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Boston Redsocks Podcasts

Known for its fanatical sports fans, Boston provides a home for major baseball, football, basketball, hockey, and rugby teams, as well as for tennis, lacrosse for men and women, women’s soccer, frisbee, and roller derby. The city hosts the Boston Marathon and is the start and finish for the Boston-Montreal-Coston cycling event. Numerous high school and college, plus amateur teams, feed the city’s insatiable love of sports. The wins, losses, team makeup, coaches, and other facts are discussed, documented, and arm-chair-quarterbacked by over 450 podcasts.

Since 2000, the professional sports teams in Boston have won 12 championships, including six Superbowl victories by the Patriots, four by the Red Sox (after breaking the “curse of the bambino,” an 86-year drought in winning the World Series, and one each by the Celtics and Bruins. This success supports the city’s nicknames “Titletown” and “City of Champions.”

Keeping Up With Boston Sports

NBS Boston Sports

Some podcasts attempt to cover all sports, while dozens of others focus on a particular sort of team. Some of the most popular general podcasts spotlighting Boston teams, even during the pandemic, include:

NBC Sports Boston Podcast Network covers all major sports and has podcasts on two of them: Tom Curran’s Patriots Talk Podcast and The Next Pats Podcast for the Patriots football team and Celtics Talk Podcast

98.5 The Sports Hub  is Boston’s comprehensive center for sports coverage. With over 40 podcasts covering the major teams and more, sports fans can fill the void during quarantine with hours of sports teams

Bob Ryan’s Boston Podcast, the work of a legendary Boston Globe sports columnist, spotlights Ryan’s chats with other legends of the field and court.

Balls in Our Court is a blend of sports talk, current events, and comedy centered on the NFL and NBA and other sports as well,

Play Ball With the Red Sox

Fenway Park

Each sport has plenty of podcasts that cover it exclusively. For example, for coverage of Red Sox baseball only, see:

Shoot Hoops With the Celtics

celtics game with players

For coverage of the Celtics, a team that honors Boston’s Irish heritage, see:

colts vs patriots

Touchdowns With the Patriots

For Patriots coverage, see:

To find out what’s going on in Boston, tune in to these great podcasts. Watch for upcoming playlists on what makes Boston special.

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