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It feels like the global economy is at a turning point as we adjust to new realities in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak — lots of questions are being asked about what’s next. The Business Casual podcast invites some of the most successful business personalities to hold court about their interests, and the lessons they’ve learned from their journeys. 

An offshoot of Morning Brew (a business and technology newsletter), this podcast slants toward software-based businesses and the financial market. However, you can also expect to hear from economists and investors, as well as executives from other industries. 

Guests shine a light on short- and long-term trends, but also discuss the factors that influenced their success. While a little light on technical detail, Business Casual overcompensates with its inspiring blend of information, wit, and actionable insights. Keep an ear out for “The Wheel”: a game where the guest gets a series of questions that puts them on the spot and demands a quick-fire response — an unfiltered end to a resource-rich podcast. 

The Host: Kinsey Grant was a breaking news reporter at TheStreet before joining Morning Brew, where she now contributes to the daily newsletter and hosts the Business Casual podcast. Although she lacks the assuredness of a seasoned interviewer, it’s evident from her topics and questioning that Grant approaches each episode very well-prepared. Her style glides from casual to probing, which helps to tease out genuine, passionate responses from guests.

The Guests: From scrappy founders and venture capitalists to famous hedge fund managers and professors, this podcast seems focused on getting the listener to hear from every kind of thought leader in the world of business. Recent guests include Ray Dalio, Mark Cuban, and Arianna Huffington.

Why You Have to Listen: This podcast will be of interest to entrepreneurs, investors, and business-minded creative folk who are looking to figure out their next move or form a good idea about what the future holds. What better way to acquire the tools needed to survive these uncertain times than learning from individuals who have transformed businesses and demonstrated resilience over the years?

3 Must Listen Episodes:  

Episode 41. If Ray Dalio Were President 

Episode 16. Hard Work or Nothing: Gary Vaynerchuk Gets Candid

Episode 25. How to Do the Right Thing…and Make Money (featuring Dave Heath. CEO, Bombas)

Rating: Teen+

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