podcasting in real life
Podcasting in Real Life is a podcast series created by Buzzsprout, the podcast hosting service. It’s a great way of cross-promoting podcasts and encouraging beginning podcasters. It’s also a great platform to teach podcasters who are already up-and-running how to improve their production and reach through shared stories of the journey. Each episode is like...
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podcastification podcast review
Listen to Podcastification and you will learn how to podcastify your podcast! In other words, you may have an idea for a show, or already be in production with episodes to show for it, but Podcastification will help you learn how to podcast at an even higher level. Listening to the advice you get on...
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Podcast Accelerator
Sometimes short episodes released several times a week can work better than one hour-long episode released weekly. The Podcast Accelerator uses this format admirably, perhaps even surprisingly well! Presented by entrepreneur Mark Asquith, this podcast offers insights and honest reactions to podcasting news. The Hosts: Mark Asquith is the CEO and co-founder of Rebel Base Media,...
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James Cridland of Podnews
Podnews may be just what you need to stay on top of the ever-changing world of podcasting. Something happens every day, and here’s Podnews to shed a light on such events. Still, you may be wondering: is it a worthwhile source of news? Should you spend your valuable time listening to this podcast? Let’s find...
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No matter how hard we try, it’s unlikely we’ll ever reach a point where a podcast can be considered flawless. Even if to the public it may seem like it’s all fine, there may be issues happening behind the scenes on the host’s end. Podcasters’ Roundtable, broadcasted live, is here to discuss the issues podcast...
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two women podcasting
If you are eager to begin podcasting but feel overwhelmed, or even a little afraid to do it wrong, this is the right podcast for you to listen to.  Podcasting Step by Step takes you gently through the process of how to build your podcast brand. It is like someone kind and gentle is holding...
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coaching graphic
Now here is a gem not to miss: Ask the Podcast Coach! This podcast is like a Q&A revolving around podcasting and the many tricks a podcaster needs to know to do well in this kind of medium. Every Saturday at 10:30 AM EST you’ll get some coaching – done via podcast, as it should...
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mixrophone with colorful soundwaves depicted behind - by Tumisu from Pixabay
Ever wonder how to start a super great and popular podcast? Well, a big podcast doesn’t just happen, because we release our brilliant ideas to the wild. As with any success story, no matter the industry, it’s really a process of preparation and planning, trial and error, and then learning and improving as you go....
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