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When sifting through tabletop RPG podcasts, you’ll find the same issue as in many tabletop RPG pursuits: they all tend to focus on D&D. Dungeons & Dragons has maintained its place atop the throne since the beginning of the hobby, and disputedly deserves it. But even if you love chocolate ice cream, you want something...
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Best GAme Design Podcasts
Whether you’re an aspiring game designer or game developer or just a fan of games, game design is an interesting topic. The best game design podcasts pull back the curtain on the thinking behind some of the most popular, most playable games of all time. Learning from the professionals what makes game ticks can be...
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If you’ve ever prayed to roll a “natural 20” against a beholder while just barely holding onto your sanity as fellow party members argue whether half-elves and better archers than elves, then you might be able to handle this list of the top Dungeons & Dragons podcasts. Why are there so many Dungeons & Dragons...
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Gaming may be a form of escape, but one must eventually snap back to reality. But not in the case of Sean Sands and Shawn Andrich, the creators of the gaming podcast, Gamers With Jobs. Filled with nostalgia for classic games, excitement for conventions like Pax East, and discussions about games in the works, this...
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