Dave Hill’s Podcasting Incident: Podcast Review

For fans of podcasts that go absolutely everywhere but yet somehow seem to end up in fits of hearty laughter, Dave Hill’s Podcasting Incident is a top comedy podcast to check out. While some comedy podcasts orbit primarily around the hosts, this show enjoys placing a strong spotlight on the wide variety of guests that Dave Hill is able to pool together. This comedy podcast surely belongs in our Try Not to Laugh With These Top 10 Silly Podcasts article!

The Host(s):

The titular hero of Dave Hill’s Podcasting Incident, Dave Hill himself, is what you might call a quintuple threat, if that was a thing. He’s a writer, actor, comedian, artist and musician who decided, over 2 years ago, to gather as many folks from the entertainment community together to chat with as possible. Approaching 200 episodes that include hundreds of guests, he’s definitely succeeded. Hill’s style can be a little blue, but he doesn’t try to force jokes if the conversations turn more sincere. Like some other comedy talk show hosts, Hill is also joined regularly by his producer Chris who provides a solid sounding board.

The Guests:

Dave Hill has assembled a true menagerie of folks for his show. Indeed, Dave Hill’s Podcasting Incident could be re-titled “Avengers Infinity War of Podcasts.” Here you will find actors like Nick Flanagan and Rory Culkin; musicians Curtis Stigers and Vanessa Silberman; comedians Frank Conniff and Jess Salomon; writer Jodi Lennon; director Iris Bahr; and even model Sarah Hartshorne. 


Episode 151: Myq Kaplan finds Dave Hill interviewing the comedian, musician and linguist Myq Kaplan. Hill probes some of Myq’s hobbies and educational credentials from Boston University, not shying from touching on the man’s stage name Myq (taken from his birth name Michael). It gets really good as Myq turns the tables on Hill and the laughs pile on.

Listen to Dave Hill’s Podcasting Incident

Must-Listen Episodes:

Episode 157: A Beautiful Dave in the Neighborhood

Episode 145: Liam McEneaney

Episode 119: The Case of the Unwanted Thong

Rating: Teen +

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