writing team in writers room
Ever wondered what it was like in the writer’s room of your favorite TV show? Story Break lets you be that fly on that particular wall. It’s a simple concept that makes for brilliant content, creating one of the most entertaining podcasts on the internet. This is a perfect listen for chilling at home. The...
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Best Movie Podcasts
Seeking a different flavor to your film fanatic experience? Look no further than these podcasts that focus on specific genres within the world of cinema. From horror to science fiction to documentaries, Vurbl has you covered with insightful broadcasts that bring history into the equation—all while entertaining as well as enlightening. These 9 film genre...
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man & woman looking at snow on tv
Many TV shows that would be great never make it to air. Dead Pilot’s Society is an ode to those shows, taking their unproduced scripts and letting them see the light of day. With access to many of the best-unproduced scripts in the TV world, Dead Pilot’s Society produces a table reading for each of...
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Gutting the Sacred Cow Podcast
Are you familiar with the term ‘sacred cow’? It’s the term you use when you’re talking about an idea, custom, or institution considered to be above criticism, especially unreasonably. The term, a reference to this not-to-be-touched animal in the Hindu culture, is even used to describe canons with near-universal approval such as a movie, a...
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Long-term movie critic Mark Kermode offers his thoughts on a range of movie topics in Kermode on Film. The podcast sometimes consists of interviews with film professionals, other times a friendly debate with fellow critic Jack Howard, and is occasionally a solo discussion. Whatever the format, Kermode always offers insight and food for thought. The...
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