Whether you have always been intrigued by the idea that aliens and UFOs could be real or you only recently began wondering just how much truth there may be to tales of the paranormal, there are dozens of podcasts that will cater to your curiosity. Many of us first began to wonder what, or who,...
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man looking at ufo at night
Have you ever seen something moving in the night sky that you just knew wasn’t an airplane or a shooting star? What about those occasional strange and strong feelings that you’re being watched by someone… or something? Most of us have experienced seemingly unexplainable phenomena during our lives. One of the most common possible explanations...
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two men on hill gazing at stars
Have you looked up at the sky recently? There’s so much out there, surrounded by a whole lot of emptiness. Outer space is mysterious and virtually infinite. Don’t let the mindboggling amount of empty vacuum distract you from the fact that there are countless stars, planets, and galaxies out there. Here in this list, we...
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Ologies with Alie Ward
One of the most consistently interesting podcasts ever conceived, Ologies with Alie Ward is a feast for the mind. Every episode focuses on one specific “ology”, from mineralogy to chronobiology, scatology to virology and anything in-between. Released almost weekly, Alie Ward is over 130 episodes in and there seems to be no shortage of potential...
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Science, it’s for any occasion. These podcasts will take you deep into your own mind, travel the stars, and ask what will kill me today? Listen to scientists, comedians, and experts as they help you understand our world and so many others.   1. Short Wave Hosted by Maddie Sofia, Short Wave is science in...
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