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Bitcoin is one of many decentralized digital currencies or cryptocurrencies that have made their way into the general lexicon in recent years. However, the concept behind Bitcoin can still leave some confused. Whether you’re looking to understand the technology behind it or wondering whether or not to invest, Vurbl’s audio guide to Bitcoin will provide...
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Businessman following trends
It feels like the global economy is at a turning point as we adjust to new realities in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak — lots of questions are being asked about what’s next. The Business Casual podcast invites some of the most successful business personalities to hold court about their interests, and the lessons...
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Communicate Influence
If only there was a podcast out there that covered topics like marketing, writing, and networking with some of the best agencies and companies. Oh wait, there is, and it’s hosted by marketing guru Sheelagh Caygill. Through interviews with some of the best media executives and writers, Caygill discovers how to blend business with creativity...
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Mobycast podcast logo
The Mobycast podcast is a show that invites listeners to explore the world of technology that the best cloud-native software teams inhabit every day. Once the hosts present the concept of the week, they dive deep into it as they encourage listeners to expand their knowledge of software that might serve more than the specific...
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gil with airms raised looks at lake and mountains
The Freedom Lifestyle Podcast dangles a very intriguing lifestyle before you: the possibility of having more freedom to your life and work. Other people have achieved this before, and now you can as well. Get inspired by listening to how other people managed to transform their lives for the better!  The Hosts: The hostess’s name is...
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Hustlenomics logo
Hustlenomics with Katie B is a podcast created to share inspiration and ideas among female entrepreneurs building their own brands and businesses. What is “Hustlenomics”? Implied in the word is the combination of the “hustle” required to create maintain economic stability. Hustling means being on the move to connect and network with potential new clients,...
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Women Your Mother Warned You About
For real-life business advice, Women Your Mother Warned You About - The podcast that makes business sexy again comes from two smart, sassy, bold, confident women in business who know that they are pushing against old-fashioned stereotypes from decades past. They want to make business sexy in the most empowered and positive way, embracing what...
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The Powerful Ladies Podcast Logo
The Powerful Ladies Podcast is a collection of interviews with empowering women doing wonderful things. They are sought out for being both awesome and “up-to-something” which includes filmmakers and authors, personal trainers and entrepreneurs in textiles and event management, doctors and lawyers, and activists and wellness coaches, among others. Each one has a story that...
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Creativity Loves Constraints
“Creativity loves constraints” means that innovation and advances often happen because limitations and obstacles encourage thinking out of the box and trying something new. This motivational phrase challenges whoever listens to it to ignore apparent limitations, stand up, and go create something new and different. The saying, which even Google who uses it in some...
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Men shaking hands in front of a house
Serious real estate investors have always understood the economics of house flipping. That is, buying a house, fixing it up, and selling it for a profit. It’s such common practice now that even rookie investors and homeowners with a little extra cash are getting in on the action. But there are loads of factors that...
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The official cover for the SPI podcast
Building a passive income for yourself is an attractive thought, and here is Pat Flynn to guide you through the high and lows of achieving such a goal. Every session is full of interesting, thorough, and useful information that will take you one step closer to achieving this dream! Or, at the very least, have...
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Trader Joe's
Inside Trader Joe’s features two TJ’s marketing directors, Tara Miller and Matt Sloan, who delve into all the “secrets” behind the grocery store chain that is known for cookie butter, cauliflower pizza crust, and soy chorizo. With a slew of taste-testing, interviewing customers, and discussing exciting innovations with product developers, it’s easy to see why...
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It’s Cyber Monday and we wouldn’t have it without the technology we use every day. But what about the technology of tomorrow? Or the tech behind the tech? These are the top ten technology podcast episodes for December 2, 2019.   1. TED Radio Hour - Inspire To Action   2. TED Radio Hour -...
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