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culture meets politics in the Maximum Fun-produced FANTI podcast, which is hosted by journalists Tre’vell Anderson and Jarrett Hill. They sit down with many guests to discuss all kinds of diversity topics, like what it means to be an Asian American and a Latin American. But the dynamic duo also loves to talk about Kevin Hart, Wakanda, gospel music, and Billy Porter’s outfit choices. It’s a podcast that’s relevant for our time, and one that will open your eyes to how other people live.

The Hosts: Jarrett Hill has a love for many things in life, like binge-watching TV shows, cooking, and food that is loaded with lots of carbs. But on a professional level, he takes his journalism work seriously by covering the 2020 presidential election. He’s also a member of the National Association of Black Journalists’ Los Angeles Chapter, serving in the prestigious role of vice president. Jarrett got his start at Clark Atlanta University, and he used his studies and observations to become a powerful voice for the world around him. FANTI’s other host, Tre’vell Anderson, also knows a thing or two about journalism, which is evidenced by their master’s degree in the subject. Tre’vell has also spoken about important issues on Good Morning America and NBC Nightly News and currently serves as the president of the National Association of Black Journalists of Los Angeles. 

The Guests: You might be familiar with guests like Shar Jossell (journalist and on-air personality), Mychael Chinn (producer of The Clark Sisters: First Ladies of Gospel), and Sam Sanders (host of It’s Been a Minute). 

Why You Have to Listen: Having those difficult conversations about world issues is necessary, and listening to the FANTI podcast feels like you’re among friends who are deeply passionate about their fellow human beings. The hosts also take a stand on topics like haircuts, fried chicken, back fat, and Tyra Banks (spoiler alert: they have some pretty strong mixed feelings about these very important things). The vibe of the podcast is thought-provoking but also optimistic toward a better future for everyone. 

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Must-Listen Episodes:

Tyler Perry and the MCU: Madea Cinematic Universe 

Wendy Williams, How YOU Doin’ Girl? You Okay? Feat. Shar Jossell

Proud to be an (Asian) American? (ft. Jen Yamato & Jia Lynn Yang)

Rating: Teen+

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