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national secrets
They say a lot goes on behind closed doors, and the United States government is no different. We’ve compiled a list of audio clips concerning some of our nation’s secrets, whether they are researched theories or exposed explanations. For the conspiracy junkies or even just the curious, these stories will open your eyes (and your...
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AOC at the announcement of the green new deal
We’ve created a playlist specifically about a piece of legislation proposed in 2019 to help fix the climate crisis: the Green New Deal. It is sponsored by U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Ed Markey as an effort to spur economic growth through ideas such as renewable energy and resource efficiency. The policy however is...
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Sexy liberal podcast network logo
We’ve curated episodes from some chart-topping liberal podcasts that give commentary on all things politics, pop culture, and making sense of the week’s news. While we approach the November election, figuring out who to cast your vote for can feel like being caught between a rock and a hard place. These Podcasts from the Sexy...
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girl iwth protest sign we don't have time
If you are on the hunt for some political podcasts to listen to, Vurbl has collected just what you need! This list of some of the best political podcasts 2020 has to offer is packed with some true gems. With a highly anticipated presidential election coming up later this year, it’s a better time than...
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I voted sticker
Mere months remain before the country heads to the polls, or mails in ballots, to casts votes for President of the United States. As such, there are what seems like thousands of podcasts whose sole mission is to chronicle the 2020 presidential race. The media loves a so-called horserace in politics. Thankfully for audiophiles across...
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