Can I Pet Your Dog? Podcast Review

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Can I Pet Your Dog? Podcast

The Can I Pet Your Dog? podcast from the Maximum Fun network is the ultimate pet podcast for unapologetic dog owners and dog lovers. One part talk show, one part comedy, the podcast talks all things dog in a light, humorous manner. Much of the show focuses on the hosts’ dogs, Tugboat and Crumb, and follows the pups’ hilarious antics and latest shenanigans. Each episode also features a segment called “My Mutt Minute” where listeners are invited to send in a one-minute audio clip all about their dog. In normal times, the hosts attend dog-related events and shows, such as the Bow Wow Film Festival, and report back on celebrity dog sightings.

The Hosts: Renee Colvert and Alexis Preston co-host Can I Pet Your Dog? Colvert is a comedian and writer; her work is published on Yahoo! and Disney Hyperion Health and she is passionate about helping first-time runners train for 5Ks. Preston is a writer, director, and podcast producer. The duo has great synergy, and their conversational interview style makes listeners feel like they’re chatting with old friends. Friends who all love dogs, of course! 

The Guests: Can I Pet Your Dog? Regularly features guests, including fellow podcasters such as Eliza Skinner, Kevin Bartelt, and founder of the Parcast Network, Max Butler. The hosts also invite authors, such as Josh Gondelman, Geoffrey Golden, and Amy Spalding to share their latest books. Many other guests join the show, including actors, comedians, writers, and other interesting people with interesting lives and interesting dogs! Of course, every guest on the show is given ample time to dish on their own sweet pooches.

Why You Have To Listen:  Can I Pet Your Dog? is a refreshing break from the heavy news of the world; a sweet show and a stress-reliever when life gets ‘ruff.’ Even listeners who don’t own a dog yet enjoy hearing the endearing stories, learning about different breeds of dogs, and planning for the day they can adopt their own pup. If you like to pet dogs, this podcast is for you!

Listen to Can I Pet Your Dog?

Must-Listen Episodes:

Episode 181: Pupdates and Pup-Debates

Episode 159: Pet Parents Oversharing and Tugboat’s Rise to Fame

Jackie Johnson and Chooch are BACK!!!

Rating: All Ages

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