The 7 Best Podcasts For Working Out

Best Podcasts for Working Out

If you’re finding it difficult to stay motivated in your exercise routine, podcasts might be the cure for you. The best podcast for working out will draw you into what you’re doing, and keep your brain engaged while you go. Motivational podcasts for the gym can be a great way to draw you into your workout routine even when outside factors might make that difficult.

The best podcasts for the gym are inspirational and intense. You should be taking in information while you work out your body, because that works out your brain, as well. These are some of the best podcasts out there for staying in shape, maintaining motivation, and discipline.

#1 Brute Strength

Brute Strength

Brute Strength is a deep dive into the way that we work, and how we can improve ourselves with a deeper understanding. While not strictly focused on fitness, fitness is a constant thread running through this podcast. There’s a lot to be learned here, and it’s all information that makes it easier to keep going.

The Hosts: Michael Cazayoux is a back-to-back CrossFit World Champion and life coach. Having struggled with opiate addiction as a teenager, Michael has had a very intense personal journey. Through hard work and understanding, Michael created a new life for himself. Now, he has a clear passion for helping other people do the same.

The Guests: Brute Strength invites on authoritative guests from all over the globe. From doctors to gym owners, anyone with a voice joins the show. Michael interviews them informally, usually with an overarching topic in mind.

Why You Have to Listen: If you find yourself in an exploration phase, Brute Strength will help you to find your direction. One of the most motivational podcasts for the gym, Brute Strength bounces around self-improvement topics in a way that makes it an easy listen. The podcast doesn’t make you feel like you have to do anything but shows you what possibilities exist.

Listen to: Brute Strength

Must-Listen Episodes:

Mental Skills Training ft. Michael Gervais

Muscle-Centric Medicine ft. Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

How To “Do” Personal Development ft. Sean Pastuch

Rating: All Ages

#1 Brute Strength

Work against gravity

Also hosted by Michael Cazayoux, The WAG Podcast is a step above Brute Strength. Michael is joined by his wife Adee, who is another accomplished CrossFit trainer. Working together, they create a more actionable, usable, and one of the best podcasts for working out.

The Hosts: Michael and Adee are a loving and incredibly fit couple, who are open about both their relationship and personal journeys. Vulnerable and dedicated, they are happy to share that with the world. The two come together on this podcast with great chemistry that requires no guests.

The Guests: None. Michael and Adee open each podcast having a small discussion of a topic, before moving on to actionable items that you can follow. The podcast is meant to be a direct guide for your personal journey, and your fitness journey.

Why You Have to Listen: Motivational podcasts for the gym are hard to find, but now that you’ve heard about this one, you have no excuse. This podcast will motivate you to work out and to get your life together, and give you items for getting it done. If you need a little help with your goals, this is the most important podcast you’ll ever listen to.

Listen to: The WAG Podcast

Must-Listen Episodes:

How to Genuinely Love Yourself

The Case for Therapy

How to Get Into a Flow State

Rating: All Ages

#3 Inner Monkey

Inner Monkey

Explaining how Inner Monkey is one of the best podcasts for the gym is going to take some work, but bear with me. This quirky, short podcast has garnered fanfare for a reason. Inner Monkey channels Curious George’s energy into daily life topics, making it easier to understand what makes us tick.

The Hosts: Daniel Lam is from Sacramento, CA but now lives in Seattle, reportedly because he loves rain and coffee. That love isn’t surprising, given his mellow but focused energy on Inner Monkey. Having bounced around several jobs, Daniel now finds himself podcasting because of an idea that might seem silly.

The Guests: None. Inner Monkey is an idea as much as anything else. It’s how Daniel thinks of the parts of his brain that he has to fight against. Each episode is a behavioral analysis of that monkey, taking only about 10 minutes.

Why You Have to Listen: If you find yourself thinking you’re silly sometimes, then you’ll relate to Inner Monkey. What makes it one of the best podcasts for the gym is it’s short and inspirational style. Try putting it on while you warm up, and you’ll find yourself ready to get into your work out in no time.

Listen to: Inner Monkey

Must-Listen Episodes:

Life Isn’t a Competition

Bite Sized Goals Promote Success

Stop Fighting Yourself

Rating: Kids

#4 DarrenDaily On Demand

Darren Daily on Demand

Darren Hardy doesn’t do drugs to my knowledge, but he brings coked-up energy to his podcast, DarrenDaily On Demand. Fast-paced and intense, it’s hard to miss Darren’s message. This ranks as one of our most motivational podcasts for the gym because Darren is a natural leader, and it’s hard to not want to follow.

The Hosts: Darren Hardy has defined himself by this: “My dad would say, ‘Be the exception.'” Fighting constantly to be exceptional, Darren’s energy has made it easy to make a name for himself. Darren started his own business at 18, was making six figures at 19, and seven less than five years later.

The Guests: DarrenDaily is another short and sweet podcast, rarely going beyond five minutes. The format is simple: Darren is introduced, yells a topic at you, and monologues about it for five minutes. It’s a rambunctious rant from an inspirational man. No guests in the picture.

Why You Have to Listen: If you need a daily perk up, Darren will do you better than coffee. His high energy and knowledge surrounding self-improvement make this one of the best podcasts for working out. You may not find his philosophy agreeable always, but it’s worth listening to find out.

Listen to: DarrenDaily On Demand

Must-Listen Episodes:

Why You Are Not More Successful

How to Build Momentum and Create Breakthroughs

One Behavior That Will Change Your Life

Rating: All Ages

#5 The Brendon Show

The Brendon Show

The Brendon Show is one of the best podcasts for fitness even though it doesn’t focus on it. Brendon Burchard is a well-loved success coach and is fantastic at what he does. You might not find a workout routine here, but you’ll find something that makes the workout feel more worth it. The Brendon Show is a pastoral testament to self-improvement, and it’s easy to walk away feeling inspired.

The Hosts: Brendon Burchard is one of the top motivation and marketing trainers in the world, according to Larry King. Ranked on many lists of the most influential public figures, Brendon knows what he’s talking about. A man of faith and positivity, Brendon makes it easier to smile as you go through the day. His focus on work also makes it easier to sink your teeth into whatever you need to.

The Guests: Having no actual guests, Brendon records his podcast in front of an audience, although it doesn’t always sound that way. Strong reverb on his voice gives the feel of a public speech, placing you as an audience member as if you were at a conference. Brendon delivers a speech of varying length, urging you to better yourself.

Why You Have to Listen: If you’re struggling with motivation, this is going to be the best podcast for working out for you. Brendon helps you find ways to find motivation in your own life, and develop gratitude for the things in your life. Positivity is one of the most important benefits of working out, and Brendon makes that come much easier.

Listen to: The Brendon Show

Must-Listen Episodes:

Striving in Chaos: Ep1: Mindset & Daily Routines

Day 1: Wellness During Crisis – Free Wellness Masterclass

The Power of Connection

Rating: All Ages

#6 The Dean Graziosi Show

Dean Graziozi Show

Again, The Dean Graziosi Show isn’t about fitness – but it is one of the best podcasts for fitness. Dean Graziosi loves to talk about money, and I don’t think he’s alone in that. Money is a motivator for many of us, so it’s easy to get excited listening to this podcast. If you want to get your wallet and your muscles looking better, this is a podcast you should turn to.

The Hosts: Dean Graziosi is a serial author, most notably of Millionaire Success Habits which used to share a name with the podcast. Dean studies millionaires and what makes them millionaires, and how they function differently from other people. A strong supporter of breaking the mold and doing whatever needs to be done to be the best version of himself, Dean is an inspirational figure. Many people compare him to Tony Robbins, including Tony Robbins.

The Guests: Dean features guests who made money regardless of how they made it. He brings on these guests to break down how they got to where they are, and examine how they break from the pack. Guests are largely digital entrepreneurs and other inspirational figures, who can also offer some motivation.

Why You Have to Listen: If you love money, you aren’t alone. Improving your life means improving your work, too, and Dean Graziosi knows it. If you’re looking for the best gym podcast to put you in a positive, get-stuff-done mindset, this podcast might just be the one for you. This podcast will inspire you to break from the pack and create a better life for yourself.

Listen to: The Dean Graziosi Show

Must-Listen Episodes:

How To Make Work-Life Balance Work

12 Things Millionaires Don’t Want You To Know

3 Ways To Crush Your Fear And Anxiety

Rating: Teen+

#7 Mindset Mentor

Mindset Mentor is one of the most “no-nonsense” motivational podcasts there is. It easily makes the list of best podcasts for working out because it has the same vibe as a great personal trainer. Intense, motivational, but not letting you off the hook. If you need a podcast to help keep you accountable, look no further than this one.

The Hosts: Rob Dial, Jr. mans the microphone for this podcast, bringing a welcome voice and intense passion for what he does. Rob began his career in sales, where he struggled at the start. Coming from an addiction-riddled family, Rob has always struggled emotionally. Sales helped him to overcome that, though, and he’s found a new purpose in doing the same for others.

The Guests: Like many other podcasts on this list, Mindset Mentor is a one-person podcast with no guests. Rob talks directly to you throughout the short duration of the podcast, offering advice and guiding you through what he’s saying. Rob is unique in his conversational tone, never making it feel like he’s speaking at you. Instead, Mindset Mentor feels like a true mentor-mentee relationship between Rob and the listener.

Why You Have to Listen: If you’re struggling to get your life together, Rob will help you in the most valuable way possible. Getting your mindset right will help you with everything else. This is one of our favorite podcasts for working out because it bottles that feeling of having just completed a tough work out or of having just decided to get your life together. The best way to get your mindset where you need it to be is to listen to your Mindset Mentor.

Listen to: Mindset Mentor

Must-Listen Episodes:

Are You in Control of Your Life?

The Game You’re Stuck In

3 Keys to THRIVE in Chaos

Rating: Teen+


The best podcasts for working out usually have nothing to do with working out at all. Once you’ve got your routine set up, there really isn’t much more of a need for fitness content – and mid-workout isn’t the best time to learn something new anyway. Instead, the best podcasts for the gym are podcasts that allow you to take the drive you have in the gym and apply it elsewhere. Or help drum up that drive in the first place.

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