Creativity Loves Constraints: Podcast Review

Creativity Loves Constraints

“Creativity loves constraints” means that innovation and advances often happen because limitations and obstacles encourage thinking out of the box and trying something new. This motivational phrase challenges whoever listens to it to ignore apparent limitations, stand up, and go create something new and different. The saying, which even Google who uses it in some of their presentations, may almost be a cliché nowadays but is no less true, as the aptly named Creativity Loves Constraints podcast proves it.

This podcast is rather new, having started less than a month ago in these times where a lot of people find themselves facing difficult changes in their lives. Is this podcast worth your time, or does the maxim prove hollow in this situation?

The Hosts: Matthew Kee is a start-up entrepreneur and the CEO of FinTech. Start-ups are his trade, and now with this podcast, he will showcase different start-ups that prove innovation and entrepreneurship can come from any place and with any product.

He conducts the podcast is rather straightforward manner, as he introduces the main topic of the episode right from the very first minute. As someone who knows what it’s like to create new companies and products, especially in these uncertain times, Mr. Kee asks questions astutely and with the purpose of showcasing the entrepreneurship spirit as he encourages his guests to talk about their products without turning it into a thirty-minute long ad.

The Guests: Creating something new in difficult times is a very daunting task, yet there are people out there who tackle it with enthusiasm and bravery. Such people receive recognition in this podcast.

Mr. Kee has invited the minds behind many interesting start-ups, including Brandon Rohde of LiveTime Service, Melissa Gaglione from Safety4Her, Grady Teske from Veebo, Nick Mastronardi from Polco, and many more. These founders and CEO had a brilliant idea and the drive to do all they could to build it starting from zero. How did they do it? What obstacles did they face? How did they come with their idea in the first place? He asks all sorts of questions and the guests are always willing to talk about it all. Innovation and entrepreneurship can be difficult but not impossible! Let these guests prove it to you!

Why You Have to Listen: To find out how to confront the obstacles of starting a business, listening to people who managed to do so can be a good start. While their advice may never fit your needs 100% due to how different each situation is, the guests offer ideas about what to keep in mind as they succeeded in achieving something good and new. If you’re interested in creating your start-up or trying entrepreneurship, you can learn a thing or two from them.

But that doesn’t mean this podcast should be listened to only by those who want to create a business! Any person can get some rather useful tidbits for approaching life challenges here. It’s nice about hearing what other people have managed to build, and Mr. Kee, thanks to his background and experience, can get some truly interesting information in these conversations.

As we mentioned before, this is a very new podcast, with nine articles so far. Episodes are released often, both on the podcast’s website, ListenNotes, and iTunes. Subscribe and receive the episodes right when they’re released, you won’t regret it.

Must Listen Episodes:

Women’s Boots that Created a Movement – Ana Kraft, Founder and CEO, Xena Workwear  

From Streaming Races to Streaming Funerals – Brandon Rohde, Founder and President, LiveTime Services 

Something’s Missing in Safety – Melissa Gaglione, Founder and President, Safety4Her 

Rating: Teen+

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