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Bible versus for anxiety - Vurbl
God wants us to live in His peace and when we live a life a worry we step away from that peace. Life can be stressful and we may not always know what our next step should be and that can fill our hearts with fear. Within this audio playlist you will find sermons that...
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empty pews at a church with a large cross and stained glass windows
COVID-19 has affected how we work, go to school, and interact with those we love. This Easter Sunday you may be looking for a way to worship and, while your church may be closed, many will be holding Easter Sunday church services online. The nine churches below will offer you many times and different ways...
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Racing track with lanes marked 1, 2, 3, 4 and grass to left - Best Bible Verses For Athletes
Whether you just started training or are in the middle of a competition, the Bible has many verses to help keep any athlete motivated and centered. God’s Word can keep us humble when we are winning and uplift us when we are losing, but we must remember as Christians our race is a spiritual one....
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Finger pointing to verse in the Bible - The Best Bible Verses To Memorize
Our hearts and our minds are always in need of God’s love. The best way to fill that need is to memorize scripture. It is rewarding, helps us to better understand God’s Word, and will make you a better witness for the Lord. If you are wondering where to start, these are some of the...
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best psalms and proverbs to share with the one you love
With Valentine’s Day coming up in just a couple of weeks, you may be looking for a way to tell that special someone how you feel. There are lots of verses in the Bible to help you express your love, but today I am going to focus on the best Psalms and Proverbs about love....
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