Calling All RPG Fans! Facing Fate: Podcast Review

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Facing Fate Podcast

The Facing Fate podcast, part of the Fable & Folly network, is an action-packed, hilarious, and never predictable actual play podcast. The show uses the Fate Core game playing system, which facilitates the role-playing aspect of the fictitious worlds depicted in Facing Fate. Season one is a sci-fi thriller that takes place on a moon and follows the employees of the mining company, Luna Corp. Season two is set to release in September 2020 and is set in 1990s Toronto where monsters roam and threaten to destroy life. Sounds ominous, but don’t worry, the host’s well-timed jests ensure no one in the game can take themselves too seriously! 

The Host: Russ More is the Game Master and primary host of the game. He runs the game, serves as the moderator, and facilitates the hilarious and thrilling interactions between the show’s players. More is also the host and Dungeon Master of Fable & Folly’s hit podcast, Dumbgeons & Dragons

The Guests: Facing Fate features several characters played by guests on the show. Luna Corp Operations Manager, Rainia Samouth is played by Carla Maxted (Johnson), Diagnostician, Dr. Julianna Dove-Joiner is played by Amy, and the Introverted Life Support Engineer, Oskar Bloom is played by Tom Laird. 

Why You Have To Listen: Avid fans of Facing Fate love More’s entrancing storytelling abilities. Like other actual play podcasts and role-playing games in general, you never know what’s going to happen next as the players pick their paths, develop their characters, and ultimately decide the fate of the party navigating Luna Corp. If you like RPGs, sci-fi and monsters, and a good laugh, you don’t want to miss this podcast!

Must-Listen Episodes:

Luna Corp – Day 02 

Season 2 Preview 

Rating: 18+ (Explicit)

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