Cinema Paradiso! 10 Magnificent Movie Review Podcasts

Movie Review Podcasts

There is a legion of aural insight out there that explores the landscape of film. With the proliferation of podcasts, any single soul with a microphone and a ticket to the movies could join the avalanche of movie review podcasts! There are a gamut of folks whose podcasts critique everything from that week’s new entries at the cineplex to the latest home video options that have exploded exponentially since the arrival of streaming services.

Vurbl tackles the movie review online universe and narrows it down to a titanic ten! There is a cinema critique angle for every person out there that adores the institution that is “the movies,” which is honestly, pretty much everyone. Here are 10 (in no particular order) movie review podcasts that are as varied as the medium itself. 

1. Podcast: The Empire Film Podcast

One of the leading authorities on cinema on any level, is the UK’s Empire. Therefore, it would hardly surprise that The Empire Film Podcast was one of the best movie review podcasts that has existed. Not only is Empire well regarded in cinematic circles, it is the largest, circulation-wise, of all the magazines that exist for the milieu. The pub’s podcast also features a host in Chris Hewitt who has been a part of the fabled magazine since 2001! His breadth of knowledge could not be vaster. The podcast features reviews, chats among experts in the field and don’t be surprised if you hear one or two stars phoning in to chat their latest projects.

The Host: Hewitt has written for Empire since 2001. Not only does he lead the publication’s signature podcast but is frequently tapped to moderate film showings with Q&As after with the stars and filmmakers. Hewitt has appeared on BBC One as a resident film expert. His favorite movie, well, that’s Evil Dead II. That says everything about Hewitt!

The Guests: A myriad of film criticism experts, as well as artists as varied as Jesse Eisenberg, Elisabeth Moss, and Ben Schwartz.

Why you have to listen: Between the insight and scoops, the British mag’s ability to create compelling and exclusive content is unmatched and that permeates every single podcast episode.

Listen to The Empire Film Podcast

Must Listen Episodes:

The Greatest Movies of the 21st Century

The Knives Out spoiler special featuring Rian Johnson

The Paul Feig and James Mangold episode

Rating: Not Rated.

2. Podcast: Girls On Film

There has been a concerted effort to increase the number of female voices in film criticism in the past couple of years. Proof of that effort arrives in a must-hear podcast, Girls on Film. Captain Marvel star and Oscar winner Brie Larson repeatedly uses any moment where there’s a microphone around to push for this very issue. The same is true for Booksmart director Olivia Wilde. Girls on Film comes from film critic and broadcaster Anna Smith. Each week, she and another female critic guests as they discuss the week’s goings-on, rate movies, and generally offer their captivating insight from the female perspective. It’s long overdue!

Host: Smith is a respected broadcaster and film critic. Evidence of her colleagues’ appreciation of her is that she serves as the Chair of the Film Section of the UK Critics’ Circle. Her work has been seen and heard on BBC News and Sky News and is frequently utilized as a well-informed moderator for various film events. She has also served as the Film Editor for Time Out and Metro.

Guests: Many notables, including Linda Hamilton and Mackenzie Davis talking Terminator, and Director Gurinder Chadha (Bend it Like Beckham) stopped by to chat her latest, Blinded by the Light.

Why you have to listen: After decades of the female perspective being buried at best and ignored at the worst, those affable Girls on Film deliver the goods on film from a perspective that has been sorely missing. That’s not the only reason, though, as the experts’ vision and take on everything from movie news to movie critiques is stunning.

Listen to Girls on Film

Must Listen Episodes:

Time’s Up special with Andrea Riseborough

Captain Marvel special with Brie Larson and Lashana Lynch

Marielle Heller on A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Rating: Not Rated.

3. Podcast: The Mancave Movie Review Podcast

Just as its moniker would suggest, this is the movie review podcast for those of you out there who adore flicks with bad guys, bombs, and babes, and not necessarily in that order. On their program, aliens are welcomed, too! The hosts extol the virtues of films that certain “high-brow” critics may slam. They see the good in almost any film and have a blast explaining why. There’s an audience for almost every single film out there, and The Mancave Movie Review Podcast has found it.

Hosts: Jeff Schaeffer and Shawn Staerker are the movie review podcasts’ gift to so-called “guy flicks.” They go deep too, which sets them apart from other male-centric broadcasts. Over their hundreds of episodes, they have reviewed as many current movies as classics, such as the early 80s actioner Nighthawks with Sylvester Stallone and Billy Dee Williams. Their tributes to fallen movie studs, such as Kirk Douglas, are informed and insightful … and always entertaining.

Guests: None to speak of.

Why you have to listen: For those who have their own mancaves, or want one, this male movie-centric offering is exactly what one would expect it to be, and more.

Listen to The Mancave Movie Review Podcast

Must Listen Episodes:

Eight Men Out

Top Five Non-Mancave Movies

Tribute to Kirk Douglas

Rating: Not Rated.

4. Podcast: IGN Movie Reviews — Spoken Edition

One of the most popular pop culture websites on the internet, IGN (Imagine Games Network), unveiled their IGN Movie Reviews Spoken Edition to bring to life their in-depth reviews of the films of the day. Since September 29, 1996 IGN has evolved from chronicling and reviewing video games to include films, television, and other mediums. Their insight into film criticism stems from a well-informed staff with varied opinions that provides priceless enlightening entertainment.

Host: Varies

Guests: None

Why you have to listen: After expanding its knowledge past the “G” part of its name, IGN has become one of Hollywood’s great authorities in the movie realm. That expertise permeates every single second of their podcast.

Listen to IGN Movie Reviews — Spoken Edition

Must Listen Episodes:

The Hunt review

The Way Back review

Spenser Confidential review

Rating: Not Rated.

5. Podcast: Out Now with Aaron and Abe

These two have been pals for years upon years. That kind of kinship is impossible to manufacture — particularly when listeners are only going by the sound of their collective voices. Not only have they conducted fascinating and in-depth reviews of films that are arriving on screens, both big and small, but they discuss fresh trailers that are setting the internet ablaze. Out Now with Aaron and Abe regularly have welcomed special guest critics from the world of film criticism, adding yet another layer of fascination to their movie review podcast.

Hosts: Aaron Neuwirth has spent years covering the film industry and is a senior staff writer at, while Abraham Moua has been right by his side for over 400 episodes of their insightful podcast!

Guests: A varied group of fellow critics, including Forbes’ Scott Mendelson, Awards Circuit’s Mark Johnson, and JoBlo’s Jimmy O!

Why you have to listen: Passion for the art of the movies goes into the red on every episode with Aaron and Abe. These two, and their guests, offer up film fan fun for film fans. It reminds us of that old phrase, “the inmates are running the asylum.” Except here, the film fanatics are running the podcast.

Listen to Out Now with Aaron and Abe

Must Listen Episodes:

Recapping the 2010s: Part 1

Recapping the 2010s: Part 2

The Top Ten Films of 2019

Rating: Not Rated.

6. Podcast: The Qwipster Film Review Podcast

What makes The Qwipster Film Review Podcast so compelling is the vast landscape of film genres that comprise their weekly movie review podcast. One moment it could be dissecting the latest Marvel monolith and then switch gears to dive deep into the latest contribution to that rich independent film community. Another aspect that is unique to this phonic passion project is how the show is brought in at about ten minutes — short, and sweet.

Host: Vince Leo was one of the first online reviewers and was there from the get-go in 1996. Leo was also one of the pioneers in podcasting as his The Qwipster Film Review Podcast bowed in 2003. All told, the host with the most has crafted over 4,000 cinematic critiques and added the airwaves to his resume in 2013 when the critic joined radio’s syndicated Morning Air.

Guests: None

Why you have to listen: For film appreciators whose taste runs the gamut, the vastness of Qwipster is the movie podcast match you’ve been searching for. For example, if a double feature of Emma and Bad Boys for Life is your bag, this is your podcast!  

Listen to The Qwipster Film Review Podcast

Must Listen Episodes:

Birds of Prey


The Irishman and the Greatness of Martin Scorsese

Rating: Not Rated

7. Podcast: /FilmCast

In this age where television is on par, if not more impactful, than films, the /FilmCast podcast has exposed their listeners to the latest on both mediums. The show’s host and his rotating guests of film fanatics keep the lively discussion fresh by continually varying up the contributors who review the latest in visual entertainment — film and TV. The daily program provides priceless insight into whether a trip to the theaters and all the costs that are associated with that, is worth it for a particular film. Those at /FilmCast bring a searing passion for the art of film that seems to grow exponentially with each episode.

Host: Peter Sciretta is the film editor-in-chief and founder of /Film (Slash Film). He launched the site in 2005, and by 2007 had to switch servers due to the overwhelming traffic. It had become a movie monster and Sciretta and his team of movie experts haven’t looked back since.  

Guests: The reach of Sciretta and his team is uncanny. For example, he got director Kevin Smith (Chasing Amy, Clerks) to come on the podcast to chat The Dark Knight and Watchmen. He topped that with a surprise guest spot from director Rian Johnson (who would eventually direct Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Knives Out) to offer his thoughts on J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek.

Why you have to listen: Access meets knowledge … Sciretta’s “in” with the studios, both large and small, produces a level of film news and criticism that couldn’t be richer.

Listen to /FilmCast

Must Listen Episodes:

The top 10 films of 2019

Rian Johnson goes deep on Knives Out

Why 1999 was the best movie year ever!

Rating: Not Rated

8. Podcast: Hollywood Critics Association Weekly

What makes this podcast so special? In a word … diversity. The Hollywood Critics Association and its membership are the most diverse organization of its kind in America. Points of view on the films hitting theaters (and home video) run the gamut, thanks to a membership that represents all walks of life. Initially, it was started to boost the presence of female critics and now also has a wide swath of souls whose family’s origins span the planet. The Hollywood Critics Association Weekly podcast could not be more insightful if it tried!

Host: Scott Menzel has been working in film criticism and pop culture reporting, through his site www.weliveentertainment, for over a decade. He co-founded the Hollywood Critics Association and it has since become the stalwart for diverse cinematic awareness.

Guests: The membership of the esteemed critics group rotates throughout the year. On any given broadcast, expect distinctive insight that spawns from a cornucopia of critics’ backgrounds that comprise this group that celebrates a rainbowed myriad of cinema loving souls.

Why you have to listen: Variety is the spice of life. It also is when it comes to cinematic passion. The HCA not only is the most diverse of all the critics groups, its podcast is too.

Listen to Hollywood Critics Association Weekly

Must Listen Episodes:

Pandemic Movie Recommendations

Best films of the 2010s

Ranking Quentin Tarantino’s Movies

Rating: Not Rated

Film Night Podcast

9. Podcast: Film Night Podcast

There is camaraderie in cinema circles and then there is what emanates from Film Night Podcast. This film review podcast found four dear old friends sitting around, like so many of us have been known to do, and chit-chatting movies. These comically trained film fab four share differing opinions on a gamut of flicks, both old and new. Therefore, listeners can always count on something hilarious, heartfelt, and a whole lot in-between. There is an old saying in the movie business that revolves around the idea that if the cast is having fun, so too will the audience. That could not be truer as well when it comes to Film Night Podcast.

Hosts: Richie Withers, Jack Clarke, Henry “Woody” Woodsford and Joe “Pep” McLafferty bring an “everyman’s” view of movie criticism that has made it quite resonant. They also play an earworm at the opening and closing of every episode. For example, they opened a recent show with Cameo’s Word Up and closed with Angel in the Morning by Juice Newton. Yeah, that.

Guests: Just the hosting fab four!

Why you have to listen: Like the Beach Boys famously sang, “Fun, Fun, Fun.”

Listen to the Film Night Podcast

Must Listen Episodes:

Critiquing Parasite

Exploring Rocketman and Guy Ritchie’s Aladdin and all Disney live action remakes!

Toy Story 4 and Midsommar, two incredibly different flicks!

Rated: Not Rated

10. Podcast: ScreenPicks Movie Podcast

Veteran insight is what sets this movie review podcast apart! Weekly contributors, Kit Bowen and Joel D. Amos, have a combined 50 years of experience inhaling movies and exhaling shrewd commentary. Host Phil Wallace, Amos and Bowen possess a chemistry that adds layers of approachability to their movie review podcast that has made it such a hit over the years. Whether covering a week where merely one film releases nationwide, or a weekend that has a bounty new flicks, the result is the same on this movie review podcast. This crew goes deep with their unique perspectives to a film landscape that can often feel crowded with so-called “insider-speak.” The ScreenPicks Movie Podcast also does not “dumb down” their reviews and sees speaking to its audience as a duty to further enrich people’s cinematic lives. Another facet that elevates this podcast from the pack is during “Awards Season.” The ScreenPicks Movie Podcast crew not only dissect the week’s awards’ news but get into the business of predicting winners!

Host: Phil Wallace founded the website ScreenPicks over a decade ago and has since grown the writing staff and anchored its podcast repertoire, which also includes a television-centric podcast, a Games of Thrones recap podcast as well as awards-centered podcasts for television and film.

Guests: Wallace’s Rolodex has produced some fantastic visitors, especially those behind the camera, such as producers and screenwriters. It’s nice to hear a review of a film, then get a few knowledge nuggets dropped on you about those very same movies.

Why you have to listen: Humor, insight, and candid opinions permeate this movie review podcast that entertains as it enlightens.

Listen to the ScreenPicks Movie Podcast

Must Listen Episodes:

The Oscar reaction show

What to watch during a quarantine

Debating the Invisible Man

Rating: Not Rated

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