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Talk to any Angeleno and they will tell you: Los Angeles is the best. Sure, there’s traffic and smog and C-list celebrities. But where else can you go from surfing in the morning to snowboarding in the afternoon? Or tour the world’s most famous entertainment studios? Or find an incredible meal inside an inconspicuous strip...
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Pop culture is a strange beast. It’s ever-changing and covers both the events that change our worlds and lives and the entertainment we consume. There’s so much happening every day it’s hard to keep track of it all; so much sometimes it’s hard to know what you should be paying attention to. Fortunately, podcasts like...
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Pop Rocket looks at pop culture through a different lens. That lens is more academic and journalistic than any other podcast that you’ll listen to. Hosted by a comedian, other regular panelists come from all over the entertainment sphere. Conversations range from music to movies, and they’re all well informed. The Hosts: The main host...
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Inside Pop is one of the most fascinating entertainment industry podcasts on the internet. This podcast pushes through the curtain of pop culture to discover what’s inside your favorite TV show or movie. Championing diversity in the entertainment industry and the industry people who create the stars we love, Inside Pop is great for pop...
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Pop culture meets politics in the Maximum Fun-produced FANTI podcast, which is hosted by journalists Tre’vell Anderson and Jarrett Hill. They sit down with many guests to discuss all kinds of diversity topics, like what it means to be an Asian American and a Latin American. But the dynamic duo also loves to talk about Kevin Hart, Wakanda, gospel music,...
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Since 2009, Marvel Studios has done something extraordinary, and as such, the best Marvel podcasts have become an integral part of the famed comic book house’s cinematic rise to the upper echelons. But their rise to supremacy can actually be traced back to that brilliant slice of pop culture art that is the comic book....
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