People in movie theater about podcasts
The Flop House is a funny podcast about bad movies. Each episode focuses on a movie that flopped, either commercially (poor sales) or critically (poor reviews). With three award-winning comedians at the helm, no movie or actor is off-limits as the trash-talking and hilarity ensues. The show’s hosts don’t always agree as they riotously dissect...
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Action movies
Do you love movie reviews? Is the phrase “action/sci-fi movie cast” your secret middle name? If so, then you’ll love the hilarious and entertaining Maximum Fun-produced Wham Bam Pow with Cameron Esposito podcast. Each episode is about an hour-long, and you’ll get a whole lot of movie-filled discussions about popular flicks like Mad Max: Fury Road, Ex Machina, Noah, and Furious 7. And...
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2 mail & 1 female soldier with guns
Friendly Fire is a historically-centered podcast that adds an entertaining twist through its use of cinema and film. While discussing the impact that war movies have had on society, the podcast’s hosts both shed a light on the historical value of each film, and the impact that its popularity and story had on its viewers....
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Comedic movie review podcasts are pretty popular right now, but the Who Shot Ya? podcast (which is produced by Maximum Fun) is probably one of the best ones out there. And that’s because Ify, alongside Alonso and Drea, talk about the latest and greatest flicks with such enthusiasm, that you can practically see the smile on their faces. They’re...
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Movie Review Podcasts
There is a legion of aural insight out there that explores the landscape of film. With the proliferation of podcasts, any single soul with a microphone and a ticket to the movies could join the avalanche of movie review podcasts! There are a gamut of folks whose podcasts critique everything from that week’s new entries...
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