistas and makeup junkies the “big, juicy, world of beauty” straight from the mouths of beauty directors at some of the top magazines in the beauty industry. The show features leading influencers dishing on the latest trends, reviews of the hottest new skincare and makeup products, and answers bizarre beauty questions from listeners. 

The Hosts: Jessica Matlin and Jennifer Goldstein are co-hosts, friends, and beauty editors at Harper’s Bazaar and Marie Claire, respectively. Their obsession with skincare, fragrance, and all things beauty has made them walking, talking encyclopedias of knowledge that entertain, inform, and keep listeners coming back for more. 

The Guests: Matlin and Goldstein regularly feature guests, including beauty and fashion online influencers, makeup artists, hairstylists, colorists, perfumers, manicurists, dermatologists, fellow podcasters, and more.

Why You Have To Listen: Listeners love this award-winning show because the hosts keep things fun and entertaining while providing real, valuable information. The expert guests, authentic reviews, and the wide range of knowledge that the hosts share keep things interesting and engaging from start to finish. Listeners tune into Fat Mascara to find new beauty and skincare products they wouldn’t have heard of otherwise, while feeling like they’re chatting with their BFFs. 

Listen Here: Fat Mascara

Must Listen Episodes: 

Acids, Peels, And AHAs With Dr. Jeanine Downie

Ask a Facialist: Renée Rouleau

Derm Secrets for Strong Skin, with Dr. Erin Gilbert

Rating: 18+

#4 – Forever35

Forever35 Podcast

Forever35 is a binge-worthy podcast from two writers who happen to be friends and serum junkies. The duo tackles all things beauty, self-care, and wellness, and do it with humor and honesty that makes listeners feel like they’re chatting with good friends. Topics range from the importance of skincare routines and serum selection to finding joy, setting boundaries, and tackling to-do lists. 

The Hosts: Friends Doree Shafrir and Kate Spencer co-host the podcast. Both ladies are published authors and accomplished writers and hosts, with experience at VH-1, BuzzFeedRolling Stone, New York Times, and more. They don’t claim to be experts, but they do admit to loving skin serum! 

The Guests: Shafrir and Spencer regularly invite guests on the show, like authors Zan Romanoff and Jen Gotch, fellow podcasters, cosmetic chemists, mental health experts, life coaches, motivational speakers, comedians, sex therapists, and many others. 

Why You Have To Listen: Forever35 features a smart mix of informational discussions and raw, honest conversations between two friends that make them incredibly relatable to listeners. The hosts weave practical advice and product information in with emotional stories from listeners and laugh-out-loud peeing-in-the-shower discussions. Instead of a scripted show, listeners are drawn in and made to feel like they’re “eavesdropping on their wannabe BFFs.” 

Listen Here: Forever35

Must Listen Episodes:

Learn and Move On

Serums and Screw-ups

Skin in the Game with R.O. Kwon

Rating: 18+

#5 – Naked Beauty

Naked Beauty Podcast

The Naked Beauty podcast is different from other beauty and skincare shows. It goes beyond product reviews and recommendations, and instead, it invites listeners to consider beauty on a deeper level and recognize that their interpretation and self-presentation of beauty evolves with life’s season. The show covers a huge range of wellness, self-care, steps in skincare, and DIY and at-home self-care tips and recipes for hair and face masks, scrubs, and soothing bath soaks. 

The Host: Brooke DeVard is the host of Naked Beauty. Through her lifelong passion for fashion and beauty, she has learned to use the art of hair and makeup as a tool for self-expression (and self-appreciation). She loves luxe products, but also enjoys making her own DIY products and sharing the natural, cost-saving recipes with listeners. 

The Guests: DeVard invites a range of smart, funny, and inspirational guests to join her on Naked Beauty. From entrepreneurs and fellow podcasters, to authors, beauty editors, estheticians, makeup artists, stylists, and the K-Beauty queen, Charlotte Cho who brought the famous 10-step Korean beauty routine to America. 

Why You Have To Listen: The honest, real, and sometimes emotionally-charged conversations between the DeVard and guests take listeners on an engaging journey. Listeners feel if they’re talking to their best friend, dishing on beauty tips, routines, times they felt gorgeous and gross, and times where a new look was an epic failure. The topics and conversations are real, and listeners appreciate the refreshing take on traditional beauty podcasts. 

Listen Here: Naked Beauty

Must Listen Episodes:

A DIY Guide to Face Masks, Hair Treatments, and Body Soaks

The Queen of the 10-Step Korean Skincare Routine ft. Charlotte Cho

Easy & Effective Natural Beauty Hacks

Rating: 18+

#6 – The Wellness Mama

The Wellness Mama Podcast

The Wellness Mama podcast is a comprehensive collection of topics surrounding natural health and wellness. While it is not primarily focused on the importance of a skincare routine, the range of topics shows how stress, sleep, food, toxins, and other factors all contribute to overall health. The podcast supports the Wellness Mama blog, which has more than 1,500 posts about natural, healthy living, all written by the host and author, Katie Wells, and fact-checked by a medical advisory board and team of editors. 

The Host: A published author and mother of 6, Katie Wells is the founder of the Wellness Mama website. Her journey to find natural solutions to overcome her health conditions made her one of the top 100 most influential people in health and wellness. 

The Guests: Wells regularly invites some of the top thought leaders in the health and wellness industry to join her on the show. Guests include both Eastern and Western doctors, naturopathic physicians, estheticians, pediatricians, psychologists, dieticians, experts on inflammation, authors, fitness experts, podcasters, female entrepreneurs, cosmetic formulators, and so many more! 

Why You Have To Listen: The Wellness Mama podcast caters specifically to women and moms who want their families to live a more natural life. Listeners and readers will find practical advice and step-by-step guides, recipes for whole food meals, green cleaning techniques, and DIY recipes for natural, at-home skincare routines. Wells believes that removing toxins from the body and nourishing the skin from the outside is the key to healthy, glowing skin. 

Listen Here: The Wellness Mama

Must Listen Episodes:

Increasing Immunity Naturally & Skincare From the Inside Out With Four Sigmatic

Natural Ways to Improve Skin With Andy Hnilo of Alitura Naturals

How to Get Glowing Skin at Any Age

Rating: 18+

#7 – Breaking Beauty

Breaking Beauty Podcast

The Breaking Beauty podcast provides listeners with everything they need to know about beauty and skincare products. The show features in-depth product reviews, interesting history behind some of the most iconic brands in the beauty industry, and interviews with leading influencers who have been a part of the breakthrough moments in beauty history. Listeners can learn more about some of their favorite brands, get real-world tips for at-home skincare and beauty routines, and find out what products and tools are trending right now.

The Hosts: Beauty editors Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins co-host Breaking Beauty. The duo both have more than a decade of experience in the beauty, fashion, and pop culture scene, with work at Elle Canada, The Kit, and more. 

The Guests: Throughout their careers, Dunn and Higgins have interviewed countless celebrity stylists, designers, and artists, as well as product creators and company founders. Guests on the podcast include the founder of Bareminerals, Leslie Blodgett, celebrity colorist, Ryan Trygstad, makeup artist, Lucky Bromhead, celebrity facialist, Renée Rouleau, Dr. Pimple Popper, and many other pros in the industry. 

Why You Have To Listen: Fans of the show can’t get enough of Dunn and Higgins’ synergy and interview style. The guests are happy to share their experiences, insight, and actionable tips for beauty and skincare. Listeners learn something new from every episode, and unlike other shows where listeners feel the host is trying to sell products, the reviews on Breaking Beauty are always authentic, if not always glowing. 

Listen Here: Breaking Beauty

Must Listen Episodes:

How To Build Your Skincare Routine with Celeb Facialist Renée Rouleau

Are You Washing Your Face The Right Way?

Clear Skin Secrets With Dr. Pimple Popper (aka Dr. Sandra Lee)

Rating: 18+

#8 – Beauty Bytes: Secrets of a Plastic Surgeon

Beauty Bytes Podcast

The Beauty Bytes: Secrets of a Plastic Surgeon podcast is hosted by renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Kay Durairaj in Pasadena, California. Dr. Kay specializes in both surgical and non-surgical procedures, such as injectibles, to help patients achieve their most confident, beautiful selves. Listeners of the podcast will learn about trends in plastic surgery and fillers, as well as practical skincare routine advice, and overall health and wellness topics like self-care, diet, meditation, mental health, and other anti-aging pro tips.

The Host: Patients come from all over the country to see Dr. Kay in Los Angeles. She has gained a significant name in the industry, not only for her artistry in plastic surgery and fillers but for her natural approach to accentuating each patient’s best features. She teaches patients how to care for their skin and recommends the latest in trusted and proven-effective anti-aging technology. 

The Guests: Dr. Kay usually hosts the show solo, but she sometimes invites guests to add insight to a topic. Guests include fellow plastic surgeons and physicians, estheticians, models and actresses, life coaches, social media influencers, and even Dr. Doris Day, a world-renowned dermatologist.

Why You Have To Listen: Beauty Bytes: Secrets of a Plastic Surgeon is different because the information and advice are coming directly from a highly-credible doctor. As Dr. Kay is one of the leading authorities on cosmetic procedures, listeners can be assured that the information is both medically accurate and on-trend. Dr. Kay and guests freely share a wealth of valuable information on the show, and fans appreciate the candor and positive energy that keeps them engaged. The popular Five-Minute Friday segments are packed with practical anti-aging tips, including skincare routines and product recommendations.

Listen Here: Beauty Bytes: Secrets of a Plastic Surgeon 

Must Listen Episodes: 

Five Minute Friday: The Top Trends For Youthful Eyes!

Five Minute Friday: The Surprising Connection Between Your Skin & Emotions

Five Minute Friday: 5 Ways Exfoliation Will Change Your Life!

Rating: 18+

#9 – The K-Beauty Podcast

The K-Beauty Podcast

The K-Beauty Podcast is dedicated to all things Korean beauty. Renowned for their 10-step beauty routine, Korean women have long preferred luminous, “glass” skin over the foundations and powders popular in the US. Now, K-beauty is firmly cemented in the American beauty scene, and The K-Beauty Podcast brings listeners everything they need to know about the products and skincare routines of the Korean culture.

The Host: Simply known as Sugarpeaches, the host of The K-Beauty Podcast is a German lifestyle and beauty blogger with an obsession for Korean and Asian skincare routines and niche skincare products. In addition to introducing and reviewing indie and obscure brands from around the world, Sugarpeaches also talks about drugstore brands that make K-beauty more accessible to all.

The Guests: This podcast does not feature guests.

Why You Have To Listen: In addition to Sugarpeaches’ lovely German accent that’s easy on the ears, fans love how well-researched and informative every episode is. She breaks down Korean skincare routines into easy-to-understand bits and provides practical advice and product recommendations so that anyone can try it. In addition to talking about products, she focuses on explaining specific ingredients and why they work. This helps users who don’t have access to niche products find comparable products locally. 

Listen Here: The K-Beauty Podcast

Must Listen Episodes:

The Lowdown On Organic K-Beauty

10 Ways That K-Beauty Has Changed Me (And My Skin)

Demystifying the Korean 10-Step Skin Care Routine

Rating: 18+

#10 – Natch Beaut

Natch Beaut Podcast

The Natch Beaut podcast with comedian Jackie Johnson is a hilariously refreshing twist on beauty podcasts. Johnson and guests dish on all things beauty and wellness, from self-care and makeup trends to the mystery behind oil cleansing and finding the right bra, and that time #NeverNudeJackie begrudgingly went to an all-nude Korean spa (NSFW episode!). For listeners who like their beauty advice with a healthy dose of shenanigans and F-bombs, this podcast is a must-listen. 

The Host: Jackie Johnson is a comedian, actress, writer, podcaster, and self-proclaimed “beauty passionista.” She strips the snobbery and seriousness out of the beauty industry, talks feeling pretty and raw emotions, and empowers listeners to realize that self-care is a highly personal journey. 

The Guests: Johnson regularly invites high-energy guests to join the conversation. Past guests have included Jonathan Van Ness of Queer Eye, and Lauren Lapkus of Orange Is the New Black, fellow podcasters Victoria Fu and Gloria Lu of Chemist Confessions, as well as comedians, actors, film directors, makeup artists, facialists, and more. 

Why You Have To Listen: Fans love Natch Beaut and Johnson for her authentic (and often raunchy!) personality, brutally honest experiences with popular beauty routines and trends, and her inspiring, empowering, and downright unapologetic delivery. Even fans who don’t listen to other beauty podcasts find Natch Beaut highly entertaining and addictive. 

Listen Here: Natch Beaut

Must Listen Episodes:

Naked at The Korean Spa with Lauren Adams

Sheet masks & Serums with Monica Padman

Oil Cleansing & the Constitution with Ben Sheehan

Rating: 18+ (Explicit)

If you’re looking to put your best face forward, be sure to check out a few of these must-listen episodes from the top 10 podcasts about the importance of a skincare routine, reviewed by Vurbl! 

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