Best Podcasts on Mindfulness Meditation

Meditation may be considered one of the best ways to improve your mental state. It’s said it helps both mind and body heal, and since it’s such a popular topic, there are dozens of resources out there about how to meditate. Books, articles, tutorials, and, of course, podcasts are readily available. Have you ever searched for a mindfulness meditation podcast? Here we will be covering many podcasts that will help you meditate and reach new levels of mindfulness, beneficial for both mind and body.

What kind of podcast should you be looking for? It depends on what exactly you want to do. For example, you may want someone to guide you through a chaotic time of life. Or perhaps you want a recording that will help you relax and meditate before you fall asleep. You may even be interested in listening about the science behind meditation. What would you like to listen to? Think about it and reach an answer!

In this list, we have compiled podcasts about mindfulness and meditation. Each one of these short and concise reviews will tell you exactly what the podcast is about, so you can tailor your listening experience according to your needs. Let’s pick some of these podcasts, find a silent place to sit in, and let your worries slide off you for a while.

#1: The Daily Still Podcast

Not surprisingly, religion is a source of calm and comfort for many people. Most religions are based on principles that bring peace to their believers, making them potentially useful for relaxation and meditation. The Daily Still Podcast focuses on using Christian teachings to achieve meditation, encouraging the listener to use prayers and meditation not only as a way to calm mind and body, but also to be closer to God. If you’re a religious person or you seek the comfort of a higher being while you’re meditating, this podcast may be perfect for you.

The Host:  Cindy L. Helton is a spiritual guide, using her podcast to bring people closer to the presence of God! Her voice is monotone without being boring. You can relax and focus on your meditation. Cindy Helton creates a soothing atmosphere, perfect for achieving a relaxed state that will make you feel rejuvenated.

The Guests: There are no guests in this podcast — or perhaps in a way, God is the guest. 

Why Listen to this Podcast: Cindy L. Helton is a rather spiritual person. She believes every word she says, and her faith makes her words ring in a truly special manner. With her guidance, you can meditate to your heart’s content! The podcast is designed to be as soothing as possible, with a quiet atmosphere that will make it easy to focus on your meditation.

Her 40 Days of Stillness series is noteworthy, as it gives you an overarching series of episodes that culminates in an encouraging note. If you have religious inclinations, this may be the right podcast for you.

Listen to the Podcast

Must Listen Episodes:

Day 1 – Introduction to Christian Meditation (40 Days of Stillness)

Seeing 20/20 (Seeing 20/20 – A Spiritual Journey)

Breath of The Almighty (Seeing 20/20 – A Spiritual Journey)

Rating: Teen+

#2The Mindful Minute

The Mindful Minute is a rather useful podcast, perfect for those who want to listen to a guided meditation. Don’t worry, each episode lasts far longer than a minute – and that’s good! The full-length episodes are posted on Thursdays, but sometimes new episodes are recorded and released at other times when we need some calm in our lives. This proves the hostess, Meryl Arnett, is very interested in her mission: help people find a moment of relaxation and mindfulness in their daily life, to have a moment where they can unwind.

The Host: The hostess’s name is Meryl Arnett. Her website says it all: “Mama. Meditator. Yogini. Teacher. My passion is introducing mindfulness in ways that are accessible to all of us”. The podcast proves this is true! Meryl Arnett’s passion shines in every word she says, in every episode of her podcast. Only a true expert can pour so much love and care into making the podcast such a pleasant and relaxing experience.

The Guests: No guests! Meryl Arnett’s expert guidance is the only component in this podcast.

Why Listen to This Podcast: This is a rather effective podcast thanks to Meryl’s way of directing the meditation session. Her way of talking is soothing yet casual. You will be able to relax by listening to her! There will be moments of silence for you to focus, and when Meryl speaks, it’s always encouraging you to be introspective and relax. Every single episode is very welcoming – and they end quietly and smoothly, without any sudden interruptions that could interrupt your meditation.

What’s great about her way of guiding is that she does it in a way both beginners and experts can follow along. Beginners will find a helping hand that will aid them in finding the right rhythm and mindset for mindfulness, while more experienced listeners will find an expert who will be great company during their meditation session. You will find something good in this podcast, no matter your level of experience.

Listen to the Podcast

Must Listen Episodes: 

Mini Meditation: Cultivating Awe

Mini Meditation: Sit Down & Stay Awhile

Meditation for Anxiety (Part 1 of 3)

Rating: All Ages

#3: Sleep Meditations for Relaxation and Lucid Dreaming

This one isn’t only about meditation, it also is for relaxing and reaching the right state for sleeping. Knowing how to relax and enter a state of peace is important during meditation. That’s why we added this podcast to the list! Sleep Meditations for Relaxation and Lucid Dreaming is also excellent for getting the most out of your night of sleep, it will help you wake up feeling at ease.

The Host: Stephen Davies is the host and creator of this podcast. He guides the listener slowly, his voice is perfect for the podcast! You will find yourself lulled into relaxation or sleep not only by his instructions but also by his diction and his ability to soothe and induce relaxation.

Guests: No guests in this podcast! Stephen Davies will be the one to guide you from beginning to end.

Why Listen to This Podcast: There are only six episodes, so if you seek a short meditation podcast, this one may be the right one for you. Every episode is crafted in a way that induces relaxation – in some of them, the use of ambient noise from nature and Stephen’s voice create the right atmosphere for mindfulness.

You will be instructed on how to breathe, as well as how to relax correctly. If you’d like to give lucid dreaming a try, you also will learn about too! According to some of the reviews available, this podcast is rather effective, and you will find yourself sleeping soundly before the episode ends. Even the way the episode ends is good for sleeping: it fades slowly and quietly. You’re likely to find yourself at ease with this podcast.

Link to the Podcast

Must Listen Episodes:

3 stages of breath and body awareness

Storing awareness and subtle energy

How to fall asleep without even trying

Rating: All Ages

#4 Ten Percent Happier Podcast

The rather popular podcast by Dan Harris is a testimony of the effectiveness of meditation and mindfulness. He not only touches this topic during his podcast, but he also talks about many topics related to mental health. You may be wondering what Ten Percent Happier brings to the table. Allow us to give you all the details!

The Host: Dan Harris is an experienced anchor, and he makes use of his experiences by talking to the audience about his past, his anxiety, and everything he went through. He regales everyone with stories about how he used meditation and mindfulness to improve his life. His way of talking and the way he interacts with his guests are influenced by his many years of work experience. You can count on him to talk in a manner that will enhance the content of his podcast.

Guests: Unlike all the podcasts so far, Ten Percent Happier has many guests! Many of his guests are meditation experts – for example, in the most recent podcast (at the time of writing this article), Joanna Hardy, a meditation teacher with an interest in Buddhist ethics, and Greg Epstein, humanist chaplain, discussed how to handle the vexing events currently happening all over the world. 

Most of the guests are meditation teachers and experts in mindfulness, with long track records and many specializations. You’re guaranteed to always get the most out of every episode, thanks to the guests!

Why Listen to This Podcast: Thanks to the high quality of the guests, and Dan Harris’ excellent skills for directing the podcast, this is one of the most known mindfulness podcasts currently available. It’s a must-have for anyone interested in meditation – you cannot go wrong with Ten Percent Happier!

That said, it has been a while since the last time a guided meditation session was broadcasted. 

Each episode has more than one hour of good content! It may sound a little daunting, but thanks to Dan Harris’ earnest demeanor and willingness to talk about how he feels, it feels like you’re talking with a friend. The hour will pass quicker than you think!

Listen to the Podcast

Must Listen Episodes:

#219: Making and Breaking Habits, Sanely

 #229: Buddhism Without Beliefs

#233: Sharon Salzberg Makes Me Feel Better

Rating: Teen+

#5 Deep Energy and Dark Ambient Podcast

Just like podcast #3, this one isn’t guided meditation, but it covers a different niche. The Deep Energy and Dark Ambient Podcast will provide good background music for your meditation session – a great addition to enhance your mindfulness.

The Host: The host’s name is Jim Butler. Since this is a podcast focused on the music and ambient sounds instead of guided meditation or talking with guests, Jim Butler doesn’t feature much in this podcast.

The Guests: There are no guests in this podcast – it’s all music!

Why Listen to This Podcast: When you’re relaxing or trying to meditate, having some background music can be helpful. That’s what this podcast is for – it will provide music that will make it easier to focus and relax. There are no lyrics, and the music flows smoothly, without any sudden bursts of sound. Every track – one per episode – is like that, composed competently and brought to you with care!

Of course, using headphones is recommended for this kind of podcast. With them, it feels like the music surrounds you – great for meditation.

Listen to the Podcast

Must Listen Episodes

Deep Energy 67 – Celestial Circles

Deep Energy Podcast 72 – The Pond

Deep Energy 49 – Sounds of the Early Morning

Rating: All Ages

#6 Meditation for Fitness Peeps

In these busy days, finding time just for meditation and mindfulness may be difficult. In that case, how you spend fifteen minutes meditating? Or less than fifteen minutes? That’s what Meditation for Fitness Peeps is here for. Short sessions, maximum enjoyment!

The Host: Phil Stolaronek is the man behind the podcast. Phil was inspired by people he knew who wanted to get into meditation and were at a loss of how to achieve it. In creating this podcast to help them, Meditation for Fitness Peeps was born. His goal: “to bridge the gap between health and fitness and meditations”. In every episode, Phil will guide you gently yet firmly. His voice is perfect for a podcast about mindfulness!

The Guests: Given each episode’s short length and the podcast’s central mission, there are no guests.

Why Listen to This Podcast: The great thing about Meditation for Fitness Peeps is that you can incorporate it into your daily life. The short episodes are perfect for anyone with a busy schedule! With Phil’s guidance, you will be able to relax, listen to mantras, and learn something in every episode.

Those who are goal-oriented will be satisfied Phil sometimes outlines the objective of the episode, and although at times his way of speaking is fast-paced and may require some attention to catch every word, once the meditation starts it’s easy to just focus and enjoy the session. Sometimes you will even hear soft background noises for ambiance. 

Phil is invested in his goal of helping bridge fitness and mindfulness! You’re in good hands!

Listen to this Podcast

Must Listen Episodes: 

Meditation #38 – With Inspiration from Beachbody founder, Carl Daikeler

Meditation #58 – Inspiration from Tim Ferriss

Meditation #102 – With Inspiration from Mycologist, Paul Stamets

Rating: All Ages

#7 Mindfulness Meditation Podcast

Coming to you from the Rubin Museum of Art, the Mindfulness Meditation Podcast has become widely known thanks to its high quality. A lot of people who practice mindfulness know about this podcast! The first episode was uploaded on January 13th of 2020. That means in just a couple months it has gained quite an impressive amount of downloads and subscribers!

The Host: The hostess’s name is unknown. Most of the podcast is conducted by the guests, while the hostess speaks during the first quarter of the episode.

The Guests: All the guests so far have been meditation teachers from the New York Area, experts at conducting guided meditation, skillful in helping their audience reach inner peace. You’ll notice all the guests are at ease with the audience, eager to help the listener relax and meditate. Thanks to these guests, this podcast reached a high level of quality all meditation podcasts should aspire to.

Why Listen to the Podcast: This podcast has a rather interesting theme: in every episode, the guest introduces a piece of artwork currently in the Rubin Museum of Art and bases the session on that artwork. This gives each episode a fresh, interesting perspective, one that cannot be found in any other podcast. Not only you will relax and take a step towards mindfulness, but you also will learn about art and enrich your soul!

The podcast is recorded in front of a live studio audience; audience you will hear clapping and enjoying the show. The guests are experts, they’re excellent at interacting with the audience. You can imagine yourself sitting in that room, listening to every word! We wholeheartedly recommend the Mindfulness Meditation Podcast! It’s a wonderful experience!

Listen to this Podcast

Must Listen Episodes:

Mindfulness Meditation with Rebecca Li

Mindfulness Meditation with Sharon Salzberg

Mindfulness Meditation with Tracy Cochran

Rating: Teen+

#8 Audio Dharma

As we mentioned earlier, religions can be a good source of mindfulness. Audio Dharma, a podcast revolving around Buddha’s teachings, is perfect for learning and getting closer to the inner peace you seek.

The Host: Most of the episodes feature Gil Fronsdal, co-teacher from the Insight Meditation Center in Redwood City. He has thirty years of experience and many qualifications that make him an excellent host for this podcast.

The Guests: From time to time there are guests in this podcast, guests who share a deep interest in Buddhism and know how to explain such concepts and teachings to the general public. You will understand the core concepts of the teachings, as well as how to incorporate them into your life.

Why Listen to This Podcast: Buddhism is often associated with mindfulness, thanks to the teachings that are at its core. With the right guidance and information, you can understand these teachings too – and Audio Dharma is perfect for learning. Gil Fronsdal, Andrea Fella, and all the guest speakers are willing and eager to help you understand these teachings.

The episodes vary in length – the shortest episode is 14 minutes long, while the longest is 52 minutes long. The speakers will explore every topic in detail to make it easy to understand. That’s the strong point of this podcast, which makes it stand out among the rest.

Listen to this Podcast

Must Listen Episodes:

Dharma in Times of Challenges 

Happy Hour: Breathing Interconnection in Challenging Times

Guided Meditation: Mindful of What is Obvious

Rating: All Ages

#9. Mindful Living Spiritual Awakening

The Mindful Living Spiritual Awakening was created by a former workaholic who found the way of mindfulness and improved her life. Now she seeks to help you achieve it too – that’s what this podcast is for! It’s just like the podcast’s website states: “Learn practical ways to design your own mindfulness/meditation practice; how to explore and enhance your intuitive talents; learn helpful life skills, and develop a broader understanding of the evolutionary changes going on around us which may be driving your spiritual awakening experiences.”

The Host: The hostess’ name is Marijo Puleo, Ph.D. As we mentioned in the introductory paragraph, she used to hold her job as the core of her life. That’s a situation a lot of people undergo at some point in their lives, so now Marijo Puleo seeks to help overcome the imbalance of such times and imbue your life with some spirituality. You can be certain that, since she went through such a mindset and experience, she knows how to guide and help.

The Guests: There aren’t any guests in this podcast. Everything you will listen to is by Marijo Puleo.

Why Listen to This Podcast: Something that always adds quality and that je ne sais quoi is when the host or hostess truly cares about what he or she is talking about. She conveys that she truly wants to help you; that’s what this podcast is for!

That’s why she mentions all kinds of resources that will be of help. Listening to this podcast you can find out about many resources that will enhance your quest for mindfulness and make interesting discoveries to enrich your life!

Listen to the Podcast

Must Listen Episodes: 

Consciousness and Quantum Physics

Deeply Connect to Your Soul

5 Tips to Hone Your Intuition

Rating: All Ages

#10 Sleep and Relax ASMR

Are you familiar with the term ASMR? It’s meaning is “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response”, a sensation in your body usually caused by sounds. Lately ASMR content has turned very popular, and among the many videos, channels, and podcasts that make use of them, this podcast stands out among the rest. The Sleep and Relax ASMR podcast is for sleeping, relaxation, and meditation!

The Host: The host is unknown. The host is excellent at guiding you and creating a soothing atmosphere, he has a very deep and calming voice that’s perfect for meditation.

The Guests: No guests in this podcast! Given the nature of these recordings, that’s normal.

Why Listen to This Podcast: Something great about this podcast is that it’s excellent for bedtime and meditation. Most of the episodes are about ASMR, about enjoying the sounds in the recording, but some episodes feature guided meditation. Listen to them, you will enjoy this podcast!

As a fair warning, this podcast has several sponsors, their ads are usually right at the start of the episode. The host is rather straightforward about this and speaks well about the products and sponsorships. This doesn’t detract from the experience; you don’t have to worry about extensive talks about these products.

Listen to the Podcast

Must Listen Episodes:

Rio Street Pub

Bubble Wrap Popping

In the Year 2000

Rating: All Ages

#11 Guided Meditations

This is a short-lived podcast, with only two episodes. Despite the small number of episodes, they’re rather noteworthy thanks to their quality! Here’s some information about Guided Meditations and what it has to offer.

The Host: The hostess is unknown; there’s no introduction with information about the hostess, nor does the podcast information gives any particular information about who is conducting the session. That said, she is rather good at conducting the meditation session, instructing you how to meditate effectively, guiding you at all times.

The Guests: Perhaps there aren’t any guests per se, but it’s worth noting one of the two episodes available is based on the work of a meditation expert called Wendy Stokes. While she’s not present in the podcast, her teachings certainly are.

Why Listen to This Podcast: Some may consider the low number of episodes a boon. This podcast’s style is interesting – it gives you enough information and instructions to meditate properly, but for the most par, you’re expected to be able to focus by yourself. That doesn’t mean you’re on your own, though!

Regardless, this is a good podcast for mindfulness. Once the session is over, you will feel renewed and ready to tackle your daily life. That’s proof of the effectiveness of this podcast!

Listen to the Podcast

Must Listen Episodes:

Relaxation induction

“The Shield” by Wendy Stokes

Rating: All Ages

#12 The Meditation for Health Podcast

Now, this is a rather serious podcast. The Meditation for Health Podcast delves into the nitty-gritty of the science behind meditation and uses that knowledge to achieve mindfulness. Some would even say this is a hidden gem! All the episodes are short, perfect for anyone with a busy schedule.

The Host: The host is Dr. Robert Puff, Ph.D. He’s an expert on the topic of meditation and mindfulness, just like his website states: “Meditation expert, clinical psychologist, international speaker, and TV show host”. All these qualifications allow him to have a podcast of the utmost quality, perfect for those who seek to meditate effectively!

The Guests: There aren’t any guests in this podcast! Dr. Puff handles everything.

Why Listen to This Podcast: Every episode starts the meditation session right away, so make sure you’re already comfortable before you start. You will be guided through every part of the session, and the host’s voice is perfect to accompany you in your quest for inner peace. Mindfulness is closer than you think!

What’s noteworthy is the way Dr. Puff encourages you to picture imagery in your mind. He has a way to describe it vividly, making it easier for the listener to work with it. Additional to the imagery he also uses positive emotions, enhancing the experience.

Listen to the Podcast

Must Listen Episodes: 

#6 (a) Guided Meditation for Sleeping Soundly

#105 (a) Meditation – How to create self-care  

#105 (b) Meditation – Guided Meditation for Self-Care 

Rating: All Ages

#13 Guided Sleep Meditations

A good night of sleep is very important for a healthy life, as the creator of Guided Sleep Meditations knows that rather well. That’s what this podcast is for: it will help you relax and fall asleep. Put your headphones on, get comfortable, and let sleep come to you!

The Host: The host’s name is unknown, but he’s very good at inducing sleep. His voice is relaxing, calming, perfect for listening before bed. The host is one of the reasons why this is a good podcast – the right voice guiding you through meditation enhances the session and helps you reach mindfulness.

The Guests: There are no guests in this podcast, the host handles everything.

Why Listen to This Podcast: The goal of this podcast is to help you sleep soundly, so you wake up in the morning feeling rested. Every part of each episode is crafted so this objective is fulfilled – from start to end. The episode carefully uses the volume of the words and the background music to lull you into sleep, starting at a normal sound level and slowly turning quieter, until the episode ends with silence.

The word choice is also proof the host has created a podcast meant to help you relax and sleep well. Many of the phrases and words are about relaxation, about how the listener should be feeling, about peaceful sensations. With such a script, it’s difficult not to feel relaxed!

Listen to the Podcast

Must Listen Episodes: 

Comfort & Relaxation Sleep Meditation

Island Paradise Sleep Meditation (Free Edition) 

Positive Affirmations 3 Sleep Meditation

Rating: All Ages

#14 The OneMind Meditation Podcast with Morgan Dix

“Morgan Dix: Yogi, Meditation Coach, Author.” That’s the tagline for the author of this podcast! It promises quite a lot, and the OneMind Meditation Podcast fulfills it all. This is one of the most widely known meditation and mindfulness podcasts available, and this reputation is very well deserved!

The Host: Morgan Dix has a lot of qualifications, plus a way of speaking that is slow and clear, making it easy to understand what he’s talking about. Mr. Dix’s professionalism is noticeable in every word he says! Sit back, relax, and get ready to learn a thing or two, you’ll be closer to the relaxation you need.

The Guests: There often are guests coming to share their knowledge! Just from the recent episodes, there have been doctors, fellow meditation experts, and people with all the knowledge you can want. Morgan Dix interacts rather well with the guests, creating a friendly atmosphere that will make each episode a new, fresh experience!

Why Listen to This Podcast: One of the main reasons why this is a rather well-known podcast is because both the host and the guests are quite knowledgeable about meditation and mindfulness. You will learn tips and listen to stories about this excellent habit!

Besides, Mr. Dix’s way of talking is rather soothing. He focuses a lot on positive sensations, creating a climate of emotional wellness. This, coupled with meditation, will have a positive effect on you and your mental state. Mindfulness will be within your reach!

Listen to the Podcast

Must Listen Episodes:

OM 008: How To Turn Meditation Into A Keystone Habit

OM056: Guided Meditation For Stress Relief

OM079: Sandra Bershad on Psychic Powers and Daily Meditation 

Rating: All Ages

#15: Mindful Fit Chick

The Mindful Fit Chick is another podcast that was short-lived but has excellent content, pre-workout meditations that will encourage you to be ready to exercise. As you may have imagined already, this was made for fitness, but of course, that doesn’t mean it’s exclusively for those who are fit and like to exercise! This is another diamond in the rough; every episode is gold.

The Host: The hostess’s name is Amanda Louise. She knows about the importance of the mind in fitness, which is why she started making these pre-workout meditation sessions. During each episode, she stresses the importance of having the right attitude, and you can tell she believes in every word she says. That’s the mark of a good podcast!

The Guests: There are no guests in this podcast!

Why Listen to This Podcast: Every episode is short and sweet, with a different topic each time. You will find meditations for when you don’t feel motivated, for Mondays, for stressful days, and many other situations you undoubtedly have experienced before. These episodes may be the push you need to have a positive attitude!

Additionally, her language is rather positive. Every word is encouraging, you will feel like you can do anything. Mindfulness can be achieved in a short time frame – the episodes are short and meant to be done before workouts, after all! 

Listen to the Podcast

Must Listen Episodes:

1: Intro to The Mindful Fit Chick Meditation Podcast

2: For a Stressful Day

6: For Dealing with Limiting Beliefs

Rating: All Ages

As you can see, there are many podcasts about guided meditation and mindfulness. There are many podcasts we didn’t cover, which also have a lot to offer. Reaching a positive mental state is very important, and with these podcasts, you’re likely to reach it sooner rather than later.

Good luck with your meditation! 

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