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We all have quite busy lives, so busy there’s no time to sit down and leisurely read a book. A book is best enjoyed with a relaxing drink, a comfortable armchair, and a soothing atmosphere, but what can you do when you can’t even sit down to relax? Audiobooks are a good option if you’d...
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People say everyone has a story to tell. Perhaps that’s true. What kind of stories do people have? Will they be interesting? What are they about? Usually, all these stories are a mystery unless you look in the right places. This podcast, RISK! is one of the best places to look. “True tales boldly told.”...
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Are you a fan of spy novels? These stories, the relatives of thrillers and mystery novels, usually involve intrigue, dashing and skillful characters, and really high stakes. The constant tension and the intricate plots are often lauded for their ability to keep the reader hooked all the way to the end. Some say it’s a...
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I love books! Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time every day to read as much I would like to. Instead, I multitask by listening to books on Audible when I am doing other things. I have benefited so much from what I have learned through the Audible service that I feel compelled to share my...
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Stories, interviews, and advice on some of the world’s strangest, saddest, and most complex people in the world. These are the top ten personal journals podcasts for December 17, 2019.   1. This American Life Each week This American Life tells a story of a place or a person or a culture through experimental journalism....
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Books! They sit on your shelf, on your desk, on your night stand and you are supposed to read them. Sometimes you do and sometimes you hate them. These podcasts will help you find that next good book to read or reaffirm your love for Harry Potter. These are the top ten books podcasts for...
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