Dearly Departed: Podcast Review

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To get a feel for this nostalgic podcast, all you have to do is hit the “play” button for the first four seconds. Creepy pipe organ music suddenly transports you to a historical funeral setting, where you and the hosts, Mike Dorsey and Scott Michaels, can pay homage to some of history’s most talented stars and iconic movies. From Anna Nicole Smith to It’s a Wonderful Life, Dearly Departed explores the famous deaths of Hollywood. 

The Hosts: Dorsey is a writer, editor, and TV producer who is known for producing The Real Luke Skywalker, Demon House, and Happy. Michaels is also a writer and producer who has worked on American Horror Story, Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood, and Unzipped.

Why You Have to Listen: Don’t worry, this podcast isn’t as dark and creepy as its intro music, because Michaels and Dorsey casually talk about the most iconic movies, TV shows, and film stars in Hollywood history. It’s perfect for movie lovers, historians, and people who simply love Disneyland (because it wouldn’t be a real podcast without mentioning Walt Disney).

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Must Listen Episodes:

Episode 4 Walt Disney and Disneyland

Episode 9 The Beverly Hillbillies

Episode 11 Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood

Rating: PG-13

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