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Mental health can be easily overlooked especially at a time where a quick-paced modern lifestyle takes precedence over one’s peace of mind. Most people are left confused over what led to their sudden onset of fatigue, headaches, and other depression-related symptoms. To cope or to find relief, some people will also develop an addiction to prescription drugs in trying to heal.

Choose Your Struggle is a podcast that enables you to identify stressors in your life that could potentially trigger a depressive state in you. This podcast maintains an upbeat and objective tone in tackling somber themes. Topics include addiction to prescription medication, suicide attempts, and rehabilitation and recovery.

The Host: Writer, speaker, consultant, consultant, coach, and advocate Jay Shifman presents his own narrative that includes years of battling mental health and addiction issues. At 23, Shifman began to take a more proactive approach in dealing with his mental illnesses as he realized that prescription drugs did not help him, while the addiction that resulted was a major issue for him. Once he got rid of all the prescription pills, he found that his symptoms began to subside immediately. He began his recovery and rebuilding phase, dedicating his life to educating the public on mental health issues.  

The Guests: Guests include authors and event speakers who are well-versed in topics related to finding happiness. Watch out for author of Single That: Dispelling The Top 10 Myths Of The Single Woman, Acamea Deadwiler as well as career coach, Kristen Zavo. 

Why You Must Listen: Jay Shifman’s own story is compelling as he relates how he turned around his own life by confronting his addiction and purposefully choosing how to make life better for himself and others. As he and his guests discuss topics such as addiction treatment, recovery, and finding happiness and satisfaction in life he stresses the importance of finding a mental health trainer to help you “choose your struggle.”

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Must-Listen Episodes

Episode 3 – Embrace What Brings You Pleasure-  Shifman shares what brings him pleasure, without the need to seek society’s validation. Furthermore, Shifman goes into detail on the myth of guilty pleasure. 

Episode 4 – AA Ain’t the Only Way and Other Thoughts on Addiction Treatment In this episode, Shifman discusses treatment options for addiction apart from Narcotics Anonymous groups. 

Episode 5 – Find Your Job Joy with Special Guest Kristen Zavo Join career coach and author of “Job Joy: Your Guide to Success, Meaning and Happiness in Your Career” Kristen Zavo help listeners find the joy in their careers if they already haven’t. 

Rating: All ages

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