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marsfall podcast review
Marsfall is an audio drama podcast set in 2047. The story of a colonial artificial intelligence unit heading towards Mars, the story focuses on many classic sci-fi themes. Exploring life on other planets, isolation in space, the potential for malfunctions. There’s a lot to unpack in this excellently-produced podcast. The Hosts: Four men came together...
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dnd podcast
The Facing Fate podcast, part of the Fable & Folly network, is an action-packed, hilarious, and never predictable actual play podcast. The show uses the Fate Core game playing system, which facilitates the role-playing aspect of the fictitious worlds depicted in Facing Fate. Season one is a sci-fi thriller that takes place on a moon...
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Bubble is a scripted podcast from Maximum Fun that tells the story of Fairhaven, a hipster dystopia that exists under a corporate-controlled dome where poisonous alien monsters from the outside “Brush” terrorize residents. There’s a sick music scene, so many dog parks, hip cocktail, and craft beer bars, and really long lines at all the...
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moonbase theta out
If you are a fan of science fiction podcasts that combine wit with creativity, we think you will love Moonbase Theta, Out. Taking place in 2098, this series follows the final days of a crew on the last moonbase to be decommissioned when the program’s corporate overlords determine it to be unprofitable. While most crew...
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Part of what makes science fiction beautiful is that it’s a genre full of possibilities and potential – and those stories that take place in space even more so. Outer space is infinite, with countless planets, stars, and spaceships. There’s no ‘standard’ set since there’s always room for something new and different. So what will...
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Space junk
We Fix Space Junk is a dark sci-fi comedy radio story, and it’s absolutely brilliant. Following the story of a pair of repair women in space, they do what it sounds like - they fix space junk. The show is absolutely hilarious at every turn and brilliantly written. We could all use a good laugh...
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woman in a black and red cosplay dress in a forest
Do you love fantasy role-playing games? If so, then you’re going to love the immersive experience of The End of Time & Other Bothers podcast. This improvised show takes the Dungeon World to another level as Sean (the game master) and his cast battle half-demons and explore magical waterfalls. And just for context, the game takes place...
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Alien Cow Abduction
What do you think The Greatest Generation podcast is a reference to? Well, if you’re a fan of old-school TV shows, then you might have heard of this little gem called Star Trek. And with Benjamin Ahr Harrison and Adam Pranica by your side, they’ll take you on a journey through Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space...
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the greatest discovery
Do you love all things Star Trek? Would your family and friends consider you a “Trekkie”? Then get ready to add The Greatest Discovery podcast to your long list of things to do. Following each aired episode of Star Trek on Tuesdays, the men behind the podcast recap and review what they just watched while...
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Science fiction is uniquely suited to the podcast medium, evocative sounds and words creating fantastical worlds in the listener’s mind. The genre allows for the exploration of entire universes, the only limit is the imagination of the writer. Whether it is the far reaches of space, an unnatural development on this very planet, or something...
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The Tardis police box from Doctor Wgo
Doctor Who, the British science fiction show, first brought the time-traveling doctor and his “bigger on the inside” time machine (the Tardis or Time and Relative Dimension in Space) that looks like a blue police box to audiences in 1963. After cancellations and restarts, the show continues, with a core of recurring characters, locations, and...
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