Death By Dying: Podcast Review

Death by Dying Podcast

The Death by Dying podcast from the Fable & Folly network is a dark comedy fiction podcast that follows The Obituary Writer (OW) of the small town of Crestfall, Idaho. After the town’s most standup citizen is mysteriously murdered, the OW uncovers a trail of deceit as he finds himself accidentally investigating the string of deaths and unexplainable events that follow. Each episode of the show begins with the obituary of the latest victim and then proceeds to peel back the layers of the mystery behind the Crestfall murders. 

The Host: Evan Gulock is the writer, director, and voice of The Obituary Writer for Death by Dying. He studied screenwriting at Columbia College Chicago and has long had a passion for dark comedy fiction. Niko Gerentes is the producer, vocal director, and the audio brains behind the show.   

The Guests: The show regularly features a cast of guests that portray different characters in the story. Hannah Smith is the Angel of Death, Angela Morris plays the part of the OW’s friend, Charlotte Dawson, Niko Gerentes plays the role of multiple characters, including The Butcher, Chester the Goat, Leroy Jones, and Earl Jameson, and many others drop in to play parts big and small, such as Martha Makes, the girl whose boyfriend got run over by a lawnmower. 

Why You Have To Listen: The comedy part of the show comes in subtle moments; the coveted bluestem grass that the town’s standup citizen sells at the farmer’s market and people buy by the pound-full but have no idea how to plant it. Bryndle Blackwell’s single apricot for sale that claims to bestow eternal life, and so incites mass mobs every week at the market. The field of cannonballs fired by the Civil War era Craigmire Cannon every time a Crestfall resident dies (clearly debunking the eternal-life-from-an-apricot bit). The mince pie the suspect in episode one drops on the ground every day. The Angel of Death’s depressed and dramatic pet raven and his incessant migraines. If you like dry, dark, and improbable humor, Death by Dying is for you! 

Must-Listen Episodes: 

Obituary 02: Lillian Died

Obituary 03: Isaiah Died

Rating: 18+

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