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There are many true crime podcasts out there; finding the best ones among those that are merely good can be a challenge. What makes a true-crime podcast good? What makes it stand out from the rest? Do you feel hooked right from the first episode you listen to? Is the discussion riveting? Is the host interesting? Do the guests sound like they know about the crime they’re talking about? These are just some of the many variants to keep in mind. This is why it may come as a surprise that Die-alogue: A True Crime Conversation gets A+ in all those questions and more.

Die-alogue’s formula is one you may be already familiar with if you’re a fan of true crime podcasts: the host interviews guests who speak about the crime the episode is about. With this formula, the content of the interview is what makes or breaks a podcast – and in this case, it works! Why is that? What makes Die-alogue special? Read this review and then go listen to what Rebekah Sebastian has for you. It’s a treat for any true crime fan.

The Host: Host Rebekah Sebastian is an experienced podcast creator. In the past, you may have listened to her podcast Yellow Tape, her crime trivia podcast. Rebekah has been interested in true crime for a long time, nurturing and tuning this interest by listening to true crime podcasts, watching documentaries, and searching for good sources of interesting information about criminal justice. That doesn’t mean she takes it lightly – on the contrary! She treats crime with the proper attitude. That’s precisely what gives her the right skills for discussing such a topic.

She asks the right questions and gives interesting insight, knowing how to get to the heart of the matter without meandering around. Her precise and enthralling way of talking with the guests is what gives this podcast its value – it’s hard to think any other host would be able to get the most out of every guest as she does!

The Guests: Something of the utmost importance in any true-crime podcast is that every guest must be carefully curated and chosen. True crime podcasts need to strive for accuracy; they need to unveil the innermost details of the topics they talk about. You can rest assured the Die-alogue podcast has the right guests.

Their most recent guests should tell you the kind of guests this podcast has: an undercover ATF agent and a homicide detective – both in the same episode! – hosts of other true crime podcasts, victim-advocates that are relatives of victims of crimes, civilians who managed to connect the dots and solve cases…these are quality guests.

Why You Have to Listen: The host is excellent, the guests are fantastic, and the content is remarkable. These three important factors are vital for any good podcast, but why the content is worth your time? For starters, the podcast isn’t about one single topic, which keeps things interesting.

True crime is not a topic to be taken lightly. Rebekah is well aware of that, and the way she treats the content shows her philosophy. She asks her questions not out of morbid curiosity but all out of interest in the inner workings of crime, without being disrespectful. Topics such as disappearances in Fort Worth, Texas, the memories of a behaviorist, and journalists who have followed cases have all been covered. You won’t find this kind of content anywhere else – at least with the level of insight that Die-alogue will provide. After all, this is a podcast that focuses on the “why.”

We hope you enjoy everything Die-alogue has for you! Currently, she has 39 episodes posted and almost all are around one-hour long. There’s plenty of content to listen to right now.

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Rating: +18

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