Two men wrestling
If pro-wrestling is your jam, then get ready for the hilarious and exciting Tights and Fights podcast. This pro-wrestling parody covers everything about WWE, “prestling,” and wrestling brain food. The topics are never-ending, and with over 200 episodes to choose from, you’ll probably have a tough time deciding between current wrestling news or the life of past champions. And...
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Best Wrestling Podcasts
The world of wrestling is bright and vibrant… sometimes. And sometimes it’s dark and dingy. Most of the time it’s both. And the best wrestling podcasts bring that to light. Every day, a couple hours of audio are uploaded online that show wrestling from a perspective very few people have ever gotten to see it...
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What Happened When Podcast Review
Tony Schiavone was the voice of the Turner Network’s WCW from its boom to its bust. What Happened When is a collection of stories from that time, and an expert view on wrestling from the early 80s to the modern-day. If you enjoy wrestling or just a good laugh, this What Happened When podcast review...
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Arn is the podcast every wrestling fan needs to listen to. With one of the legends of the sport opening up for the first time in many years, it’s impossible to capture the richness of content in any Arn podcast review. Brought to you again by Conrad Thompson, this podcast is another in a series...
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Something to Wrestle Review
A lifelong fan meets a lifelong creative executive in Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard. Vince McMahon’s long time right-hand man, Bruce Prichard recalls and retells the story of WWE history. Bruce is keen to get a little creative with his stories, but cohost Conrad Thompson refuses to let him off the hook. Each episode...
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