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Ever wonder how to start a super great and popular podcast? Well, a big podcast doesn’t just happen, because we release our brilliant ideas to the wild. As with any success story, no matter the industry, it’s really a process of preparation and planning, trial and error, and then learning and improving as you go. But now, you have access to some really good advice, which is sure to help you get a few steps ahead–and let’s face it, the best advice is gained from experience. Build a Big Podcast is about podcasting, so your examples are part of the lesson! And these lessons will help take the guesswork out of marketing strategies to grow your podcast, and how to make money with podcasting.

Host: David Hooper has tons of great insights to share from decades of experience in mainstream music marketing. Build a Big Podcast is obviously geared toward helping you create your own big podcast, and he uses everything in his arsenal. Hooper has written seven books that all focus on success in business, finances, and life, and the importance of connecting with the right people. Based in Nashville, a music industry hub, he has certainly learned how to make connections work for him, and he is willing to share!

Format: Each episode is about 10 minutes or less and focuses on a specific aspect of what makes a big podcast. A great starting place is the 30-day solo podcast challenge, but you can also search through over two years of episodes about sound production, how to get guests, and then tips on conducting a good interview. There are also tips on what expos and conventions to attend, how to reach out to find marketing and advertising partners, and even how to care for your throat!  Then there’s how to pick the right intro music and create artwork that gets attention. He really covers all aspects. The best part is he has been hands-on in so many aspects of mainstream marketing and promotion, so he can give actual how-to advice from having been there, and knows what it takes for someone to do it on their own. 

Why You Have to Listen: The bite-sized bits of information are easy to comprehend and act upon, and host David Hooper has an easy-going tone though he speaks with authority. His website offers free downloads to help you format your podcast, which is helpful if you’re just starting out, or if you want to switch it up.  He has literally written the book on how to create and sustain big podcasts, but he’s sharing all the information with you for free. He really wants to make the airwaves a nicer place for our ears.

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Rating: 18+

This podcast is truly a great resource for anyone in podcasting, from newbies to pros, as there is always more to learn about how to grow your podcast, how to make money with podcasting, marketing strategies to build your big podcast.

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