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Dumbgeons & Dragons
dumbgeons and dragons

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What do you get when you mix a small group of adventurers, a few dumb decisions, and way too many battles? You get the Dumbgeons & Dragons podcast! Led by Russ More, this series centers around epic dragons, mysterious dungeons, and some very strange NPC’s. It’s the perfect D&D podcast for those who love video games, fantasy genres, and tabletop RPG’s with a whole lot of plot twists. Oh, and did we mention it’s absolutely hilarious? Russ tends to make jokes every few minutes, so even those serious D&D moments are led with a smile (but mostly a chuckle). 

The Hosts: Russ More is the dungeon master who helps to lead his team (comprised of Carla, Amy, and Tom) to potential victory. He’s got a friendly tone of voice, and he tends to keep his cool even during heated situations with the group. Carla plays the roles of Nulara Moonbrook and Norixious Akra, Amy portrays Sullivanslight and Thia Amastacia, and Tom provides the voice of Moot and Flint Firebeard.

The Guests: There are no guests on the Dumbgeons & Dragons podcast, but you’ll still have a blast with Russ, Carla, Amy, and Tom as they embark on many quests and adventures.

Why You Have to Listen: If you’ve never listened to an actual play podcast, don’t worry, because it’s very easy to follow along, even if you’ve never played Dungeons & Dragons before. Russ More makes the language simple for everyone to understand, and he’s in charge of structuring the story to make it unique and fun to listen to. So when he throws a scenario at the group, you get your chance to think, “Hmm…how would I overcome this obstacle? Would I flee the scene or roll my D20 and fight?” And while a typical Dungeons & Dragons game can get a little serious and heated, this podcast always remains silly, light-hearted, and fun for all gamers. In terms of the episode length, each one lasts around an hour, though some of them hover around 1.5-2 hours. So if you’re ready for adventures that always lead to trouble, then the Dumbgeons & Dragons podcast will be your new favorite!

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Rating: Teen+

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