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Boston: News from the Hub

What’s going on in Boston today? Because Boston is a city comprised of 23 neighborhoods, news about it doesn’t just come from the business and government center downtown but from the North, South, and West Ends, Charleston, Back Bay, Roxbury, Dorchester, Beacon Hill, and more.

Podcasts That Cover the Boston News

In Boston, current affairs and politics are well covered by WBUR, an NPR news station. News is available live or in podcast form, whether you want to keep up on recent developments or hear analysis on weightier topics.

Some of WBURs diverse offering include:

Morning Edition, billed as “stories and commentaries that inform, challenge, and occasionally amuse.” presents the daily news. Current topics include protests and police brutality, COVID openings of the state, retail stores, schools, and restaurants, long-tern changes from COVID, and more. Here and Now offers the news at midday in the same format. The WBUR News Podcast, much like Morning Edition and Here and Now, repackages the news for any time listening,

Radio Boston is a podcast that covers news topics from around the area in more depth. Going beyond the facts presented in Morning Edition and the other news podcasts, Radio Boston asks the deeper questions about defunding the police or about a national reckoning after losing 100,000 people after Covid-19, or the impact of police brutality on the law. While the examples are from happenings in Boston. Any listener could acquire useful approaches for thinking about big questions.

Aside from the news programs about, WBUR offers specialized podcasts about special interests users might have:

More News From Boston

Boston news is also given a fresh twist by WGBH Boston Public Radio which has a series of exciting podcasts that provide news, analysis, and entertainment for all. Early Edition with Joe Mathieu offers the basic news, but a group of specialized podcasts offers a different take:

O’Pod, hosted by Boston City Councilor Matt O’Malley, is a podcast devoted to everything about Boston, especially politics, government, and even pop culture. Guests who illuminate the issues include fellow elected officials, city workers, notable people, his staff, family, and friends

To find out what’s going on in Boston, tune in to these great podcasts. Watch for upcoming playlists on what makes Boston special.

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